Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 35

Chapter 25 The Diluted Big Cylindrical Crystal

After rescuing Hinata, Naruto wanted to find Kuroyoshi to play with.

But Kuroyoshi refused.

He still needs to practice, and he just got Hinata's hair. He really wants to know what kind of props this white-eyed princess can create.

Naruto actually thought about practicing with Kuroyoshi.

But he hadn't practiced much before, and couldn't keep up with the rhythm of Cang Yoshi's practice. He didn't want to slow down the progress of Cang Yoshi's practice, so after practicing together once, he did not ask for another practice together.

Just make up your mind in my heart and redouble my efforts to catch up.

The two separated at the intersection, and Kuroyoshi went straight home.

arrive home.

Kurayoshi closed the door, then sat in the middle of the dojo and took out Hinata's hair.

Ding!Found the special material "diluted big tube wood hair", you can forge special props "scented rice bowl", "diluted big tube wood crystal" and "wanhua mirror"

Wanhua mirror?

Kuroyoshi tilted his head slightly, a big question mark floating on his head.

Four hairs can only forge three props. He is not surprised, because Hinata only has the materials for forging three props, and the extra is useless.

It's just this Wanhua mirror

Isn't it because the kaleidoscope glasses are called Wanhua mirrors?


In doubt, Kuroyoshi agreed to the forging.

In the next second, three items appeared in his hands.

An adult's palm-sized porcelain bowl, red, with various festive colors.

A pure white crystal the size of a thumb.

A pair of ordinary-looking contact lenses.

"Fragrant rice bowl: eating with this rice bowl will make the owner's appetite open and become especially edible."

"Diluted Big Cylindrical wood crystals can be upgraded: it contains diluted Cylindrical blood veins, which will transform the human body after absorption, so that it will have the blood of the Hyuga family and awaken the eyes."

"Wanhua Mirror can be upgraded: These are the glasses of the eyes of the big tube with dilute blood and degraded ability. After wearing it, you can use the ability of white eyes."

"Uh! Are all pupil glasses called Wanhua Jing?"

Seeing the prop information in the retina, Kuroyoshi was a little speechless.

At this time, the system prompt sounded in my mind again.

Ding!It is detected that the host has an Eternal Wanhua Mirror, which can be integrated and upgraded with Wanhua Mirror, whether it is integrated and upgraded

Ding!It is detected that the host has two broken fairy crystals, which can be upgraded by fusion with the diluted big barrel wood crystals, whether to upgrade

Kuroyoshi considered it a little, and did not choose to upgrade.

According to the previous fusion effect, the fusion of the broken fairy crystals and the diluted large barrel wood crystals allows one to obtain several versions of the weakened large barrel wood crystals.

As for the two different Wanhua mirrors

It should have the effects of both whitening and writing round eyes!

The white-eyed Wan Huajing was about to integrate and upgrade the reincarnation eye, and the items that needed to be upgraded should be available from Sheren.

As for the crystallization of the weakened version of Datongmu

He was very resistant to the image of himself becoming a white belt cuticle, so he was not going to walk into the route of the big tube wood.

If it is used by people around you in the future, the effect will be too strong.

It is impossible to give to someone who is not very trustworthy.

In short, the things are in your hands. If you want to integrate and upgrade in the future, you can upgrade again at that time. It's better than integrating and upgrading now, and regret it later but can't take it apart.

Throwing three props into the system space, Kurayoshi is ready to continue practicing.

However, just after standing up, a cold wind blew on his face, and then quickly fell, making people feel like they had an illusion.

However, glancing at the puffy snow in the room and the reflection on the ground behind him, Kurayoshi could confirm that this was not an illusion.

He slowly turned around and looked at the figure standing under the wall, wearing a civet mask, wrapped in a black cloak.

Although he couldn't see the face, the familiar breath made him recognize the identity of the person who came.

Uchiha Itachi.

"Tsk, I thought you wouldn't show up anymore!" Kuroyoshi couldn't help teasing.

In the past two months, he has been paying attention to the people around him. With the Book of All-Knowing, no one can hide his whereabouts and watch him.

In these two months, Uchiha Itachi often appeared around him.

Although he used the transformation technique and was in a very concealed position, his every move did not escape Kuroyoshi's eyes.

It's just that Uchiha Itachi didn't come out, and Kuroyoshi didn't look for him either.

Anyway, I am not in a hurry, it is him who is anxious.

The conflict between Uchiha and the village intensified, and the time was about to break out.

Although a few sane people in Sandaime and Uchiha wanted a peaceful solution and tried hard for it.

But the relationship between the interests of a clan and a village, even if the leaders of both sides are willing to give in to each other, the clan members or village ninjas whose interests have been harmed are not willing to regress.

The matter has fallen into a dead end, and no one can stop the outbreak of armed conflict between the two sides.

Danzo told him about the consequences of different choices and prepared him to make a choice between Uchiha and the village.

For these, Uchiha Itachi is very clear.

But all he can do is procrastinate and delay the day of the conflict as much as possible in order to find a peaceful solution.

Itachi has been thinking hard, but still can't find a peaceful solution to the dead relationship between the family and the village.