Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 9

Kurayoshi opened his mouth, but said nothing in the end.

Just a polite salute to Ding Zuo Ding Ci, and after saying "thank you", he went straight to Ding Zuo.

Everyone likes polite children, and Ding Zuo also smiled and nodded at Kuroyoshi, "The pork belly in this store is very delicious, you can ask for more."

"Thank you uncle."

"Well, so good!"

Ding Zuo praised, and then joined the ranks of burying his head in destroying food.

As for Ding Ci

He wiped out the food in the plate from start to finish, and he never looked up.

Kuroyoshi smiled and did not answer.

He leaned on the back of the chair, and while the waiter was holding the charcoal grill, he pulled his hair from Ding Zuo beside him, but Ding Zuo, who was focused on destroying food, did not notice.

In fact, Ding's hair is too long and the tip of the hair drags on the chair.

Kurayoshi pretended to be propped up on the chair, pressed his hair, and pulled one by the way when he changed positions.

Ding Zuo should be aware, but didn't care.

Ding!Found the special material "Giant Hair", can forge the special equipment "Giant Bracelet" Is it forging?

Although I am very curious about the effect of the giant bracelet, in front of outsiders, it is natural.

Kuroyoshi put the hair into his pocket, and the smile on his face became brighter.

After a while, the waiter brought the hot-charcoal grill, and Cangji picked up the menu for a mess. Anyway, the first time I came, I didn't know what was delicious or not, so I chose the expensive ones.

Anyway, it’s a buffet, don’t eat for nothing.

Ding Zuo noticed Kuroyoshi's behavior and shook his head slightly, but said nothing.

The food here cannot be wasted. If it is wasted, you need to pay the original price.

Dante didn't remind Kuroyoshi of his plan. Everyone needs to pay for their impulses, especially young people. If they don't learn a lesson, they won't be grateful.

But Ding Zuo did not remind, but Ding Ci on the opposite side did.

"You can't finish the food here and you need to pay the original price."

Kuroyoshi was stunned, and then smiled kindly at Ding Ci, "It's okay, I have a big appetite and can eat well."

"Yes, is it?"

Ding Ci glanced suspiciously at the tick on the menu, his round eyes filled with suspicion.

This kind of weight is hard to eat even if he eats it himself.

But after all, it is a stranger, a kind reminder is enough.

Ding Ci didn't say much, and continued to destroy the food.

"This little fat man is really kind!"

Kuroyoshi sighed inwardly.

Food is Ding Ci's favorite. He won't waste any precious time in front of the food. Even the waiter did not look up when he came to ask questions.

But now to remind a stranger to waste precious meal time, I have to say that Ding Ci is too kind.

After a while, the dishes came, including pork belly, tenderloin, thigh meat, beef and pork, as well as green peppers, enoki mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and other vegetables.

All kinds of dishes fill up the spare table.

The Ding Zuo father and son looked over in amazement, and didn't even notice that half of the barbecue was lost.

Kuroyoshi didn't care, as if he didn't see it, he brushed various meats with seasoning, and then put them on the grill.

After a while, the tender and tender meat fragrant, Ding Zuo and his son swallowed their saliva involuntarily.

While Kurayoshi picked up the chopsticks piece by piece, and fed it into his mouth.

The movement is not fast, and it can even be called elegant compared to the father and son who are gorging on the side.

But Kurayoshi chewed very fast, and a piece of meat would be swallowed in his stomach within two seconds after he put it in his mouth, so the chopsticks were frequently used.

After a while, all the roasted meat was wiped out.

Kuroyoshi calmly continued to dress the vegetables and meat and put them on the grill.

Ding Ci suddenly asked, "Father, can our Qiu Dao family also have an ordinary figure?"

"how is this possible!"

Ding Zuo gave Ding Ci a fierce look, and then said a little depressed: "However, there are some big stomach kings in this world who can't eat fat. I really envy you!"


The father and son sighed at the same time, then turned their grief and anger into appetite, and continued to gulp the food.

Kuroyoshi smiled and said nothing.

Of course, he is not a big appetite, but after forging the bloody headband, the training volume is getting bigger and bigger.

To consume too much, naturally needs food supplement.

Today, in order to test the limits of the immortal human body, he has made a training intensity far beyond the past, which consumes more.

But Kuroyoshi is also a little worried about this.

He has no income now, and his living expenses rely entirely on Konoha subsidies.

But those subsidies are only enough for ordinary life. Now his food intake is getting bigger and bigger, Konoha's subsidies are no longer enough.

How to do?

Would you like to go to Sandaime?

If you explain the situation, you should give more!

Although Sandaime is not as harmless as humans and animals on the surface, he is a leader with political skills, but he is the leader of Konoha.

As the Konoha villager of Gensasa Naehong, he has been training so hard since he was a child with the goal of ninja. He must be very happy to see.