Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 18

"Why hate you?"

He looked up at Naruto with a weird look.

"Aren't your parents killed by Kyuubi? Then why don't you hate me? They all say that I am a demon fox!" Naruto looked a little excited and yelled at Cangji.

Kuroyoshi ignored it, but swept around indifferently. Everyone in the shop was attracted by Naruto's roar, and the look in his eyes became even more disgusting.

Faintly, I also heard words like "It really is a demon fox, without any education".

Naruto also noticed the surrounding situation, immediately lowered his posture, cast an apologetic look at the surroundings, then looked back at Kuroyoshi, who was eating barbecue like a okay person, and asked in a low voice, "Why, you said it!"

"There is no need to engage with the underground party."

Kuroyoshi swallowed the meat in his mouth and squashed his mouth nonchalantly. He didn't know whether he was dissatisfied with the taste of the barbecue or he didn't care about what Naruto said.

This attitude irritated Naruto.

Forget about the situation just now, and prepare to shout loudly.

"Then are you a demon fox?"

Kurayoshi's flat voice caused Naruto to swallow the words back to his lips.

He stared at Kurayoshi in a daze, looked at him in disbelief and expectation, and asked, "What did you just say?"

Kuraki looked up at him, and asked nonchalantly, "Are you a demon fox?"

"No, it's not."

"That's not enough."

"But they are all"

"Five years ago, I saw the demon fox running across the ruins that buried me. I can be sure that the demon fox is not you."

"Yes, is it." Naruto breathed a sigh of relief.

Naruto actually didn't want to mention this to Kuroyoshi at all.

Because he was worried that Kurayoshi would become like everyone else when he knew that others would treat himself as a demon queen.

However, on the street before, Kurayoshi said he was his friend.


Well, I didn't say such a thing, but I did say something like this.

Naruto thinks that since he is a friend, he should not hide it.

Although he was worried that Kuroyoshi became disgusted and even hated himself after knowing this, he still told Kuroyoshi.

Fortunately, Kuroyoshi is different from others.

The big rock in Naruto's heart fell, no more scruples, and he happily ate the barbecue.

While eating, he shared some happy things that he had encountered with Kuroyoshi like talking about it.

As an audience member, Kuroyoshi listened quietly to Naruto's confession and responded with two sentences from time to time.

Although the mental age is different, it makes Kuroyoshi not interested in Naruto's topic, but this is the first time someone has accompanied him on his birthday in five years since he came to this world.

He felt the long-lost warmth in his heart and was very happy.

After eating this barbecue for three hours, the street was already dark.

The two said goodbye at the door of the store, and then went home.

On the way, he thought about the trouble it would cause after approaching Naruto, and then smiled disapprovingly.

He is no longer the one he was a month ago.

With a perfect fairy body, he can bear more nine-tailed chakras, and with a kaleidoscope of still water, he can notice anyone lurking around him.

With different capitals, there are naturally more choices.

After half an hour, Kuraki returned to his apartment cabin.

Just opening the door, a small, slightly rickety figure, standing by the window with his hands on his back, was greeted by the figure.

Kuroyoshi wiped his eyes and looked at the figure inside again. After confirming that it was not an illusion and there were no vertigo, his mouth opened wide.

"Three generations of grandpa!?"

Hearing an exclamation, the people inside turned around.

He was gray-haired and wrinkled. He was wearing a red kimono inside and a white coat outside. He had a bucket hat with the word "Fire" hanging around his waist and a smoking pipe in his hand.

It is Konoha's three generations of Hokage "Sarutobi Hizaki".

Seeing Kurayoshi, the wrinkles on Sarutobi Hizen's face were squeezed together, showing a kind smile, "Kurayoshi is back."

"No, no, why did the three generations of grandfather come to me?" Kuroyoshi's mouth opened wide, and he has not recovered from the incident of the third generation running to his house in the middle of the night.

"Why, isn't it welcome?"

Sarutobi Hizen smiled and teased, the wrinkles on his face were crowded into a pile.

"No, no, but I didn't expect that three generations of grandfathers would come to my house so late. You sit first and I will boil a pot of water for you."

With that said, Kurayoshi picked up the kettle on the table and prepared to collect water in the bathroom.

Sarutobi Rizen hurriedly raised his hand to stop it, "It's so late, no need for it."

"It's okay, I want to drink it myself anyway."

Kuroyoshi filled up the kettle and set it alight on the stove.

Sarutobi nodded slightly, and said, "I will disturb you so late, there are two main things."

"what's up?"

"One is to say happy birthday to you."


Kuroyoshi didn't take it seriously, but on the surface he was still very happy to thank him, "Thank you three generations of grandpa."

"Then the second thing, this is a gift."