Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 19

Sarutobi Hitoshi took out two envelopes and two scrolls.

"this is?"

Cangji took it suspiciously, pinched the thickness of the envelope, and opened the thick one with a thick stack of banknotes inside.

"What's happening here?"

Kuroyoshi looked at the three generations, his eyes widened.

Is it that the world has also begun to popularize birthday red envelopes?

But this is too much!

Although I didn't count them in detail, the thousand yuan bills are at least tens of thousands of taels.

You should know that the most common ramen in Yile is 60 taels, and the pork bone ramen and char siu ramen are between 70 and 80 taels.

Tens of thousands of taels of bills, even with his current appetite, are enough to spend a month.

Chapter Fourteen: The Trial and Gift of the Third Generation

"Three generations of grandpa, is this?"

Kuroyoshi held the envelope full of money and looked at Hokage Sandaime in amazement.

"This is your living allowance this month."

As Yuan Feiri said, "Ba Hag" took a puff of smoke, his face full of vicissitudes of life was full of smiles.

After a long time, he spit out a smoke ring and continued: "I can see your hard work over the past period of time. With such a large amount of training, you can't have enough food to support you. In the future, your living allowance will be increased to This level."

"oh, I see!"

Kuroyoshi accepted the three-generation purpose and took the money out and put it in the cupboard of the bedside table.

After all, his performance during this period was amazing. Whether it is perseverance for practice or the potential for progress, it is worthy of high-level training.

Sarutobi nodded lightly at Kurayoshi's acceptance of his remarks so easily, "Let's look at other things!"


Kuroyoshi nodded, and opened the remaining envelopes and two scrolls one after another.

Inside the envelope is the admission notice to the Ninja School in April next year. The scroll contains the tips for practicing the control of chakras, and the seal scroll with shuriken, kunai, and katana.

Sandaime smoked a cigarette and said, “If you want to become a ninja, it’s not enough to exercise your body. You have to master the use of ninja and ninjutsu. These can help you go further on the road of ninja. Do you like it?"


Kuroyoshi raised his brows and leaned slightly to thank you, "Thank you, Grandpa III."

"Just like it." Sarutobi Hitizan nodded in satisfaction, "Then next year's Ninja School starts, are you going to?"

"Does this still need to be asked?" Kuroyoshi clenched a fist in front of his chest, his eyes firm, "I will definitely become the strongest ninja, and I will definitely not let things happen five years ago again."

Sarutobi Rizen smiled with relief, after taking a deep breath, he exhaled happily.

"Then I wish you success in your dream!"

He looked out the window and continued: "It's getting late, I won't bother you anymore, take a good rest!"

"Three generations of grandpa walk slowly." Kuroyoshi waved goodbye to him.


Sarutobi nodded, then turned and walked outside.

When he reached the door, his body suddenly stopped. He turned his head and asked suddenly, "What do you think of Naruto Uzumaki?"

Kuroyoshi replied subconsciously: "Very good, like a second fool."

After finishing speaking, I realized that it was rude to say this in front of him, and wanted to explain, but saw the corners of the third generation eyes twitching, muttering a few words, and then leaving with a big laugh.

"Old fox!"

Seeing the figure drifting away and then completely disappearing into the night, Kuraki wiped the non-existent sweat on his forehead, and he was completely relieved.

He can be sure that the last sentence of the third generation is not a temporary intention, but deliberately to test his true reaction.

Sandaime and Danzo are both old and cunning generations. Although they act in different styles, Danzo cannot keep up with the three generations in terms of the level of cunning.

Your contact with Naruto will attract the attention of Danzo and Sandai.

Three generations must have been investigated, and he must have used a crystal ball to observe his own situation.

Otherwise, he wouldn't even know the extent of his cultivation.

But he was still worried, and he wanted to come and test it himself.

"This should be related to the talent I showed!"

Kuroyoshi probably guessed it.

He started working hard a long time ago, but at that time he was young, without a hot-blooded headband and a perfect fairy body, and the amount and progress of his practice were not satisfactory.

An ordinary imp without any merit, even if he is ambitious and unruly, will not attract attention, because an incompetent guy will not pose any threat.

Even if he is in contact with important people, at most he will let his subordinates investigate.

However, Kurayoshi has made rapid progress in the past six months, not only has the amount of training increased daily, but also the potential displayed is very amazing.

Such excellent performance has to be eye-catching.

Whether it is to cultivate talents for the future of the village or to prevent some bad things from happening, as Hokage, Sarutobi Rischi should have the attitude and means that they should have.

The temptation just now should be a test.

And he finally left with a big laugh, indicating that he passed the test and will receive a lot of care from the village in the future.

Kuroyoshi was very fortunate that it was the third generation.

If the third generation comes, it means that he is a person who is important and cultivated by him, so Danzo will not send anyone.

In other words, you will be warned by three generations of purpose and are not allowed to reach out to yourself.

Although Tuan Zang often violates yang and yin, he still will not disobey the three generations in such trivial matters.

Both of them are cunning, but they act in different styles.