Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 13

The moment he turned around, he heard the "boom", heard the sound of the broken blade, and heard the exclamation of his subordinates.

The situation is wrong.

The dark army turned back abruptly, and saw that the little devil who had originally had a matte face and could only wait to kill was covered with golden chakras, and his dark eyes turned blood.

Among them is a black shuriken-like pattern slowly turning.

This is not the point, the point is that kid's expression.

There is no panic from the previous fear of being involved in unknown events, but the endless indifference and freezing eyes.

"Why are you forced to kill you?"

Chapter 10 The Best Treatment Method

Kurayoshi is not an ambitious person, he is not interested in power.

In other words, in this world where power is supreme, the pursuit of power seems to him to be a stupid thing.

Therefore, there is no idea of ​​unifying the Ninja world and dominating the king.

However, he died unexpectedly in his previous life. He suffered from the Kyuubi Rebellion shortly after he was born in this life. He was buried under the rubble and almost died.

Therefore, he wants to control his own destiny and climb the pinnacle of power.

He had never thought of becoming Hokage, nor had he thought of betraying Konoha, or even thought of helping Konoha prosper.

After all, he was born by Konoha, and Konoha's ninja also saved his life during the Kyuubi Rebellion. Afterwards, living in an orphanage and the current living allowance are basically a gift of nurturing.

In Cangji, gratitude must be repaid, and grudges must be paid.

He originally expected to enter the ninja school safely, learn ninja-related knowledge systematically, and then graduate to become a ninja.

During the school period, I used gold fingers to shine, give myself a talented and hardworking person, let Konoha's senior management notice him, and give more resources.

At least arrange for a teacher who is better and can teach himself ninjutsu.

Then he took off to the top with the help of gold fingers and plot advantages, and finally lived a life without shame and impatientness with the beauties he liked.

During this process, he helped Konoha to become more prosperous than ever.

But now the plan is broken.

The four ninjas at the root wanted to kill Kuroyoshi here, and he had to fight back.

With the ring of nine lamas and the kaleidoscope of water-stopping, Cangji is equivalent to a nine-tailed man with a kaleidoscope to write a wheel.

Although he now knows very little ninjutsu, his physical strength is not enough to support all the chakras of Nine Tails, and his combat experience is even zero.

But it was enough to deal with a small group of root ninjas.

Their combination is at most one ninja, and three elite ninjas.

To deal with the current Kuroyoshi, at least Kakashi's level of Shinobu came.

However, even if Cangji killed them here and then destroyed their bodies, his peaceful life would come to an end.

Although he didn't tell anyone about his practice in Training Ground No. 39, he passed through the village streets every day and many people knew that he was training here.

The four elites at the root are missing here. Although he won't be suspicious, they will definitely be transferred for questioning.

If it is a three-generation investigation, it would be okay, but at most some interrogation.


Regarding the other eye of Zhishui, he especially wanted it. He would unscrupulously find out the news.

At that time, neither the truth of the matter nor their own secrets can be kept. After all, there are people from the mountain clan at the root, and they can directly access the brain memory.

"Why are you forcing me?" Kuraki asked coldly, "forcing me to kill you."

The person behind him who attacked him had already flown out, slapped flying with his big hand transformed by Nine-tailed Chakra.

The weapon broke every inch, and the person spit out blood after hitting a tree ten meters away.

Chief Gen slammed his head back to see all this, but he was only slightly surprised and calmed down.

He stretched out his right hand to Kuroyoshi and said calmly: "The little devil who has never even attended the ninja school can actually use the illusion technique that makes me fall into the illusion. This talent is a shame that you died so early, just go to Only then can you save your life."


Kuroyoshi's indifferent expression was dull, and then he sneered.

Does this guy disbelieve the facts he sees, or is he killed by empiricism?

"You say this is illusion?"

"Is there anything wrong?"

The elder of the Root Troop elder's tone taught: "Although this illusion is very real, it can be seen that you have a high degree of mastery of this illusion, but the content of the illusion is a failure."

"Oh?" Kuroyoshi smiled playfully, and asked: "Where is the mistake?"

"Even if you don't know the root, you should know Anbu!"

"Hokage-sama's direct troops, everyone in the village knows."

"Then do you know the full name of Anbu?"

"Tactical assassination of special forces."

"Yes, it's a special tactical assassination unit." The leader of Gen Gen nodded and said: "Usually responsible for protecting Hokage, collecting intelligence and completing targeted assassinations."

"so what?"

"It seems that your talent is limited to your body!" Gen Chief pointed to the brain and said: "Since we know that Anbu takes over the intelligence work, then we naturally know a lot of information, including the Nine-Tailed Human Column Power and the Kaleidoscope Writing Round Eye. The nine-tailed man Zhuli is currently elsewhere in Konoha."

"Ah! Sorry, you don't know what Renzhuli is, just now"

Halfway through the conversation, Commander Gen realized something was wrong.

Most people don’t even know that Renzhuli and Kaleidoscope writing round eyes are right, but this kid has made such illusion content, then

Thinking carefully, he was terrified, Gen Force Commander raised his eyes and glanced at Kuroyoshi, who was looking at him with a playful smile.


The long knife behind was quickly pulled out and held in his hand, and the other two team members also pulled out their weapons and faced Kuroyoshi.