Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 22

Kuroyoshi handed the money to Ino, then turned and walked in the direction of the comforting monument.

It really is a worship!

Looking at the direction Kurayoshi was leaving, Ino had such an expression on his face.

Carnation's words were mourning and longing, coupled with the black bathrobe and silent expression, she guessed it naturally.


Is he alone?

Did his parents die?

Obviously about the same size as me, but facing everything alone.

However, he is so good-looking, I don't know his name yet!

For a time, Ino was full of thoughts.

Konoha forest, deep.

There is a huge stone stele with the names of the dead.

This is a memorial monument, on which the names of all heroes who sacrificed for Konoha are engraved.

The memorial monument is not complete.

The First Ninja War, the Second Ninja War, the Third Ninja War, the Kyuubi War and various crisis missions

Konoha had too many ninjas who died silently, and until now they couldn't find their bodies and names.

Many flowers were placed around the stele, which were worshipped by other villagers.

When Kuraki arrived with carnations, there was already a person standing in front of the stele.

He was also wearing a black bathrobe, with silver hair and a mask on his face. The front bangs fell down to cover his left eye.


Kuroyoshi said the man's name silently.

He will come to worship his parents every year and today, and every time he meets Kakashi who came first here, he is not surprised to meet Kakashi here today.

Coming to Kakashi's side, quietly placed the flowers on the ground in front of the monument.

Quietly, staring at the names of parents on the memorial tablet.

The body trembled slightly.

When he was born into this world, Kuroyoshi was very resistant to his new parents at first, after all, he already had parents in his previous life.

But in the next month, his parents worked tirelessly and took care of him to make him feel the love they have for him.

Especially on the day of the Kyuubi Rebellion, in order to protect themselves, the two used their bodies as bait, trying to distract Kyuubi, but they were swept away by a tail and the whole street before they ran a few steps.

Although he had only been with him for a month, Kurayoshi loved his parents very much, even if they never said a word.

"There are too many unfortunate people in this world." Kakashi said suddenly.

His exposed pupils quietly looked at the stone tablet, with sadness hidden deep in his eyes.

"Ah, there are too many unfortunate people in this world." Looking at the name on the stone tablet, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but clenched his hands. "So I want to be the strongest, and I must prevent myself and the people around me from being the unfortunate person. ."

Kakashi glanced at Kurayoshi indifferently, turned around and left without stopping too much.

Kuroyoshi ignored it, but stood quietly in front of the stele.

Recalling the bits and pieces of that month, I had it in my previous life, but I never noticed the trivial things everyday

Looking back now, he can feel a touch of warmth.

Unconsciously, time passed.

When Kuragi recovered, the sky was already dimmed.

He glanced at the moon poking his head out of the clouds, his hands clenched again.

In this life, I must live without regrets.

Tonight is the full moon, and the silver brilliance spills over the earth, adding a mysterious coat to Konoha.

Kuroyoshi sat at the desk, with his left knee resting on the table, palms on his cheeks, and his eyes staring at the moon in a daze.

He can't sleep.

Going to worship his parents today reminds him of the past.

Not only this world, but also past lives

At that time, he was still an ordinary teenager, always surrounded by friends and relatives, but now

Although they regard Naruto as friends, the differences in their mental age and thoughts leave them no common topics.

He didn't want to find Naruto, and he always practiced in a remote training ground alone.


My heart is always empty.

"Still can't resist loneliness!" Kuroyoshi sighed with emotion.

He is not a lonely person, but he knows that the turmoil that is coming in the future will force him to move forward.

Because this is a cruel world.

Without power, there can be no happiness.

However, such a lonely life will not last long. With a god-level forging system, it will not take long for him to have the power to control his own destiny.

When you fall, you don’t have to practice so lonely every day.

"Come on, Kuroyoshi."

Kuroyoshi clenched his right hand to cheer for himself.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and the clouds on the horizon fluttered and blocked the moon.

It darkened suddenly.