Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 26

after that

"This guy wants to find a peaceful solution from me!"

Kuroyoshi pinched his chin in thought.

After all, he had the Nine-tailed Chakra when the Nine-tailed Man Zhuli existed, but he was not Uchiha but had the Shalanyan.

And it's easy to use, it doesn't seem to be captured.

This incredible thing happened to a five-year-old child, and it was normal to make him see hope.

and so

"He will continue to investigate me for a while, and after the investigation fails, he will take the initiative to find a showdown."

Kuroyoshi analyzed the cause and effect, and after what might happen later, a smile appeared on his face.

Knowing that he might be investigated in the future, it is impossible for him who possesses the Book of Omniscience to show his feet.


Looking at the blood splashing on the wall, Kurayoshi smiled even more.

He swiped up, and the system prompt sounded in his mind.

Ding!Discovered "Broken Fairy Blood", you can forge special props "Broken Fairy Crystal", "Wanhua Mirror", "Endless", "Heart of Peace", "Father and Son of Filial Piety", and "Brother Bonds"

"What the hell is this!?"

Kuroyoshi was stunned.

Chapter Nineteen Obviously a bumper harvest, but the mood is extraordinarily heavy

The rule of becoming a special material is that it has special abilities or rumored outlines. If it is a human, then personality and experience will also participate.

For example, hand hitting the uncle.

The "behind the scenes BOSS" is because when the animation was not over, many people guessed that he was the big boss, and some people guessed that he was the six immortals, who would be an important figure for Naruto in the future.

When the animation later ended, this speculation became a widely circulated slogan, and many netizens P pictured six ways and one happy, big pipe and one happy.

I heard that the animation company knew that Genghou even produced an original animation, but I don’t know if it is true or not.

These stalks make the body tissue of an ordinary person's hand beater possess the characteristics of forging special props.

Uchiha Itachi has many abilities and skills.

What kills all things in a second, a dozen seven, stupid Odoudou, laughter four masters and so on.

He left a lot of blood here. Kuroyoshi had expected that he could forge a lot of props, but

Forget the broken fairy crystallization and Wanhua Mirror, what the hell is this never-ending sword of filial piety, brotherhood, and peace?

What about my ten-fist sword that can seal everything?

Where is my invincible Yata Mirror?

Where is my Yasaka Goyu, which is comparable to the tail beast jade?

Could these three be the pupil technique of Uchiha Itachi Kaleidoscope?

But Oshemaru clearly said that the ten-fist sword is a kind of grass pheasant sword. He has been looking for it. This at least shows that the ten-fist sword is a treasure, not a pupil technique.

Is Itachi still not getting these things, or the blood is not enough to forge everything?

Or is it that external objects cannot be forged through the host's body tissue?

The things he wanted didn't appear, instead there were a bunch of props with messy names. Kuroyoshi just wanted to explode.

However, thinking of the neighbor's aunt who was only waking up next door, he forcibly held back.


I read a silent sentence in my heart, and then the blood disappeared, and there were six more things on my hand.

The size of a thumb, the broken fairy crystal looks like a blood red crystal.

Wanhua lens, which looks no different from ordinary contact lenses.

A heart of peace that exudes a soft light, transparent for a while and entity, loving-looking.

A sword with a blood-red blade and a cold expression, and a filial piety sword with a handle about four feet long.

A pair of ordinary-looking silver stud earrings, brother bond.

A piece of pitch black, constantly swirling around, like an endless air mass, never ending.

Kuroyoshi looked at the appearance of a few items for a while, unable to see what was famous, so he immersed himself in the information given by the system.

"Broken fairy crystals can be upgraded: when the crystal is swallowed, it will change the brain of the user, turning the eyes into degraded fairy eyes."

"Wanhua Mirror can be upgraded: these are degraded fairy eye glasses, and the wearer can use the ability to write round eyes."

"Heart of Peace: The miracle caused by the strong desire for peace can revive the dead. Note: Only the deceased who loves peace and keeps the body intact can absorb it, only one person."

"Sword of filial piety for fathers and sons: After the sword bearer kills his parents, he will gain powerful strength, but at the same time he will also bear the sins that can never be redeemed. Note: Only those who have a harmonious family and a strong relationship between father and son are effective."

"Brother Bonds: "The two parties wearing the earrings can sense each other's thoughts and thoughts."

"Never-ending: After absorbing, it will carry an extremely heavy weight, the weight cannot be removed, and it will increase over time until death."

Ding!It is detected that the host has two broken fairy crystals, which can be merged and upgraded. Whether to upgrade

Ding!It is detected that the host has two Wanhua mirrors, which can be integrated and upgraded. Whether to upgrade

Kuroyoshi: ""

Kuroyoshi was silent.

If it were usual, he would definitely complain about a few useless props, but now, his heart is heavy and he can't speak.

Special materials are only available because of their special abilities.

If the special material is a person, it will be composed of that person's experience, personality, and rumors, and the props created are also generated based on these conditions.

These six props fully reflect Uchiha Itachi's current physical, mental, and current conditions.

Superb ability, family harmony, longing for peace, carrying heavy burdens, and the consciousness of killing parents when they are unable to make decisions.