Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 31

There was a relieved smile on his flushing face.

It's faint and quiet, which makes people feel at ease at first glance.

"The long-lost farewell is over. Then go to the three generations of grandpas to register the property losses. Do you want to report more?"

Kuroyoshi walked to the Hokage Building with a faint smile, as if he had encountered something very happy.

After he left, Uchiha Itachi came out from behind a big tree not far away.

He looked at the back of Kurayoshi's gradual departure, with a complicated expression in his eyes.

He doesn't know what secret Kuroyoshi is hiding, but he can be sure that Kuroyoshi is not a spy who has been inserted in other villages, and he can be sure that he is a good person.

However, good people do not necessarily only do good things, and bad people do not necessarily only do bad things.

What's more, the world is not simply composed of black and white. He is not sure what position Kuroyoshi is, and what attitude he is after knowing Uchiha's coup.

Ask him for help and can I get help, or

Is he capable of helping me?

Perhaps it was because a wild beast broke into the village and destroyed a street, the Hokage Building is still lit.

Kuroyoshi came to the Hokage Building, and after reporting his identity to the guards, he was let in.

After passing through the long and narrow corridor, stepping up the spiral staircase at the end, and walking for a while, Kurayoshi finally came to Hokage's office.

After finishing the dress and mood at the door, he knocked on the door.

"Please come in." The old but powerful voice of San Daimu came from inside.

Kuraki pushed the door in.

There are two Anbes standing at the desk inside, seemingly discussing something with Sandaime.

Seeing Kuroyoshi coming in, everyone turned their eyes to Kuroyoshi.

Sarutobi Hitoshi's face was full of wrinkles piled up, showing a kind smile, "It's Kuroyoshi, I'm wondering when you will come, the residents of that street have not come to register the property damage."

"I was delayed by something." Kuroyoshi scratched his head, then put his hands between his legs and bowed to the third generation to apologize, "I'm very sorry, but I'm so late to cause you trouble."

"Don't be so polite, it's not a big deal."

Sarutobi Hizen held the pipe in his mouth, searched for the items on the table with both hands, and then took out a form from inside.

"Konoha doesn't have any extra single rooms now, so I will pay you this yard as compensation. The furniture and daily necessities inside have been prepared for you, so you can just live in."

With that, Sarutobi Hizen handed the form to an Anbe in front of him, "You can take Kuroyoshi to that yard!"


Anbe took the form, and then looked at Kurayoshi.

After a brief stupefaction, Kuroyoshi bowed to the third generationme again, "Thank you very much."

No vacant house

Ha ha!The ninja's hands-on ability is not fake, even if there is no spare house, one can be built for you in an hour.

The so-called single room without vacancy is replaced by an independent yard, which is just a means to buy people's hearts.

It seems that I still underestimated my talent and will.

"Thank you?" Sarutobi Rizen "Bhaw" smoked two pipes and smiled slightly: "As Hokage, I let this happen under my nose. This is my dereliction of duty. You can live in without worry!"

"I see, three generations of grandpa."

Waving goodbye to the three generations, Kurayoshi followed Anbu in front of him and left the Hokage Building.

The two of them walked all the way west for about three kilometers, and walked in on a side road in a street.

About a hundred meters, a small courtyard came into view.

This yard has been around for a few years, and the walls are all black and white old style.

However, judging from the absence of cracks in the wall and the brand new gate, the yard is obviously renovated.

"This is the yard." Anbu handed over the watch in his hand, with a bunch of keys on it. "This is the house deed and the keys inside. The furniture and daily necessities inside are already ready, so you can gradually familiarize yourself with it. !"

Cangji took the deed and key, and said "thank you" to Anbu.

Anbu didn't care, just nodded, and then left.

Cangji stood at the door and looked around. There were no other houses around, only sparse trees and vegetation. Behind the yard was Hokage Cliff.

Of course, not directly below.

Going out from the trail is the commercial street, where the flower shop of the Yamanaka Ino's family is located.

"This Lot"

Kuroyoshi put one hand on his chest, and fell into thought while pinching his chin with the other.

Although Konoha's current housing prices are not as high as during the blog post, as the largest village in the Ninja world, it is also located in the commercial street near the Hokage Building.

You don’t have to think about it, and you know it’s valuable.

"This is really a waste of money!"

Kuroyoshi shook his head, not thinking about these messy things.

He just needs to keep getting stronger, and with power, he can have everything. The rules of this world are so simple and cruel.

Chapter 23 Ino

The courtyard is not very large, it belongs to a single courtyard.

Entering from the gate, there is a path leading to the house inside, and various things are placed on both sides of the path.

Through the pupil power of Wanhua Mirror, Kurayoshi could see clearly at night.

On the left is a lawn with stone tables and chairs.

There is a small piece of green bamboo behind and a small water hole inside.

There is a rockery in the pool, and Jinglu is placed on the side.

The water in the pool flows backwards from behind the rockery through the design, flows down from the front, and finally falls into the startled deer, making the bamboo joints afraid of hitting and making a slight "click" sound.