Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 21

After a while, the washing is over.

Cangji put on a clean set of exercise clothes and went out.

Today, he will practice the control of Chakra and strive to complete the practice in one week.

The process of practice is boring, and there is nothing to talk about. It is nothing more than a process of trying again and again, summing up lessons after countless failures, and then succeeding.

Kuroyoshi completed the tree-walking training in one week as expected, and his control of Chakra reached the point where he could tell.

However, he has no other ninjutsu to practice, so after completing the chakra control training, he spends his free time to practice ninja mastery.

Throwing equipment, Kunai fought close with the katana.

Although no one teaches, but if it is just the basics, there are many books in the library that record practice methods.

With self-study and hard training in the books in the library, Kuroyoshi has also changed from a complete layman to a little proficient in the mastery of ninja.

A little bit of time passed, and soon a month passed.

During this month, Kuroyoshi practised physique in the morning, ninja master in the afternoon, and wandered in the downtown Konoha at night, trying his luck to collect some materials.

Because of the recovery of the immortal human body and the ring of the nine lamas, his training intensity is amazing. With the effect of the bloody headband, it is more than a day in half a day.

Moreover, the talent of the fairy body makes the physical fitness grow very fast.

At present, in terms of physical fitness, he is also among the best in Xia Ren, and Chakra is also growing naturally every day.

By now, his Chakra has exceeded the general tolerance.

Ok!Kuroyoshi compared the root unit commander he met at training ground No. 39 that day. His Chakra was about twice as large as his.

As for material collection

I can only say that it is not ideal.

Konoha is too big, and the ninja's whereabouts are erratic, it is difficult to meet people with material potential.

But it's not completely lost.

Three days ago, when Kurayoshi was eating noodles at Yile Ramen, a hair was picked out of the bowl.

He beat the uncle by hand.

He originally wanted to get angry and asked the uncle to change a bowl, but when he stirred up his hair, the system prompt sounded in his mind.

Ding!Found the special material "the latter", you can forge the special props "behind the scenes BOSS", whether or not to forge

Kuroyoshi hurriedly ran to the toilet to forge things out, but as a result, there was a stick like an Ultraman voice changer in his hand, and the message of the prop appeared on the retina.

"Behind-the-scenes BOSS: You can transform into a powerful six bosses. You can only transform when everyone thinks you are an ordinary small character."

It has to be said to be very strong to be able to turn people into a six-level BOSS, but the conditions of use make this thing very tasteless.

Make everyone think I'm an ordinary character

How could this be possible, I am not a big pipe.

Seeing the explanation of this thing, Kuroyoshi was also speechless for a while.

But it is better than nothing, and it is better than nothing.

Konoha 53 years, October 10th.

Just five years after the Kyuubi Rebellion, it was also the memorial day for countless victims.

On this day, Kurayoshi didn't practice cultivation, but put on a black yukata for memorials and walked towards the memorial monument.

He is going to worship his dead parents.

Chapter 16 Worship

The sky is gloomy, with large chunks of dark clouds, pressing the sky very low and low, and weighing people down like a broken wall.

Kuroyoshi walked calmly on the street, surrounded by many villagers who also wore black clothes and walked in the same direction.

Everyone did not speak, and walked forward silently, the light in the depths of the eyes was dim, full of sadness.

The autumn wind blows, and the fallen leaves are withered.

The sky above Konoha was shrouded in grief.

Kuroyoshi did not go directly to the memorial monument, but stopped at a flower shop on the way.

It is natural to have flowers to pay tribute to the dead parents.

He stopped and glanced at the door, then stepped inside.

All kinds of fragrant floral scents came over, and the shop was filled with all kinds of flowers in an orderly manner.


A nice female voice sounded inside.

Kuroyoshi heard the sound and looked, there was a little loli standing inside the counter.

Her age is similar to her, short blonde hair, purple-based clothing, big eyes and watery, very cute.

He recognized this man at the first glance.

Yamanaka Ino, a member of the new generation of Pig Deer Butterfly.

"Do you want to buy flowers?" Ino looked at the clean and beautiful boy in a black yukata in front of him, feeling a little idiot in his heart.

This man is really good-looking.

"I want a bunch of carnations." Kuroyoshi said indifferently.

Hearing Kuroyoshi's demand, Ino was taken aback and reacted immediately.

"OK, just a second."

After Konoha 48 years later, many people come to buy flowers every year today, so prepare in advance.

Ino ran into the back room and brought a bunch of carnations to Kurayoshi.

"Thank you."