Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 33

Kurayoshi didn't know that Ino was committing a nympho to him, he came to the training ground No. 39 to start a new day of training.

The training is still physical exercises and cutting tool exercises. The process is boring and nothing to say.

Kuroyoshi himself felt bored.

Now his foundation has been very good, and if he continues this exercise, he can only improve slowly like Xiao Li.

Even if he has an immortal human body, he can insist on higher-intensity training and progress faster than Xiao Li, but it is still much slower than practicing ninjutsu.

If he learns ninjutsu at this time, his combat power will make a leap forward.

Unfortunately, no one teaches him now.

He can only practice physical skills and cutting tool mastery day after day, and start to accumulate slowly for a long time.

But he was not in a hurry.

As long as he shows enough potential during the ninja school, after graduation, Sandaime will definitely arrange for him a great teacher.

Moreover, although progress in this practice is slow, it is relatively speaking.

Although the training of physique and physical skills has entered a little bit of accumulation, his ninja mastery has only been practiced for about a month, and he has not mastered the essence of it.

And the ninjutsu mastering this thing pays attention to which makes perfect, the more you practice, the more powerful.

Although it cannot be compared with learning ninjutsu, it can still bring a high level of combat power improvement.

And day-to-day basic training will allow him to lay a deeper foundation, and then learning other things will become easy.

What's more, he has gold fingers.

In this way, Kurayoshi resumed the boring routine of training, eating, and sleeping every day.

Time goes by, and the white horse flies.

When the time came to December, the weather became colder and Konoha put on a new white coat.

On this day, the sky is snowing.

Kuroyoshi is still practicing in training ground No. 39. He is doing push-ups with his upper body naked, counting himself while doing it.

In the white world, as long as he counts and gasps.

Suddenly, a shout from a distance broke the calm.

"Kurayoshi, Kuroyoshi"

Chapter 24: Pulling Hinata's Hair

Accompanied by the sound, a hurried figure rushed in.

It's Naruto.

Because of the winter, he also changed out of that 10,000-year feces yellow sportswear.

Two sweaters were added, and a thick down jacket was put on the outside, and a scarf was wrapped around his neck.

He came rashly and almost fell on the way.

"Kura, Kuroyoshi, it's not good"

Naruto stopped in front of Kuroyoshi, kicking with his hands on his knees.

Kuroyoshi glanced at him, and his movements did not stop.

Although Kuroyoshi devoted himself to training and did not find Naruto much, Naruto often came to him.

Although Kurayoshi doesn't talk much, for Naruto, Kurayoshi is the only friend he can talk about, and he will come to him for anything on weekdays.

After breathing for a while, the voice of the voice calmed down.

He looked at Kuroyoshi and said urgently: "Kurayoshi, come with me, I see someone being bullied."

Kuroyoshi didn't stop exercising, just glanced at him strangely, "What does it matter to me?"

"No, someone is being bullied over there!" Naruto said puzzledly.

"So, what's the matter with me?" Kuroyoshi gave him a blank look, and continued: "We have known each other for a short time, don't you think I'm a type of helping others?"

"But the accident on the street last time, didn't you help out?"

"That's different!"

"What's the difference?"

"It was an irresistible accident, and if the person being bullied does not resist, even if he rescues him once, it will only make him bullied even worse next time."

"Eh!" Naruto was dumbfounded.

With a simple mind, he subconsciously thinks that he can help if he encounters bullying and weak things.

"Naruto, things like being bullied happen everywhere. You can't show up in time every time someone is bullied. If you don't want to be bullied, only the person concerned has the courage to resist."

"It turned out to be so, I understand, I understand completely." Naruto embraced his chest with both hands and nodded deeply.

You know a hammer.

Kurayoshi rolled his eyes and focused on the exercise again. The sweat ran down the evenly raised muscles, melting the snow on the ground a little bit.

However, Kurayoshi wanted to exercise, but Naruto didn't stop.

"Although what you said is very reasonable, I still can't save myself, so, Kuroyoshi, come with me."

"You can't die without saving. Go and help. What's up to me?"

"They are crowded, I can't beat them."

"Can't beat, you still go to nosy?"

"I want to be Hokage. If I can help at a critical time, I will definitely get the approval of the rescued."

"Weak scum can't be Hokage."

"Windy, I will be stronger in the future."


"Hey, what's the matter with your disbelieving eyes!"