Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 28

After waiting for about two minutes, a silver-haired boy with round eyes and Konoha ninja guard forehead walked in.

He is about 150cm tall and about 12 years old, holding a thermometer and other medical equipment in his hand.

When he saw this person, Kurayoshi quickly lowered his head.

He was so familiar with this person that he showed an unnatural expression when he saw him.

In order not to be discovered, he can only lower his head.

Because the other party is an elite spy named "Pharmaceutical Pocket", a master of dreams who walks in many countries.

"what happened?"

The pharmacist closed the door and came to the bedside with a gentle smile to comfort him: "Don't be afraid, it's just a small cold, it will be cured soon."

"Really." Kuroyoshi raised his head, the expression on his face turned into a bright smile. "Then please."

The pharmacist pushed down the round-frame glasses, the lenses reflected cold light, making it impossible to see the expression inside.

The reflection flashed away, and the pharmacist smiled and said, "Take your temperature first!"


Then take your body temperature and heartbeat.

Throughout the process, the pharmacist was smiling, and he was very gentle and humble when asking questions, perfectly disguised as a gentle brother.

If it was not known in advance that this guy is the actor, Kuroyoshi would definitely be deceived.

"Well, it's just a common cold. Do you want to take medicine or infusion?" The pharmacist put away his stethoscope and said with a smile.

"Infusion!" Kurayoshi thought for a while and said.

Although the common cold is easy to cure, in his opinion, the infusion will heal faster. He doesn't want to waste time on the cold.

"Then wait a minute, I will dispense the medicine."

After speaking, the pharmacist turned around and opened the door and left, closing the door by the way.

Kuroyoshi looked at the door of the ward and fell into deep thought.

I ran into this guy when I went to the hospital by chance. Was it a coincidence or was it calculated?

It should have both ingredients!

After all, he himself didn't know he would be sick today, so it is unlikely that Pharmacist will stay in the hospital on purpose today to wait for his arrival.

It should be the spy of Dashewan, the pharmacist is hiding in the hospital with mixed qualifications.

Then, as an intern medical ninja, after seeing my medical record sheet, he offered to diagnose me.

As for the reason

It should be an outstanding performance in the past few months.

After all, he is an elite spy, and observing Konoha's potential newcomers is also one of the main tasks assigned to him by Oshemaru.

Thinking of this, Kuroyoshi let go.

In terms of time, Yakushidou has just returned from Otonin Village. He will not engage in moths in a short period of time. After all, as a spy, it is easy to reveal what attracts the attention of others.

It’s just that if you perform too well in the future, you will have to worry about the problem of Dashewan finding its own container.

But that's something for the future, and it's still two different things whether Da She Wan can beat herself at that time!

About two minutes later, the pharmacist returned to the ward with two bottles of potion.

He inserted the needle into the medicine bottle, then hung the medicine bottle on the hook above the hospital bed, then took the needle and said, "Extend your left hand, I want to pierce it in."


Kuroyoshi nodded and stretched out his left hand.

The pharmacist pocketed Kurayoshi's left hand and touched it. After finding the position of the blood vessel, he inserted the needle directly along, and then fixed it with medical tape.

After doing all this, the pharmacist smiled and said, "Well, when the potion is almost finished, you can press the button on the bedside."

"Thank you."

"It's okay." The pharmacist pushed his glasses down, the lenses reflected light, "I listened to your heartbeat before, and the beating sound was very strong."

"Huh?" Kuroyoshi looked at him strangely, wondering what he meant by suddenly saying this.

"A strong heartbeat represents vigorous vitality. It stands to reason that your heartbeat is unlikely to cause colds and other illnesses."

"and then?"

"I suggest you do a full-body examination."

"Body check?"

"It's not a troublesome thing. It's just a blood test. If you do, I can take a blood test now, and the result will be available after you finish the water."

"That's it!"

Kuroyoshi lowered his head, letting his bangs block his eyes.

"Do you want to do it?" The pharmacist looked at him with a smile.

"no need."

Kuroyoshi raised his head again, squinted and smiled, "It's just a small cold, it will be better soon."

"That's it!" The pharmacist spread his hands out with regret, "Then I will leave, and call me when the potion is over."

"Yeah!" Kuroyoshi nodded.

Persevering, the pharmacist turned around and prepared to leave.

"Wait a minute." Kuroyoshi suddenly stopped him.

The pharmacist paused for a while, then turned around and looked at him suspiciously, "Is there anything else?"

"Come here." Kurayoshi waved to the pharmacist.

The pharmacist hesitated, but he still came over.

"Head down a bit."