Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 7

But you have to fill your stomach before that.

Kuroyoshi touched his belly and was already screaming.

Yesterday I had such a high-intensity training, but I only ate a bowl of ramen. If it weren't for the bloody headband to make the body tougher, I'm afraid I would have fainted long ago.

"You have to pay attention to your diet in the future."

Kuroyoshi went out, had a big meal, and then continued his usual physical exercises.

Time passed slowly, and soon a month passed.

This month, Kuroyoshi got up early to exercise as usual, and dragged his tired body home late.

But the difference is that the intensity of training is getting higher and higher at a speed visible to the naked eye.

People in the village can often see pictures of him running through the street with sweat, or doing push-ups, sit-ups, leapfrogs and other exercises while counting in a remote training ground.

Someone approached curiously, and after hearing the count in Kurayoshi's mouth, they opened their mouths in shock and couldn't close them for a long time.

Training ground No. 39 has a spacious lawn, dense trees and grass, a river in the depths, and a lot of training equipment such as target stakes. It is a very quiet practice environment.

However, because of the remoteness and proximity to the Dead Forest, few people come here.

But this month, someone came to practice every day, and they came with a lunch box. One practice is a whole day, and they will not leave until the moon is high.

This person is Kuroyoshi.

The reason why I went to practice in such a remote place was to avoid Naruto besides not wanting to be disturbed.

Perhaps it was because Kurayoshi didn't look at him with disgust and indifference like other people, nor did he exclude him like other children. Naruto has been looking for him intentionally or unintentionally after meeting him.

This is not a good thing for Kuroyoshi.

It's okay if I'm really alone, it's fine to have contact with Naruto.

But he has a god-level forging system. He has to find special materials and build special props. He has secrets.

Too frequent contact with Naruto will inevitably attract the attention of Sandaime and Danzo.

If these secrets are exposed, it is difficult for him to imagine what the result will be.

The scene of the encounter with Naruto, and the two waves of Anbe questioning soon after that, he still vividly remembers.

It was also because of the short contact with Naruto that he dared not immediately swallow the crystal of life.

However, now is the time.

Kuroyoshi boasted that he did not excel, nor did he show remarkable value to outsiders.

He is just a member of Konoha.

Ordinary people like him are not worthy of the Tuanzang faction.

After all, ninjas are not Chinese cabbage, especially the elites at the roots of Anbu. It is impossible to waste their precious time guarding a worthless ordinary person.

After forbearing for a month before deciding to swallow it, Kurayoshi felt that he was already cautious enough.

When the mind moved, the green crystal appeared in his hand.

The vigorous vitality irradiated, and the nearby grass grew at a speed visible to the naked eye, and suddenly turned into dense grass.

Kuroyoshi did not hesitate and swallowed it in one bite.

Chapter 6 Perfect Immortal Human Body

Suddenly, Kurayoshi felt a heat flow rising from his lower abdomen, illuminating the surrounding like a flame, allowing him to see his body from a wonderful perspective.

He saw the bones of the body morphing, the cells cheering, the blood boiling, the heart beating vigorously, and everything in the body was exuding vitality.

The heat flows through the whole body along the veins. Every time it swims, the body seems to have experienced a new life and become more energetic.

After a year of refinement, the chakra, which is only insignificant, is also growing.

If at first it was only the traces of water falling on the wall and sliding down the wall, it is now the water falling from the faucet.

And the heat flow around the body, the chakra will grow a little bit, I believe it will soon change from the fine water in the tap into a stream, then into a river and lake, and finally converge into the sea.

Everything is changing on its own, without human manipulation.

Kuroyoshi opened his eyes, quickly took off his clothes, and jumped into the river with a "puff".

The vitality in his body was full of vitality, making him feel like he had taken a super tonic, his chest and abdomen were hot, his vision was blurred, his face was hot, and he must be flushed.

Jumping into the river at this moment turned the cold water into warm water.

Fortunately, this change did not last long.

About fifteen minutes or so, the heat flow in the body gradually passed, until it disappeared completely, and the cheering of the body ended.

Kuroyoshi stood up from the water and quietly looked at the reflection in the river.

The skin is warm and moist, strong and powerful muscles are evenly distributed in each part, not bad, not too much, so that the body is neither bloated nor loses the beauty of strength, just like a gem.

"Fortunately, there is no white skin and cuticle of the big tube tree." Kurayoshi touched his forehead, feeling the smooth forehead murmur.

He squeezed his fist and felt the strength of his body.

Very strong, there is an illusion of invincibility.

The appearance does not seem to have changed much, but Kurayoshi can feel that every organ, every part, and even every cell in the body has undergone rebirth, becoming more vigorous, energetic, and tougher.

There are so many Chakras in the body that I don't know how to describe it.

If one year's chakra can only be used for transforming once, the current chakra can only consume less than one percent after ten times.

Kuroyoshi doesn't know how many Chakras are in Shangnin, but from the ninja experience left by his parents, he can know that his chakras have exceeded Zhongnin.

"I am now qualified to compete for the top of the world." Kuroyoshi murmured to himself with his fist clenched.

Yes, just have this qualification.

Even if the Six Dao Immortals and Asuras were born with perfect immortal bodies, they were not invincible at birth.

They also experienced a long and arduous practice to gain invincible strength.

Kuroyoshi now only has the same body as them. The illusion of invincibility is always an illusion. If you want to be truly invincible, you need to practice well.

Yes, practice harder than before.