Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 29

"What's wrong?" The pharmacist was puzzled.

"Don't ask, just get down to know."


The pharmacist hesitated, but lowered his head.

Kurayoshi stretched his hand and pulled two hairs on his head.

Chapter 21 The Wishing Crystal Ball

"what are you doing?"

Feeling the pain from his head, the pharmacist jumped back like a frightened bird.

Pulling a distance away, he stretched out his hand and fumbled on his head, trying to figure out what hands and feet had been done to his head, and at the same time stared at Kurayoshi vigilantly to prevent his next move.

But Kuroyoshi did nothing.

He raised his hands, shook the hair in his hand to the pharmacist, and said with a smile, "I just saw something dirty on your head, so I wanted to remove it for you, but I accidentally pulled my hair off. I'm very sorry. ."

"Really?" Pharmacist stared at Kurayoshi's face suspiciously.

"Of course!" A faint smile appeared on Kurayoshi's face.

"In that case, forget it." After hesitating, the pharmacist said.

After speaking, turned and left.

When I opened the ward, I paused for a while, and turned around and said, "Pay attention to the liquid in the medicine bottle. Just press the bedside button to call in advance when you are almost done."

"Got it."


The pharmacist nodded, walked out of the ward, closed the door and left.

He walked in the hospital corridor without rush, his back straight, and his thick round glasses gleaming.

"The child's heartbeat is too strong, and his vigorous vitality is rare in his life. Such a physique must meet the requirements of Lord Oshemaru."

Ward 9.

After using the Book of All-Knowledge to confirm that no one was nearby, Kurayoshi took out the hair of the Pharmacist's pocket again, and the system prompt sounded in his mind in time.

Ding!Special material "dream hair" is detected, special props "false mask" and "wish crystal ball" can be forged, whether forging


The next second, a white mask and a blue crystal ball the size of a grapefruit appeared in the hand, and the information of both appeared on the retina at the same time.

"False mask: The wearer can change into anyone he has seen, regardless of height, weight, gender, temperament, and breath, and will not be seen through by pupil technique."

"Wishing Crystal Ball: Just make a wish to it, it will satisfy any wish of the holder, but the way of satisfying the wish may be a little different from what you expect."

Kuroyoshi threw all the props into the system space, then sat on the bedside and meditated.

These two props are obviously based on the life experience of the pharmacist as a spy and the master of the dream.

The role of false masks is obvious, which is to hide identity.

The system said that the pupil technique cannot see through, not that so-and-so pupil technique, it should be that any pupil technique cannot see through.

It doesn't matter whether it is writing round eyes, white eyes or reincarnation eyes.

And the wishing crystal ball

This thing seems to be against the sky, but the introduction mentioned that the way to satisfy the wish is different from what I expected, so Kuroyoshi dare not use it.

Kuroyoshi's previous life has seen similar things in many fantasy works. Although every person who makes a wish has realized his wish, he will become more miserable and regretful as a result.

The greater the wish made, the worse it will end up, the more you get, the more you lose.

There is no doubt that this wishing crystal ball is such a scam.


What if it’s not what you think?

Although the system introduction has been written very clearly, the temptation to realize any wish is too great.

Even knowing that there is no good thing in the world that can be reaped without giving, Kuroyoshi can't help thinking like this.

What if this crystal ball is really an artifact that can realize any wish?

It would be a shame if you don't try it!

This kind of thinking became stronger and stronger, and gradually swallowed up reason.

Suddenly, there was a pain in his left arm.

Kuroyoshi suddenly woke up.

He glanced at his left hand, blood was flowing back down the needle, and the medicine bottle was empty.

Unconsciously, he struggled for a long time.


Kuroyoshi sighed deeply, and then pulled out the needle.

The pinhole in the hand healed instantly.

He squeezed a fist, and after not feeling anything strange, he glanced at the blood in the needle, smiled, opened the door and left.

As for the wishing crystal ball, he is going to try the water with a small wish first, then, even if there is any accident, he can accept it.

Ok!If the wall at home is broken, make a wish to make the wall intact!

Coming out of the hospital and passing by an unmanned alley, Kuraki took out a crystal ball to make a wish.

"Leave the walls of my house intact."

The crystal ball flashed a purple light, and then calmed down.

"Is that all right?" Kuroyoshi had some doubts.

Isn't it possible to make a wish with the Shenlong in Dragon Ball?