Blacksmith starting from Naruto

Blacksmith starting from Naruto Chapter 11

Thus, Kuroyoshi's new daily routine began.

Morning exercises in the morning, then go to the street to buy buns for breakfast, practice physical exercises in the forest in the morning, go out for lunch at noon, and practice ninjutsu in the afternoon.

Although the content of practice has increased, it does not mean that the intensity of practice has become lower. On the contrary, it has become higher.

Because Kurayoshi wants to complete the training volume of the previous day in half the time.

Only with a perfect immortal body, the ring of nine lamas, and a hot-blooded headband can be completed. Naruto or Xiao Li can't do it.

Time flies, and the white horse flies.

Soon two months passed, and the time came to September 3, 53.

Today is Kurayoshi's 5th birthday.

However, Kuroyoshi has always been alone. For him, even on his birthday, he is the same as usual. At most, he has more meals when he eats.

This kind of Buddhism life, maybe even God can't pass it, so I gave him a gift.

On this day, Kuroyoshi came to the training ground No. 39 to practice as usual.

After two months of training, he has made significant progress.

Especially in terms of physical fitness, he can now run on the eaves of trees like a real ninja, and ninjutsu has completely mastered the three-shen arts.

Although many places on the scroll are still incomprehensible, I know how to use it through practice.

The harvest is rich, and the motivation is naturally more sufficient.

Kuroyoshi immersed himself in spiritual practice, and didn't even look for lunch items.

When he recovered, it was dusk.

Standing on the edge of the sparkling river, Kuraki looked at the afterglow that was about to fall into the horizon, gently wiping the sweat on his forehead, with a satisfied smile on his face.

Suddenly, a black object rushed over the river.

Kuroyoshi glanced casually, not paying attention.

Although the upper reaches of the river is not in a place where there are many people in Konoha, you can occasionally see human belongings being washed here and then flowing into the dead forest.

I think there is someone living at the farther source!

However, when the black object approached with the current, Kurayoshi saw the original appearance of the object clearly, and the black eyes tightened involuntarily and then spread.

"this is"

Before he could think about it, Kurayoshi jumped into the water to stop the black object, and then dragged it ashore.

This is a person.

He looked like a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy, with a normal face, his eyes lightly closed, and blood stains running down his cheeks at the corners of his eyes.

He wore Konoha's forehead guard on his forehead, and he was wearing a dark tights.

Cangji turned the corpse over and took a look, and he found the family emblem of Tuan Fan on the back of his clothes.

Seeing this, Kuroyoshi turned the body back and fell silent.

Uchiha Shisui.

This person, who had to make a choice between the village and the family, chose the village after an inner struggle, but in the end he was betrayed by someone he trusted.

Kuroyoshi has never experienced war, so he cannot understand their desire for peace, so he will not pretend to judge whether his choice is right or wrong.

However, even though his eyes were dug out, and he committed suicide by jumping into the river with blood and tears, his death was extremely tragic, his face still had a smile.

He does not regret doing this.

Even if it fails, people who have been trusted will not regret it.

If he were given a chance to choose again, even if he knew he would be betrayed, he would still choose the same path.

Such people are stupid and innocent, but they are so cute that people can't help but like them.

"Huh! I probably won't be able to do something like you in my life!"

Kuroyoshi couldn't help but sigh.

He is not a selfish person, but he is not a great person. He is just an ordinary person. He just wants to control his own destiny and guard the people around him by the way. He has never thought about unrelated people.

Perhaps because there are people like yourself everywhere in this world, wars will continue to start.

But what does this have?

Everyone has their own way, and Kurayoshi doesn't want to point to other people's ways, and he doesn't want to be pointed out.

Chapter 9 Wanhua Mirror

He reached out and touched the blood stain on Zhishui's cheek, and wiped a smear of blood on his finger.

Ding!The special material "broken fairy blood" is detected, and the "broken fairy crystal" and "Wanhua mirror" can be forged. Is it forged?


Kuroyoshi opened his mouth slightly, a little surprised.

This was the first time he encountered materials that could forge two types of equipment.

No, maybe it's not the first time I encountered it, but it was not triggered.

The fluff of Nine Tails, the stones of Hokage Cliff, and the blood of Xiao Li, according to their own characteristics, should only be able to forge one type of equipment.

And Naruto's blood and Qiu Dao's hair

At least Naruto still has the Chakras of the Fourth Generation and Jiu Xin Na in his body, and it should be possible to forge their related equipment.

And the Autumn Dinosaur can also forge equipment that converts burning fat into chakras.

What is the reason that the system prompts that there is only one type of equipment?

Kuroyoshi pondered hard, and finally could only think of the lack of materials.

Naruto's blood is almost a broken nail, and Qiu Dao Dingza's hair is only as long as a finger.

Although this is not necessarily the case, Kuroyoshi can only think of this.

Next time, let Naruto put more blood and try.