Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 15

This makes Kuroyoshi feel wasteful.

Because this is a skill on equipment, not your own eyes.

If it is your own eyes, you can also rely on the vitality of the perfect immortal human body to shorten the cooling time, but the equipment on it can't be changed.

There is a difference between Wanhua Mirror and Kaleidoscope.

As for whether this is cost-effective

This is of course not to be considered.

Staying in Konoha can have a more stable development environment and time, and countless well-known ninjas here can provide special materials forging equipment.

Although it is a pity to use other gods, you can get more and stronger by staying in Konoha.

Such as Sasuke, such as Itachi, or Princess White Eyes, and even

For these, it is worthwhile to use a CD's BUG skills for more than ten years.

"I still feel sorry! Fuck!"

Cangji kicked the lawn angrily and greeted the three generations of Tuanzang grandparents.

After venting for a while, Kurayoshi put Shishui's body back into the water and let the river wash it into the dead forest.

When falling, his body will be eaten by wild animals.

Kuroyoshi admires people like Shisui and has benefited from him. He wanted to bury him well.

But here is Konoha, and the one who wants him to die is Danzo.

If he were buried, no matter how secretive he was, he could be found within Konoha's range with the ninja's search ability.

When it falls, Danzo will face an autopsy in order to find the remaining kaleidoscope, and his brain will be invaded by a ninja.

Rather than being ruined in this way, it is better to let the beast eat it.

After dealing with related matters, half of the sun has submerged into the horizon, and only dim afterglows are left in the sky and earth.

Kuroyoshi sorted out his clothes and left the training ground No. 39 unhurriedly.

Although it was a bit unpleasant just now, there is always an extra harvest. If you stay calm, you should be happy.

And today is his 5th birthday, so he must celebrate.

Well, let’s go to the barbecue Q and have another meal!

Thinking of the Ding Zuo father and son who had secretly fought with him last time, and finally reached the table, a smile appeared on Kuroyoshi's face involuntarily.

I hope I can still meet the funny father and son.

When Kuraki arrived at the commercial street on the east side of Konoha, night had fallen, and the full moon was hanging high, exuding white brilliance.

The streets are brightly lit and people come and go.

He stood on the street where the crowd came and looked up, with some loneliness in his heart.

what!I really hope someone can accompany my birthday together!

With such a sigh in his heart, there was a rare silence on Kurajoshi's face.

He is only in his early twenties, he is far from being as strong and mature as he imagined. Everything is just a disguise to protect himself.

Suddenly, a smiling face like a second fool filled Kuroyoshi's sight.

"You look like a deep-seated woman, are you thinking of me?"

Luo Ji slowly became indifferent, Kuraki looked at Naruto silently for a while, then pretended not to hear, and walked around.

"Oh! Wait!"

Naruto reacted slowly, and quickly followed.

He walked by Kurayoshi's side, as if he had been a good friend for many years, and said by himself: "Don't be so indifferent, I can see that you don't hate me."

Kuroyoshi didn't reply, and kept his pace and continued to walk to the barbecue Q.

Naruto didn't give up, and continued to follow his side and said, "You won't be able to make friends if you are so indifferent. Didn't you seem lonely just now?"

"Hey, speak, why ignore me?"

"By the way, my name is Naruto Tsunami, how about you?"

As soon as he said this, Kurayoshi clearly felt the sight of the people around him.

He stopped and scanned left and right.

Indifferent, disgusted, angry, disgusted, and then left as if turning a blind eye.

Kuraki looked back, Naruto bit his lower lip, clenched his fists tightly, and stared at the villagers in his eyes, with incomprehension, unwillingness, anger and a trace of silence in his eyes.

Over the years, he has become accustomed to this indifference.

But, still can't let go.

The usual carelessness just protects the fragile armor.

"Today is my 5th birthday. I am going to have a meal at Barbecue Q. If you want to come, let's come together!" Kuroyoshi said lightly, and left without looking back.

Naruto was startled, and the many emotions on his face turned into disbelief and then into joy.


Naruto ignored the gazes of the people around him, raised his triumphant right hand to celebrate, then screamed and chased after him.

On the way, Naruto kept talking.

But it's all daily nonsense, Kuroyoshi didn't even listen.

He walked in front quietly, feeling the change of sight cast by passers-by.

At first, the disgust and indifference were only for Naruto beside him, and gradually, it began to transfer to him.

Vaguely, Kuroyoshi heard some bad gossip.

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