Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 14

But the commander of Root did not feel any sense of security.

He felt a bit dry in his throat and his body was shaking slightly.

"This, this is not illusion?"

Root Commander asked tentatively.

"It seems that the ninja at the root is not too smart, Ako!" Kuroyoshi smiled playfully, then snapped his fingers, "but you guessed it, this is not an illusion."

"As a reward for guessing right, I will send you on the road!"

As the voice fell, Nine-tailed Chakra split into three big hands and rushed out, grabbing their necks, and then raising them to get their legs off the ground.

His neck was pinched and his feet were off the ground.

The root ninjas couldn't breathe, let alone exert their strength, each of them blushed with thick necks, and their hands instinctively slapped the big hands of Nine-tailed Chakra.

Originally, with their strength, they shouldn't have been choked by the gate without resistance.

But it is precisely because they are the roots that they clearly know that the Kyuubi man Zhuli is Naruto, that's why they are surprised by the other Kyuubi man Zhuli who has a kaleidoscope writing wheel.

This impossible fact surprised the root ninja whose feelings were all hidden deep in his heart, and his calm heart was shaken, revealing flaws.

Now it only needs Kurayoshi's strength to twist their necks.

However, even though Kurayoshi was angry.

But this anger is not the anger that swallows up reason like a volcanic eruption, but the absolute reason that decides calmly or drowning the earth based on his own will.

He didn't think about venting his anger, but about the best way to deal with it.

Killing these four people was a relief, but he also had to flee Konoha. The peaceful life was broken, the stable growth environment would be lost, and it would become difficult to obtain special materials.

Only letting nothing happen at this time is the best choice.

Mindful of this, Kuroyoshi controlled the big hand to throw the three of them onto the tree, and then the three hands were united into a bigger hand to slam them against the back of the tree.

Then, he split up a hand and grabbed the root of another person who couldn't get up in the distance and trapped him together.

"What are you going to do?"

After all, the ninjas at the root have received the training of emotional destruction. Even if the facts before them are too panic, they quickly recovered their calm.

Although the captain at the root was pressed against the tree by Chakra's big hand, his eyes were very calm, making it hard to see what he was thinking.

"doing what?"

Cangji tilted his head slightly, and then coldly snorted: "When you mention this, I get angry. The BUG ability that I just acquired should be used for characters like you, it's really hateful!"

Chapter Eleven

Regarding other gods, I have read many chapters and commentaries saying that other gods modify their will or subconscious, not their minds and their bodies.

In the anime, the state of Uchiha Itachi's controlled body can be forcibly reversed. Do you think it is just a modification of the subconscious?

Danzo's suggestion to Mifune is biased towards Konoha, not because it can only be a suggestion, but because there are four other Shinobu villages present, it is too obvious to be seen at a glance.

Even if it was seen, Mitsubun still didn't feel that he was being manipulated, and was puzzled about this issue.

The introduction to other gods in the formula book is: all the people in the field of vision are turned into puppets.

I saw a lot of chapter reviews, so I came back to write this.

As the voice fell, the shuriken-shaped kaleidoscope revolved rapidly, as if it were a black hole vortex that deeply attracted a few people.

Gradually, he lost his spirits and then returned to normal.

Kuroyoshi took back the nine-tailed Chakra, and the kaleidoscope was also put away, just standing there quietly.

Several root ninjas were free.

But they did not continue to confront Kuroyoshi, but knelt down on one knee to Kuroyoshi.

"the host."

Several people shouted in unison.

Kuroyoshi seemed to have expected it to be so general long ago, and did not reveal any unexpected feelings.

He looked at a few people calmly, and said calmly: "Get up all the time, it won't be good if you are seen."


"You didn't find Shisui's body. You saw "Kurayoshi" practicing in Training Ground 39, but there was no intersection with it."


"From now on, you will still be root ninjas. Obey Danzo's orders. I will not take the initiative to look for you. You are not allowed to come to me. You don't need to say hello if you happen to meet you outside. You have to pretend you don't know each other."


"Then his injury"

Kuroyoshi pointed to the root ninja who attacked him first and was shot flying.

"It's just a small matter."

As the commander of the squadron said, he nodded to a team member behind.

The root ninja walked straight to the injured teammate, and then raised his hand to treat him with healing ninjutsu.

Soon, the injury was healed, and as long as the blood stains on the clothes were dealt with, no flaws could be seen.

Cangji nodded and said, "In this case, you should leave as soon as possible to avoid being discovered."


After a few people responded, the "swish" was gone.

Looking at the dark shadow gradually disappearing into the jungle, Kuroyoshi sighed.

Don't be a god, Uchiha's pupil technique of Shisui Kaleidoscope.

It can directly invade the opponent's brain without being discovered by the opponent, modify the opponent's will, so that everyone seen by the operator becomes his puppet.

However, it takes more than ten years of cooling to use it once.

This bug skill was used by Kuroyoshi just now, and the target was only these root ninjas.