Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 8

Kuroyoshi walked ashore step by step, put on his clothes after the body water dries, and then continued the previous training.

He wants to try the difference between the perfect fairy body and the ordinary physique before.

Cangji came to the stake, his legs separated in a horoscope, his knees bent slightly, and then he threw a strong punch against the stake.

300 punches, this has been the training goal of Kurayoshi recently.

On weekdays, he can only swing about 260 in a row, even with a bloody headband, he can only hold 280.

But this time, he reached the goal easily, completing 300 straight punches.

Moreover, he didn't feel tired at all, instead he had a bright expression on his face.

Continue until you can't shake your fist.

Kuroyoshi wants to test the limits of his current body.

He maintained an unpleasant rhythm and threw his fists, his left and right hands kept attacking, leaving one after another on the stake.

The breeze was blowing slowly and the leaves were rustling.

Although the child in the forest has a slightly immature face, his eyes are very firm and mature. He keeps punching left and right, and there is a "bang" sound on the stake.

The chicks seemed to be accustomed to this movement, yawning and resting in the nest one by one.

As time goes by, the setting sun goes down, and the birds that go out come home.

The movement in the forest finally stopped.

Kurayoshi lay on the lawn and gasped, but there was endless joy on his face.

After practicing this day, he has already realized the benefits of a perfect fairy body.

No matter how tiring the practice is, he can always recover his strength quickly. Even if he is injured in practice, his body will heal immediately.

And the same exercise intensity has completely different effects on the body.

If the ratio of exercise volume to body gain was 100 to 1, then he is now 10 to 1 or even higher.

As for Chakra

Cangji, who can only transform into a transformation technique, hasn't recovered fast yet, so he can't realize how strong this ability is.

After lying on the lawn and resting for a while, after feeling his strength recovered, Kuroyoshi sat up, patted the soil and grass behind him, picked up the empty lunch box and left.

Although the perfect fairy human body is powerful, it must abide by the law of conservation of energy.

Even with such a good time, Kuroyoshi felt that his physical strength was almost restored, but his stomach was croaking.

He felt an unprecedented hunger, and if he continued to exercise, it would be counterproductive.

Training must be planned, otherwise it will only get half the result with half the effort.

What's more, if there is only cultivation in life, it would be too boring!

Today, the body has undergone drastic changes, so you should celebrate!

Ok!It's good to eat barbecue once!

Kuroyoshi went home happily, washed the lunch box, washed his body, and put on a clean dark green kimono before going out with his wallet.

At this time night had fallen, and the full moon was hanging high.

However, the commercial street to the east of Konoha is still brightly lit, with people coming and going.

Kuroyoshi walked through it and felt the long-lost excitement, and a smile appeared on his face.

Unlike the polite smile before, this time it was from the heart.

Perhaps it is also related to the good things that have happened over the past month!

A few minutes later, Kuroyoshi came to a shop called "Yakiniku Q".

This is a self-service barbecue restaurant, Ding Ci often visits, as a foodie, he will often visit the restaurant, the taste must be good.

Kuroyoshi entered the shop, which was already overcrowded.

"It seems that we can't taste the taste of barbecue Q today." Kuroyoshi looked regretful.

He has no income now, and eating a barbecue is considered a high consumption, and it is unlikely to have similar consumption in a short time.

"There are still vacant seats over there, but you need to sit at the same table with other people. If the guests don't mind," the waiter said, while pointing to the table in the corner.

Barbecue Q’s dining table is long and can seat six people. The high chair backs block it like a private room. You can only see the scene when you walk through the aisle.

There were only two people at the dining table in that corner.

It's just that the two people are a little fat and occupy half of the space, but still have half of the space and a grill.

Seeing the two, Kuroyoshi's eyes lit up, and he said, "Of course I don't mind."

Chapter Seven: Autumn Dao Father and Son

The waiter sister led Kuroyoshi to the dining table in the corner and said to the guests inside very politely: "Hello, because the location is tight, we need the guests to fight the table. Can you sit inside?"

Kuroyoshi took this to see the full picture of the two.

Both are fat males, one big and one small.

The child was about the same size as Kurayoshi, with a chubby body, t-shirt shorts, and pants on his head.

The adult was a middle-aged man with a rough face, colored lines on his face, and the armor on his body was full of traces of battle. His long hedgehog-like hair was scattered behind him, and his body exuded a wild aura.

But when he turned his head and saw the smile on his face, his wildness was immediately replaced by gentleness.

The faces of adults and children are somewhat similar, and their clothes are embroidered with the emblem of the Qiudao clan, so their identities are self-evident.

Autumn Road Ding Zuo and Autumn Road Ding times.

"This was originally a six-person seat, as it should."

Ding Zuo smiled and nodded at the waiter and Kuroyoshi, and then moved his body to sit inside. After moving the position, he did not forget to teach Ding Ci to destroy the food, so that he could be polite, and moved his position inside.

Then Ding Ci also moved a little inside.

It's really just one point, the kind that can be measured with a fingernail, it makes no difference whether you move it or not.