Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 27


Kuroyoshi took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly, his eyes became firmer.

"This is a manifestation of being weak and unable to determine my own destiny, just like when I could only lie in a swaddle and watch the house collapse and bury myself, and watch the nine tails across the head from the gap, this feeling of powerlessness"

"I definitely don't want to experience it again!" Kurayoshi clenched his fist.

"Upgrade Wanhua Mirror."

The Wanhua Mirror in the hand and the Wanhua Mirror on the eyes flew out automatically, and then attracted each other close to each other.

Then, the soft light bloomed, making it difficult to see what was inside.

About five seconds, the light disappeared.

A pair of new contact lenses was revealed.

Kuroyoshi stretched out his hand to catch it, and the message of Xin Wanhua Jing appeared in his retina.

"Eternal Kaleidoscope: These are degraded fairy eye glasses, and the wearer has the ability to write round eyes."

The introduction has not changed except for the name.

Kuroyoshi put on the glasses and immediately knew the specific changes.

Probably it is the eternal kaleidoscope of the fusion of Zhishui and Itachi.

The glasses also have the pupil skills of Susano, Moonread, Amaterasu and other gods.

And because of the fusion of the two, the pupil power has become stronger.

All abilities have changed and become stronger.

For example, Suzuo Nenghu.

Originally forged with water-stopping blood, the Suzuo Nenghu used in the Wanhua Mirror was green, but after upgrading to the eternal Wanhua mirror, the Suzuo Nenghu used was changed to a red and green color, and it also had two Suzuo. Capable characteristics and abilities.

And before, only ordinary Suzano can be used, and at most, Suzano can be covered with a layer of armor, but now you can use the full Suzano, which grows tengu nose and wings.

But there is no Shiquan Sword, and there is no Yata Mirror and Yasaka Qionggou.

"It seems that these three are not the pupil technique, but the treasures Uchiha Itachi will find in the future." Kurayoshi guessed.

However, even so, it is completely necessary to be able to come out, and no one can stop Konoha in this era except for the eighth door.

Of course, the use of Susao can bring huge pain and burden to the body. With Kuroyoshi's current physical fitness, even Susao, who has only a bone frame, will instantly crush his body.

Except for Suzano, the activation time of Amaterasu has become faster, and the farthest cast range of Moonreading has changed from the farthest five meters to seven meters.

And the cooling time of other gods has changed from ten years to five years.

After understanding the effect of the Eternal Wanhua Mirror, Kuraki also probably knew the effect of the fusion of two broken fairy crystals.

It is nothing more than a kaleidoscope of Uchiha bloodline and awakening Shishui Kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes to a kaleidoscope of Uchiha bloodline and awakening Shishui and Uchiha Itachi kaleidoscope fusion upgraded to the crystallization of eternal kaleidoscope.

Kuroyoshi remembers that in the animation, the brother's kaleidoscope must be merged to be upgraded to the eternal kaleidoscope, and the god-level forging system has changed the requirement of the brother's kaleidoscope into a kaleidoscope as long as it is a kaleidoscope.

However, the animation did not clearly state that a kaleidoscope of brothers is needed.

It’s just that Sasuke and Madara’s eternal kaleidoscope were upgraded by changing their brother’s eyes, so whether the pupil power of other people’s kaleidoscopes can be upgraded is an uncertain factor.

Maybe it can be upgraded by doing this, but not necessarily.

Chapter 20 Pharmacist Pocket

For the time being, Kuraki had no plans to fuse the two broken crystals to upgrade.

Because Uchiha Itachi will come to him for a showdown soon, trying to find a peaceful solution to the two from him.

He hasn't decided whether to help Itachi.

Not mercy

Ok!Well, there is compassion in it, but it is more because I have a lot of things that I lack.

He didn't know whether he would choose to trade with Itachi or what other options.

If you want to help, then only the immortal crystal of Zhishui can help.

Anyway, things won't run. If you want to integrate and upgrade, you can do it anytime. There is no need to rush for a while.

After sorting out everything, Kuroyoshi threw the rest of the props into the system space, and then went to sleep.

The night passed quickly.

Early the next morning, Kurayoshi was awake coldly.

He sat up from the quilt, opened a corner of the curtain, and looked outside, the cold wind was hanging under the gray sky.

Kuroyoshi couldn't help but sneezed.

It is the end of autumn and it is already very cold.

The hole in the wall allowed the cold wind to wreak havoc in the room all night. He caught a cold, his head was dizzy and he couldn't concentrate.


After sneezing again, Kurayoshi wiped off the nasal mucus, dressed and washed, and then walked to the hospital.

Let's cure the cold first!

About half an hour, Kuroyoshi came to Konoha Hospital slowly.

Because it was still early and the weather was getting colder, there were not many people in the hospital, and only a few nurses on duty occasionally passed by.

Kuroyoshi came to the front desk and said to the nurse on duty, "Hello, I have a cold, can I help you hang up the bottle of water?"

"The doctor has not yet gone to work. Only a few medical ninjas who graduated from school this year are doing internships. Would you like to show them?" The nurse sister said apologetically.

"A medical ninja who just graduated!"

Kuroyoshi thought for a while and nodded in agreement.

After all, it's just a small cold. Even a medical ninja who is still internship can't go wrong!

After all, the medical ninja during the war did not have an internship at all, and went directly to the battlefield. Kuroyoshi still trusted Konoha's cultivation of the medical ninja.

After going through the formalities, Kuroyoshi followed the instructions of the nurse and went to the ward 9 on the second floor to wait.