Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 25

"It has been determined that the Uchiha rebellion cannot be resolved peacefully, have you begun to find a way out for Sasuke and his clan?"

Kuroyoshi pondered slightly.

Uchiha Itachi killed his family for peace

He is an egoist, so he can't understand, but Kurayoshi thinks that in this case, this may be the best and most helpless choice.

He once watched senior Naruto fans talk about this in a Naruto forum. Those people took out information that was not explained in the animation, only the formula book or even the author interview.

After Tai Tu helped to exterminate the tribe, he obtained dozens of eyes, and Danzang also obtained dozens of eyes.

In other words, there will be no more than one hundred people in the Uchiha clan who open their eyes.

Kuroyoshi doesn't know exactly how many people are in the Uchiha clan, but according to the mansion where they live, there are a thousand people at most. Excluding old and young women and children, the maximum number of people who can become ninjas is about 100 to 200.

Kuroyoshi didn't know how many people were under Sandai Tuanzang, but Sandaime is now deeply loved by Konoha. In one word, at least 90% of ninjas will die for him.

When Naruto graduated, the registered ninja number was more than 12,000, which means that there were more than 12,000 Konoha ninjas.

One or two hundred people to more than 10,000 people, such a huge power gap

Unless Uchiha Tomitake and Shisui can develop a complete body, Zonoh and unlimited chakras, it will be possible, otherwise

However, the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye simply can't support the degree of opening the full body, and it will be blind before that.

This is true for Madara, Itachi, and Sasuke.

Moreover, even if it is completely Nisuzuo, it is only comparable to the tail beast, and the chance of winning is still slim.

Kuroyoshi shook his head for a while.

The only possible success of Uchiha's coup is Shisui's other gods.

But he chose Konoha's side, but Danzo took his eyes and committed suicide. Uchiha had no chance at all.

It's useless even if they have two pairs of kaleidoscopes now.

No, ten pairs are not necessarily useful.

Because the intelligence is also crushed by the Konoha high-level.

Uchiha thought that Konoha didn't know his plans, and everyone was arrogant and ignorant, but Konoha knew their clan's every move.

If Uchiha Itachi chooses to stand on Uchiha’s side, the end result will be Konoha’s loss of some ninja and ninja, plus the Uchiha clan extermination,

It is possible that the third generation and Danzo will be spelled out.

But this possibility is unlikely.

After all, the third generation at this time is not the third generation of Konoha's collapse plan, but the strong man who can easily kill him when he is ten years younger.

A few years ago, I was able to push the nine tails out of Konoha with a stick. Even if it is not as good as it was then, it is not as bad as it was later.

Of course, saying that it is unbearable is also in contrast to those of the Four Ninja World Wars.

Even in the Konoha collapse plan, he is also a pair of three shadow ranks, dragging the hands of Oshemaru and the incomplete first and second generations.

The Uchiha coup can only throw Konoha into chaos, and then other countries will seize the opportunity to enter, and Ninja is once again caught in the flames of war.

Uchiha Itachi chose to stand on Konoha's side, which not only realized his idea, but also preserved his family's blood and reputation.

As for running with the tribe

Apart from Fuyue, the Uchiha clan saw the difference in strength between the two sides. Everyone thought they had a great advantage. How could they listen to you as a kid.

Even Fuyue, the patriarch, could not change their mindset.

And run with the family

If Fu Yue was willing to run, he would have left his tribe behind and ran away with his wife and children.

Even if he was willing, and led his tribe to successfully break through Konoha's blockade, there was still a soil outside waiting for them.

Kuroyoshi can already simulate the situation of Uchiha Itachi.

A month ago, Uchiha Shisui was attacked by Danzo at Nanga Shrine and took one eye.

After that, he ran away, met Itachi at a waterfall, gave him the incident and the remaining eye, and chose to commit suicide by diving.

Shishui here is desperate. He who has lost one eye cannot use the other gods of the group, and cannot change the will of all the people of the tribe or the high-level Konoha.

He can no longer stop the fighting between the two sides.

But he still had hope in his heart, and he didn't want his existence to detonate the battle between the two sides in advance.

Because he was alive, Danzo would not let him go, and the two sides went to war.

If he was killed by Danzo and the people knew about it, they would know that they were preparing for a coup d'etat and they would initiate the coup in advance.

Therefore, he can only commit suicide in exchange for time, hoping that Itachi can find a peaceful solution in the desperate situation.

Itachi inherited the will of Shishui, determined to continue the road of Shishui.

In order to ensure that Shishui's body disappeared completely, he pursued it all the way.

However, some things were delayed because of the opening of the kaleidoscope or other reasons. He tracked down to the training field No. 39 and found four scenes where the roots were kneeling to himself and shouting for the master.

He knew his secret, but not much.

And because he didn't let Gen take away Shisui's body, and Danzo's betrayal of Shisui, he didn't tell Konoha about this matter.

When Uchiha decided to rebel, he had been thinking about ways to peacefully resolve the conflict between the two.

He set his target on both Uchiha and Konoha, but there was nothing he could do.

I suddenly see a third party other than the two sides

Although he still doesn't know who he is and what his relationship with the root ninja is, he has another direction.

In the following month, he worked hard to think about a peaceful solution to the conflict between Uchiha and Konoha, and investigated himself secretly.

After confirming that he was not a spy from another village, he decided to test it out.

In order not to reveal his identity, he didn't use Shao Lun Yan and was hurt by himself.

But Uchiha Itachi was surprised and happy in his heart

Because the more unusual you show, the more possibilities you have.