Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 10

But if you ask for help, Kuroyoshi really doesn't want to go.

The favors owed to people are always to be repaid.

Kuroyoshi doesn't like what he owes others, nor does he like what others owe himself.

Therefore, if it is not a last resort, he will not ask for help.

Even if it's just a small thing.

But if you don't ask for money, how can you solve the problem?

Kurayoshi thought while turning over the burnt meat.

The parents also left a pension, not much, but it can last for one or two years.

But this money Kuroshitsuji is going to keep it for future purchases of shuriken.

If you use it now, you won't have money to buy cutting tools in the future.

To fight?

Kuroyoshi suddenly thought of a way.

Konoha is in a large forest, and large animals often break in from the forest. There are also many animals in some remote training grounds.

If you go hunting animals, you can exercise yourself and solve food problems. You can kill two birds with one stone!

After finding a solution, Kuroyoshi felt more comfortable and had a better appetite than before.

A table of dishes was quickly resolved, and then another table was ordered.

The barbecue took four hours.

When Kurayoshi came out with a satisfied stomach, there was already a black light outside, and Qiu Dao and his son, because they were unwilling to lose to others in eating, secretly competed with Kurayoshi, and are now lying on their stomachs in the store!

Thinking of the naive manner of the father and son, Kuroshitsuji couldn't help laughing out loud, and then limped back home.

Well, admit it.

He also ate and supported.

Chapter 8 Uchiha Shisui

After spending half an hour, finally returned home in the dark, Kuroyoshi seemed to have lost his strength, lying on the bed.

After taking a break, he took out the hair of Qiu Dao Dingzao after he recovered some strength.

"Forge a giant bracelet."

Ding!Giant bracelet successfully forged

A quaint gray stone bracelet appeared in the hand, and the information of the bracelet also appeared on the retina.

"Giant bracelet: The wearer can change the size of the body or a certain part at will. The size varies according to the chakra consumed and the body's ability to withstand it."

Eh!It's not the ability to store food fat and turn it into Chakra!

Kuroyoshi was slightly disappointed.

Although becoming bigger and smaller is also a very powerful ability, he will definitely get blood from Sasuke in the future, forge another part of the fairy crystal, and obtain the writing wheel eye or even the reincarnation eye.

At the time of the fall, with Suzuo Nenghu, the ability to change body size was dwarfed.


"Can change a certain part at will, hehe"

Kuroyoshi had a series of reveries, with a smile on his face that he shouldn't have at this age.

As the night darkened, Kuraki fell into a deep sleep, with saliva flowing from the corners of his mouth, and a wretched smile on his face.

One night passed.

The next day, before the sky cleared, Kuroyoshi woke up early.

He looked out the window, and the clouds on the horizon were red, as if burning.

"Today is also a good day!"

Kuroyoshi patted his face, feeling that he was less sleepy and went to the bathroom to wash, then changed his clothes and went out for morning exercises with simple seasonings.

Starting today, the food must be solved in the wild.

It is still No. 39 training ground.

Kuroyoshi ran all the way here, did some warm-up exercises such as leg presses and started a new day of training.

Everything is the same as usual.

It didn't happen that the body suddenly became an immortal human body and soared into the sky. What changed was the amount of training that was ten times stronger.

And, because of the abundance of chakras, the practice of ninjutsu is also on the agenda.

Transfiguration, Clone, Duplicate

Although it is just the basic ninjutsu for ninjas, it is very practical and often used even by shadow ninjas.

But ninjutsu practice is not smooth.

Kuroyoshi thinks he is not smart, but he is definitely not stupid, but the ninjutsu scrolls left by his parents are not understood in many places, especially some professional vocabulary, which he never heard or understood when watching anime in his previous life.

He didn't know how other traversers learned by themselves without any basic knowledge and no one taught them. He just felt that he was holding back the traversers.

But he definitely does not admit that his understanding ability is on the same level as Naruto.

"I just don't teach it. If someone teaches you, you will understand it. It's not like Naruto who wants others to demonstrate. Um! It must be like this."

Kurayoshi comforted himself.

However, although there are many places on the scrolls that I can’t understand, I can guess if I don’t understand them!

Practice the experiment according to the guess, anyway, Chakrado can recover quickly, not afraid of exhaustion, and heal himself immediately if he is injured.

Kuroyoshi's current body is almost the same as the immortal body.

Even if the heart is pierced, it will recover immediately. If you want to kill him completely, you can only destroy the brain in an instant and make him lose consciousness.

Kuroyoshi doesn't believe that practicing a three-shenzhen technique can make people explode in place.