Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 6

"Using the blood of immortals and the power of asuras to create immortal crystals."

This series of operations are done in the mind, outsiders cannot know.

As the mind fell, a green crystal appeared in his hand in the next second.

The moment the crystal appeared, Kurayoshi clenched his fist and wrapped it in his fist.

Then throw it directly into the system space.

However, even though it was only a moment, Kurayoshi still saw the crystal's face clearly.

The crystal is only the size of a thumb, and it has a thorough body and emits a faint fluorescence. The wooden table close to the hand is illuminated by fluorescence for a moment, and life blooms again.

At the same time, crystalline information appeared in Kuroyoshi's retina.

"Fairy Crystal: A crystal with majestic vitality. After consumption, the body will gradually be transformed into a perfect fairy body by the crystallized vitality."

After reading the message of the fairy crystallization, Kurayoshi pulled out the sprouts on the table as if nothing had happened.

At this time, the sound of uncle beating came from the room.

"The pork bone ramen is ready."

Accompanied by the sound, the curtain was pulled apart, and the hand-beater came out carrying a big bowl of steaming ramen.

"Wow, it smells so good!"

Kuroyoshi Man stared at the noodle bowl with expectant eyes, put the noodle bowl on the table in front of him, and immediately picked up the chopsticks and swallowed impatiently.

Seeing him by hand, he smiled heartily.

For chefs, gorging their guests is the greatest recognition of their craftsmanship.

Chapter 5 Forbearance

Kuroyoshi quickly sucked his noodles, touched his belly contentedly, and left after paying the bill, smiling all the way, and politely greeted everyone he met, everything was the same as usual.

Back home, Kuroyoshi closed the door and quickly locked it.

Later, I came to the window and planned to close the window, but when I thought about it, wouldn't it be equivalent to "there is no silver and three hundred taels"?

After thinking about it, Kurayoshi just closed the curtains, then changed into his pajamas and lay down on the bed with a quilt and fell asleep.

The wind blew the Buddha gently, lifting a corner of the curtain.

On the telephone pole opposite the window, a dark part wearing a fox mask squatted on it, and his unsentimental pupils quietly watched everything in the house.

"Is there something abnormal?"

There was a flat sound from the headphones worn by the Anbu.

"There is no abnormality, everything is the same as the behavior pattern recorded in the data."

"It seems that I was overwhelmed. I will monitor it for a week. If there are no abnormalities, I will withdraw!"


There was a shutting sound from the headset, and the Anbe Ninja didn't realize it. He squatted on a telephone pole like a statue, staring at the room motionlessly.

Kuroyoshi didn't realize that he was being watched, but he had already guessed it.

No one can believe that Tuan Zang is suspicious by nature.

Naruto is very important to the village as a Kyuubi man. He will inevitably pay attention to those who come into contact with Naruto.

Worried about being spies in other villages or unruly careerists.

I just came into contact with Naruto, although Naruto came to him on the initiative, but Danzo can't just send someone to ask about it.

He will definitely investigate all his life trajectories from birth to the present, and send someone to monitor for a period of time, and he will stop after confirming that there is no threat.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi is not in a hurry to take the fairy crystal.

After all, it is a physique-changing thing. What if the surface of the body changes abnormally when taken?

Didn’t it attract Danzo’s attention?

At the time of the fall, even if he did not harm Konoha, Danzo would become interested in the changes in his body, and then

Make up your own brain!

Anyway, there will be no good end.

After morning exercises in the morning, Kuroyoshi was already exhausted, so he soon snored.

When I woke up, the sun was about to go down.

He glanced around, then washed his brain for a while, then put on the exercise clothes, put on the blood headband and went out for training.

Goal: Run two laps around Konoha.

Konoha is very large. Although it is a village, the actual area is equivalent to a quarter of the size of the previous demonic capital. Even if you remove the dead forest, which occupies one third of Konoha, it is still huge.

Kuroyoshi used to run a lap around Konoha for more than half a day, but now he has a hot-blooded headband and he is full of energy. The lap that used to take more than a day to run is now finished in three hours.

Although he was as tired as a dog, he didn't feel tired at all because of the blood, and just took a short rest and started the second lap.

When the second lap was over, the full moon was already hanging high in the sky, and Kurayoshi was too tired to move his limbs.

But the gain was beyond imagination, and he could intuitively feel that his body became stronger.

If the system has panel data for the body, then the physical fitness item must be full of 1s.

The harvest is clear and the motivation is even more full.

After regaining a little physical strength by relying on the ring of the nine lamas, Cangji dragged his exhausted body home and fell asleep.

With the fairy crystals that can change the physique, he no longer needs to waste time refining chakras, there will be more chakras in the body of the fairy.

He can spend more time on other aspects of cultivation.

One night passed quickly.

As soon as the sun showed his head, Kuroyoshi woke up, full of energy again and again.

"Today, run 3 laps around Konoha,"