Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 20

In the face of possible problems, Sandaime thoroughly investigated and clearly, while Danzo directly killed the buds of possible problems.

If it is the root, then Kuroyoshi has only one way to kill and defect.

Fortunately, three generations came.

After a while, after calming down, Kurayoshi began to count the things sent by the three generations.

The money is fifty thousand taels, the ninja is twelve shurikens, three kunai, a three-foot-long samurai sword, and a ninja care instruction.

The ninjas are all standard products, neither bad nor high-quality goods. There are a lot of popular products, which are enough for practice and normal tasks.

It's the scroll that can be used to seal items that Kuragibo can't put it down.

His system space can only store forged props, and cannot store external things. Now that he has a scroll that can store things, it will be much more convenient in the future.

In addition, the content of the scroll that records the practice of Chakra manipulation is familiar to Kuroyoshi, namely climbing trees and treading water.

Kuroyoshi was not surprised either. After all, it was a inheritance, and it was strange that the method was different.

But when Kuroyoshi was surprised, there was a gray hair in the scroll.

It should be dropped when the third generation is writing!

Thinking about this, Kuraki picked up his hair.

Ding!Found the special material "Educated Hair", can forge the special prop "Book of All Knowledge", is it forging?

"The Book of All Knowledge!?"

Kuroyoshi's eyes widened.

The name of this thing is very awesome, and then I think of all the secrets of ninjutsu in the third generation of Meihui Konoha

If nothing else, this book must record the ninjutsu that three generations of life learned.

Damn, this is really going to take off!

Kuroyoshi has no shortage of hardware and software. This omniscient book is just right.


The next second, a thick brick book appeared in his hands.

The cover of the book is brown, with a pattern of steep mountains and rivers, and a big eyeball in the middle.

"The Book of All Knowledge: After opening, you can view the scene within 30 kilometers in diameter centered on the holder."


Chapter 15 The Book of All Knowing

Kuroshitsuji was dumbfounded, and it took a long time before he recovered.

He glanced around and reconfirmed that the information displayed on the retina was not wrong with what he had seen before.

"It's a voyeurism of the telescope technique"

Kuroyoshi's mouth twitched, not knowing what to say.

At first he expected that he was dazzled, but now it seems that what he expected is a bit different.

As the leader of the No. 1 Ninja Village in the Ninja World, Hokage III has a bad hobby, that is, he likes to use a crystal ball to peep into the female bathhouse.

This book must be a special prop forged from this bad hobby.

Although the props that can view the 30-kilometer scene centered on the holder are also awesome, there are chances to obtain the investigative props in the future, and obtaining ninjutsu one day later will waste an extra day of practice time.

What Kuroyoshi urgently needs now is ninjutsu, not detection tools.

However, it was originally a surprise. Although he failed to meet his expectations and his mentality collapsed a bit, he quickly adjusted back.

After checking the function of the Book of All-Knowing, he threw it into the system space, and then sorted out the things given by the three generations, and put the things other than the ninjutsu scroll in the cabinet.

After doing all this, Kurayoshi sat back at the desk and opened the ninjutsu scroll for practicing Chakra control, slowly looking.

The higher the ninja's control over Chakra, the easier it is to master ninjutsu.

Some high-level ninjutsu requires ninjas to have absolute control over Chakra to learn.

Kuroyoshi has already practiced to the point of learning ninjutsu, and Chakra's control practice is imminent. If you read the practice content today, you can start practicing tomorrow.

Ok!Shouldn't he be called Doctor Ninja?

There is no professional vocabulary for this practice method handwritten by Sandaime. Many complicated and difficult parts are explained with simple and easy-to-understand metaphors. Kuroyoshi can understand it after reading it. It is different from the ninjutsu scroll left by his parents. .

Obviously, San Daime also knew that Kuroyoshi had not received systematic ninja training and did not understand a lot of professional knowledge, so he wrote this practice method specially.

Time always flies quickly when people are focused.

After Kurayoshi finished reading the contents of the scroll, it was twelve o'clock at night, and the sound of wind sweeping the leaves echoed outside the window.

Kuroyoshi yawned, stretched, then went to the bathroom to take a bath and slept.

No words for a night.

At 7 am the next day, Kuroyoshi woke up on time.

He sat up, opened a corner of the window and looked out. The gray sky and the leaves blowing in the breeze made people feel a bit of coolness.


Kuroyoshi looked at the scenery outside for a while, then sighed with emotion.

He remembered being born in this world, and when he opened his eyes for the first time, he saw outside the window, the breeze and autumn leaves soaring in the sky.

It's been five years since I came to this world without knowing it.

For the past five years, he has been carrying a heavy load, and the tremendous pressure has made him breathless.

Until now I think about it, Kuroyoshi still has lingering fears.

Had it not been for accidentally discovered the use of gold fingers in Hokage Cliff three months ago, I would have been overwhelmed by tremendous pressure!

Recalling the three months of Golden Finger's strength, the wind went smoothly, and the previous experience was in sharp contrast. This is really a dreamlike feeling.

After sitting on the bed with emotion for a while, Kuroyoshi lifted the quilt and went to the bathroom to wash.

The practice of a ninja is very difficult. If you want to become a powerful ninja, you have to practice day after day, rain or shine.