Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 34

"It's nothing."

After arguing with Naruto for a while, Kuroyoshi was dragged to help.

The incident occurred in a small park not far from the training ground.

When the two arrived, they happened to see a little girl surrounded by three little boys about their age.

At this moment, a mocking voice was spit out from the fat man in the middle, "I heard that you are the daughter of the Hyuga family, just look at it with a blank eye?"

"If you don't do it, don't look here."

"Disgusting eyes, you are actually a monster, white-eyed monster."

The little girl has short lavender hair with long ears, pure white eyes, and a cute face like a porcelain doll.

She looked at the three people in front of her with a weak expression.

At this moment, hearing the aggressive tone, a pair of big eyes could not help but clouded with mist.

is her!

Seeing this girl, Kuroyoshi was stunned.

Is this the so-called bullying incident?

Kuroyoshi didn't know what to do for a while.

This is a trigger event related to Naruto's life-long events in the future. If he rushes in, maybe Naruto's wife will be gone.

That's right, the little girl who was bullied was Hinata Hyuga.

Ok!how to say!

When I watched anime in my previous life, I also lusted after I crossed into the anime world and grabbed XX female characters to be my wife.

But after traveling to this real world, there is no such idea.

Kuroyoshi didn't know why.

Probably this is a real world, everyone has the same reason!

When Kurayoshi hesitated, Naruto rushed up loudly, and then received a fat beating.

Although he didn't admit defeat and gave the opponent a few punches, he received more attacks and was ridiculed.

Upon seeing this scene, the corner of Kuroyoshi's mouth twitched.

So why are you asking me to help?

After making complaints, Cangji didn't care about others, and rushed forward.

I saw Baixue flying.

Kuroyoshi turned into an afterimage and inserted among the four fighting.

Several people were stunned, but before they could react, Kuroyoshi hit three punches one after another, and the three guys who bullied Hinata clung their chests back, and then sat down on the ground.

Kuroyoshi looked at them condescendingly, and said calmly, "Is it fun to hit people?"

"No, it's not fun."

Kuroyoshi's indifferent face and eyes frightened the three of them, swallowing involuntarily, and then shook their heads vigorously.

"Then get out, let me see you bullying people later, and I will beat you up every day."

"Mom, someone bullied me!"

Several people ran away crying.

Kuroyoshi: ""

I want to pretend to be forced, so why do I seem to be a bully kid?

"Are you OK!"

Just as Kuroyoshi was tangled in his heart, a small and weak voice sounded behind him.

Kuroyoshi looked back and saw Hinata standing beside Naruto, looking at him with concern.

Seeing Kuroyoshi looking over, he immediately lowered his head shyly.


It's obviously the bad guy I drove away, so why don't you care about me!

Kuroyoshi felt sour.

"I'm fine."

Naruto patted his chest and said that he was okay, but he grinned in pain when he took the shot where he was hit by his fist.

"Is it really okay?" Hinata noticed the change in Naruto's expression and couldn't help but worry even more.

"When you say it's okay, it's okay, but you, if you encounter this kind of thing in the future, you must muster the courage to resist, you know?"

Hinata looked at Naruto who was full of confidence, her pure white eyes gleaming with longing light, and it took him a while to reply in an inaudible voice: "Hmm!"

"Yeah!" Naruto nodded in satisfaction, then turned to look at Kuroyoshi, a pair of elder brothers said: "The matter has been resolved, let's go!"

"Wait a minute."

Kuroyoshi raised his hand to signal to wait, then came to the two of them.

To be precise, it was in front of Hinata.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked curiously.

Hinata took two steps back timidly.

"It's nothing, it's just that there is something dirty on this guy's head, I will help remove it."

He said, regardless of whether Hinata agreed or not, he quickly reached out and pulled two hairs on her head.

After pulling out, Kuroyoshi was not afraid enough, so he reached out and pulled out two more.

"Okay, let's go!"

Kuroyoshi waved to Naruto, and then left, leaving only Hinata, who was so painful that he wanted to cry but didn't dare to cry, and his eyes filled with tears of grievance.