Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 36

Seeing that the atmosphere in the family and the village became more and more tense, Uchiha Itachi could not sit still.

None of the methods he could think of worked.

The only hope he could see was Kuroyoshi.

Although he is not sure whether Kuroyoshi really has a peaceful solution, he is desperate to choose a dead horse as a living horse doctor.

Hearing Kuroyoshi's ridicule, Uchiha Itachi was silent for a while before asking, "Why are you sure I will come?"

"Didn't you tell me last time, will you come to me in the future?" Kurayoshi said naturally.

"No." Itachi Uchiha shook his head lightly, "A suspicious person who rushed into your house and tried to probe, what this kind of guy said, after such a long time, most people will think it is a lie!"

After speaking, the eyebrows under Uchiha Itachi's mask were twisted together.

Conversely speaking in his words, the other party will have that kind of reaction, which shows that the other party knows himself well.

Whether it's your own character or what happened around you, you wouldn't be so sure that you would find it.

But where is it exposed?

Itachi was puzzled.

He can confirm that "Kurayoshi and Uchiha Itachi have never met", and he can also guarantee that he did not show any flaws in his actions.

Moreover, as an Anbu, his identity is kept secret.

Even if there is a flaw in something that he doesn't know, causing the other party to see his face, it is impossible for him to recognize his identity.

Is it an existence as unreasonable as the Nine-tailed Chakra and Shao Lunyan?

Thinking of this, the corner of Itachi's mouth rose slightly, and a smile was drawn.

Although it would be very passive to be grasped by the other party, Itachi was still very happy.

Because the more the other party behaves beyond common sense, the more likely it is to resolve this dispute that common sense cannot resolve.

As for the others, you can think of ways.

Chapter 26 Uchiha Itachi's Choice

"No one told you that being too smart is annoying?" Kuroyoshi raised an eyebrow, a little unhappy.

In one sentence, the other party has important information.

This feeling of being in control of everything at any time is very uncomfortable.

Such rhetoric

It seems that he really knows me well.

Uchiha Itachi pondered slightly and shook his head: "It's not that I am smart, but that you are too immature. After you have received a systematic ninja education and experienced a ninja career, this will not be the case."

In this regard, Kuroyoshi is uncomfortable.

He who has watched anime knows that even among the experienced ninjas, Uchiha Itachi has the top mind.

To say this is nothing more than a language art that eases my unhappy heart.

After all, this guy is asking for himself.

"Hehe, there is no need for extra temptation. You will come to me. It must have been a deliberate decision!"


With that, Uchiha Itachi took off the mask on his face and revealed his true expression.

The long black hair is tied behind the head, the eyelashes on the upper and lower corners of the eyes are very long, the facial features are very delicate, and there are deep tear grooves.

A pair of dark eyes stared at Kurayoshi quietly.

"My name is Uchiha Itachi, and I belong to the Anbu of Naruto-sama. Judging from your tone of voice, you should know everything about me and why I came to you!" Uchiha Itachi said calmly.

"Ah, I know it all."

Kuroyoshi admitted it generously.

He sat down cross-legged and patted the position in front of him, motioning to sit down and talk.

Uchiha Itachi hesitated for a moment, and slowly came to Kuroyoshi and sat down cross-legged.

"Your current identity is very sensitive. It is so close to the Hokage Building. If someone finds out that you come into contact with me, it will cause me a lot of trouble, so stop talking nonsense and get to the subject!" .

Uchiha Itachi nodded slightly, "If that's the case, then I'll say it straightforwardly."

"Say it!"

"Can you help me?"


"Can you help me?"


"What do I need to pay?"

Kuroyoshi smiled slightly, "It depends on what kind of help you choose."

Itachi was taken aback, and then he recovered his calm, but his expression became calm, and the tone that became rush also betrayed his emotions at this time.

"You have many solutions?"

"It's not a lot, there are only two."

With that, Kuraki took out the fairy crystal of Shishui and the wishing crystal ball.

"This is a kaleidoscope that allows you to stop water, and this is a prop that can satisfy any wish. Both of these can help you peacefully resolve the conflict between Uchiha and the village."

Uchiha Itachi did not speak, but his dark eyes turned into a kaleidoscope.

Kuroyoshi didn't move, sitting quietly on the tatami, looking at him with a smile.

Uchiha Itachi glanced at him, and then his gaze fell on the fairy crystal and wishing crystal ball.

Through the pupil power of the kaleidoscope, he saw the color of Chakra that belonged to Shishui on the fairy crystal, and saw the bottomless whirlpool on the wishing crystal ball.

The vortex has a great gravitational force, and Uchiha Itachi just took one more look and felt like his heart was about to be swallowed.