Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 12

After figuring out the key, Kurayoshi chose forging.

The next second, a thumb-sized, bloody crystal with weird light and a pair of contact lenses appeared in his hand.

"Broken fairy crystals can be upgraded: when the crystal is swallowed, it will change the brain of the user, turning the eyes into degraded fairy eyes."

"Wanhua Mirror can be upgraded: these are degraded fairy eye glasses, and the wearer can use the ability to write round eyes."

Looking at these two things, Kurayoshi was silent.

Broken celestial crystals and celestial crystals are one type, but one is transformed into a perfect celestial body, and the other is just a degraded celestial eye, that is, writing round eyes.

Is the power of Asura missing, no, is it the power of Indra?

As for Wanhua Jing

This is a pair of eyes that do not need to change eyes and have no side effects.

If you don't guess wrong, it's still Shishui.

Kuroyoshi was not going to use the broken fairy crystal.

According to his guess, after using this crystal, he will obtain the blood of Uchiha and open his eyes directly, which is still a kaleidoscope level, and even Shisui eyes.

But Kuroyoshi still has no plans to use it.

Not only because of Wan Huajing's existence, but because he was already preparing to steal the tissue from Sasuke's body to forge a complete fairy crystal.

When you fall, you will get the perfect fairy eyes, which is more advanced than the kaleidoscope.

Although other gods are also very strong, and there is a perfect fairy body to offset the side effects of the kaleidoscope.

But Itachi once said that the effect of pupil technique will be greatly reduced when encountering more advanced pupil technique, or even completely lose its effect.

Zhishui’s eyes are BUG, ​​but the reincarnation eye is even more BUG, ​​even the supreme jade reincarnation writing round eye is too strong.

Well, the anime doesn't say that the jade reincarnation writing round eyes is stronger, which is made up by Cangji.

But it is definitely better than the kaleidoscope writing round eyes, that's for sure.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi will not use broken fairy crystals.

Because he was not sure whether he would conflict with the fairy crystals of Sasuke after using this crystal.

But as long as this is possible, he must guard against it.

What's more, there is also a water-stop Wanhua lens. This contact lens has all the functions of a water-stop writing eye wheel. You can use it as long as you wear it and provide a chakra.

With this, why bother to take risks!

Wouldn't it be fragrant to give to your subordinates or important people around you?

Mindful of this, Cangji put the broken fairy crystal into the system space, and then put on the Wanhua mirror to try the effect.

Close your eyes gently, calm down, and then enter chakras along your eyes.

Suddenly, Kuroyoshi opened his eyes abruptly, and his dark eyes turned into blood, and there were three black gouyu slowly spinning inside.

This is the same visual effect as a cosmetic contact lens. Kuroyoshi's eyes are still the original ones, and Wan Huajing makes him look like a writing wheel.

Of course, Wan Huajing does have the ability to write round eyes.

"Is this the visual effect of Shao Lun Yan?"

Kuroyoshi raised his hands, a little uncertain.

He felt that his eyesight had become much clearer, and the small lines on his hands were clearly visible, and even the small traces left by the ants on the ground passing by were not bad in his eyes.


An eagle called from the sky, and a goshawk flew across the sky very quickly.

At that speed, with Kuroyoshi's usual dynamic vision, he could only see the dark shadows passing by, but at this time, he could clearly see the flying trajectory of the goshawk, even the wings with flamboyant feathers could be seen lightly and clearly.

This kind of control of all income


"Next try the power of the kaleidoscope!"

This feeling of mastering everything made Kuroyoshi a little too excited, and immediately mobilized more chakras to transform Wanhua Jing into a kaleidoscope form.

But at this moment, a sound of breaking through the air came from a distant forest.

Very fast, from far to near.

Cangji subconsciously withdrew the Chakra from Wanhua Mirror, and in the next second, four black shadows sprang out from the canopy and surrounded Cangji.


Looking at the visitor, Kuraki exclaimed.

All four of them wore black tights and animal masks, and wrapped their bodies in large black cloaks.

In this way, the identities of several people cannot be judged by their body shapes.

Murderous spirits overflowed from these people, giving people a cold and suffocating feeling.

Kuroyoshi's body tensed subconsciously and made a posture that could counterattack at any time.

He glanced at the corpse of Shishui on the ground from the corner of his eye, thinking of the goshawk flying across the sky, and suddenly understood everything.

He quickly raised his hands and explained: "I was just training here. After seeing this corpse flowing from the upper stream, I fished him up. I don't know anything, and I haven't done anything. If you don't believe me, go and investigate. Training here every day for months."

"This kid didn't lie. I've seen him in the village several times. Every time I train myself frantically, I often see him coming and going here." An dark part said in a deep voice, and then looked at the middle man Dai A man in a civet mask.

"Captain, what should I do?"

The dark squadron glanced at the scene and said in a slight thought: "This matter cannot be known to other people, especially the villagers, so"

As he said, he raised his head to look at Kuroyoshi, "I'm sorry, you may become the mainstay of the village in the future if you practice so hard, but for the future of the village, you can only sacrifice here. Solve it!"

When the voice fell, Anbu standing behind Kurayoshi placed his right hand on the hilt, and an instant shot appeared behind him. The long sword was unsheathed with the cold light, and the sword pointed at the neck of the young boy in front of him.

The dark captain had predicted the end.

He didn't want to see the scene of cruelty to innocent villagers, so he turned around and prepared to leave. As for Zhishui's corpse, his men would take it with him.

However, this time the situation exceeded his expectations.