Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 16

Kurayoshi can hear these gossips, and so can Naruto.

He was not as careless as he was at the beginning, closed his mouth, and then stopped.

Kuroyoshi looked back at Naruto, his expression very quiet.

"What's the matter?" Kurayoshi asked.

"forget it!"

Naruto was silent for a while and said, "I'm glad you can invite me on your birthday, but if you get too close, you will be hurt."

"You mean those indifferent eyes?"

Naruto looked at Kurayoshi with an indifferent expression, hesitated, nodded, "Hmm!"

"Do you care about them?" Kurayoshi said nonchalantly.


Naruto opened his eyes.

"People want to live for themselves, isn't it tiring to keep caring about others?"


Naruto opened his mouth, but said nothing in the end.

Although everyone has their own life values, but

Isn't it sad to live just for yourself?

Living alone can indeed be very chic, but why did you show a lonely expression before?

In the forest that day, didn't you also say that you were lonely inside?

Kuroyoshi looked at Naruto, looked at his hesitant expression, and sneered, "I know what you are thinking, so didn't I invite you?"


Naruto looked at him puzzled.

"Friends and relatives are enough to have them, other people's eyes, other people's thoughts"

Having said this, Kuroyoshi showed a deep-minded gaze, "To put it ugly, a group of guys who have nothing to do with me, how do they think it's my shit."

After speaking, leaving Naruto who hasn't recovered, walked to the barbecue Q alone.

Everyone has his own way.

Kurayoshi didn't want to point to someone else's Dow, but he didn't want anyone to point to his Dow.

He is not as great as Naruto, and doesn't want to get everyone's approval.

He just cared about himself and the ordinary people around him.


My way is the most suitable way for me, no one needs mercy.

Kuroyoshi wants to meet the Ding Zuo father and son again in the barbecue Q, looking forward to another big appetite game, while plucking some hair by the way, to see if he can make equipment that converts fat into chakra.

As for Naruto

Kuroyoshi didn't know if the third generation was using a crystal ball to peep, so to find the right time for plucking and bleeding, it must not be seen that he deliberately went for Naruto's body tissue.

It's a pity that the day did not fulfill its wish.

Ding Zuo and his son were not in the store, and they saw Asma and Hong.

The two of them were sitting by the window talking and laughing while eating barbecue.

Without knowing what Asma said, Hong was amused and laughed from time to time.

Cut, men and women.

Kuroyoshi cursed sourly in his heart, and then found a seat in the corner.

He likes to keep a low profile and doesn't want to be noticed.

I like to be alone in the corner even when eating.

But with Naruto today, he is destined to attract countless lights.

Soon after he sat down, Naruto followed after a beat.

Everyone in the store looked at him, and the customers who were eating happily put away the cheers and laughter.

Then, as if an illusion, everyone moved their chopsticks again, and laughter filled the barbecue restaurant again.

Naruto opened his mouth and wanted to say something.

But no one in the store looked at him, nor did the waiter come over to greet him, as if everyone hadn't seen him.

Kuroyoshi stood up and waved to Naruto.

Naruto was bitter in his heart and walked towards Kuroyoshi's position with his head down.

Behind him, the people who didn't seem to see stopped their chopsticks, pointed at Naruto and Kuroyoshi one by one, whispering about something.

Asma and Hong, who were sitting by the window, naturally noticed these anomalies.

But they didn't say anything, just couldn't help but sigh.

Asma lit a cigarette and sighed, "The villagers misunderstood the child so much!"

"Why is there such a big misunderstanding?"

Red raised questions.

"do not know."

Asma took a deep breath of smoke, then slowly exhaled it, and continued: "But there is a high probability that someone deliberately provoked it."

He had just returned to Konoha and didn't know much about Konoha's situation.

However, as the guardian of the Twelve Ninjas, Asma has stayed with the daimyo for several years, has seen a lot of political struggles, and has just experienced a civil war with internal opinions.

He is now very sensitive to those political methods, and he has a vague smell.