Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 23

Outside the window, a person suddenly appeared on the telephone pole opposite.

He squatted on the telephone pole, with blood-red eyes watching here quietly, three black gou jade slowly spinning in his eyes.


Kuroyoshi felt the gaze falling on him and suddenly looked up.

Empty, only the wind is blowing.

"Is it an illusion?"

Kuroyoshi had some doubts, and was about to take out the Book of All-Knowing to check.

Suddenly, he felt a change in the air flow in the room, as if there was an additional person.

The action suddenly stopped.

Kurayoshi turned around abruptly, wiped his right hand in the ninja bag on his back, hooked a kunai with his middle finger, took advantage of the momentum to rotate, clenched it, and then threw it.


Kuwu wiped the man's ear on the wall beside him.

"who are you!?"

Kuroyoshi looked up and down at the unexpected guest who suddenly appeared in the room, his eyes full of alertness.

Chapter Seventeen Uchiha Itachi

The visitor wore a black tights, his face was covered by a civet mask, he was tied with a shoulder-length ponytail, and he carried a long sword on his back.

It's Anbu.

Kuroyoshi's heart stunned after seeing the attire of the visitor.

Why would someone from the Anbu sneak into my room?

Is the secret being wiped out, or is it some other reason?

Is this person the dark part or the root part?

Kuroyoshi's eyes turned in a circle, and his brain was spinning rapidly, thinking about what he had done recently.

Didn't make any suspicious behavior!

At this moment, the person moved suddenly.

The toe of his right toe touched the ground lightly, his body was like a thunder, and he rushed to the front of him in the blink of an eye. The long knife behind him had already been pulled out, and it was facing the middle of Kuroyoshi.

So fast!

Kuraki was shocked, too late to think.

Nine-tailed Chakra quickly wrapped his right hand and could stand in front of him.


Metal cried, sparks flew everywhere, and the knife was firmly grasped in the palm of Chakra's hand.

The person's pupils shrank slightly, and said calmly, "Nine-tailed Chakra, why do you have this kind of thing?"

"I appeared at my house rashly, but asked this question"

Kuroyoshi smashed the blade abruptly, taking advantage of the force to offset and losing balance for a short time, his left hand also wrapped Nine-tailed Chakra and grabbed the man's abdomen.


The person's right foot slammed on the ground, the solid thick wooden floor was crushed, and the whole person flew back, with clothes fragments and blood floating in the air.

Five blood stains were caught on his waist and abdomen by sharp claws.

Hid it!

Kuroyoshi was a little startled.

You know, his age itself is deceptive. At this time, under the blessing of Nine-tailed Chakra, the power and speed exploded as much as Shinobu. Even Shinobu had no time to react to such a sudden attack.

But he avoided it.

This person was either a ninja at or above Kakashi's level, or he knew in advance that he could burst out such power.

But he did not completely avoid the attack.

If you know in advance that you can burst out such power, it is impossible to be unprepared.

So, the guy in front of you is the former situation.

This guy is a master.

Cangji was more vigilant in his heart, Wanhua opened the mirror, his eyes turned bloody, three gouaches slowly turned inside, and golden chakras appeared on the surface of his body.

Be fully prepared, Kuroyoshi asked again: "Who are you?"

The man did not answer, covering the wound with his right hand, and looking at Kurayoshi's eyes contracted.


This is the emotion Kurayoshi reads from the opponent's eyes.

But even in the violent mood swings, there is still no overreaction.

This guy is very calm.

Kuroyoshi's attention to this person in his heart once again raised a level.

"Do you think no one knows what you are doing secretly?" The man suddenly said, his voice flat, unable to judge the master's emotions.

Kuroyoshi's expression remained unchanged, but his heart jumped fiercely.

The only thing he did secretly was to find special materials and forge special props.

Did someone discover that I could forge special props?

No, if he knew that I would forge special props, he wouldn't be so surprised after seeing Nine Tails Chakra and Wanhua Mirror.

This guy is cheating me.

Kuroyoshi sneered, trying to expose his methods, and didn't want the person to continue saying: "A month ago, training ground number 39."