Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 37

He quickly closed his gaze, his eyes turned back to black, and then looked at Kuroyoshi.

"The ninja itself is an existence beyond common sense, but your two things are beyond common sense even in a world beyond common sense, you"

After hesitating for a moment, Uchiha Itachi continued, "Couldn't you create another nine tails?"

Shishui's eyes were in his and Danzo's hands, and the fairy crystallization given by Kuraki completely created a pair of new eyes.

And it is the kind that has no side effects, and it changes along with the blood of the body.

Since the eyes can be created, it is not impossible to create another nine tails.

Although Itachi was also taken aback by his own thoughts.

But if you think about it carefully, this is very possible.

At first, he only thought that Kuroyoshi got some chakras from Kyuubi through some means, and Shao Lunyan was also transplanted by grabbing.

but now

He doesn't need to plunder, he can create it himself.

Is this his natural ability, an alternative blood succession limit?

Itachi recalled the results of the investigation these months.

Kuroyoshi is a true Konoha whose parents were ninjas who sacrificed for Konoha. He was born and lived with Konoha until now. He has never left Konoha.

He didn't have the opportunity to be in this world, which was beyond common sense. It could only belong to his own natural ability.

Is there a limit to this ability?

If not, then

Uchiha Itachi didn't dare to think about it, but only by looking at the surface, he could know the huge impact of this ability.

"Nowhere, I don't know how to create creatures." Kuroyoshi said very modestly, "I just created something similar to Kyuubi, not comparable to the real Kyuubi."

Uchiha Itachi was silent.

Although he had already guessed, he still didn't know how to describe his feelings.

This kind of power is too strong, it is so powerful that it is just to hear it, and it makes everyone feel terrified.

Just like Shishui's pupil technique "other gods".

Danzo just heard about it and tried to capture it.

If you can't control it, even destruction can't let it exist in the world.

And the other gods were less than one billionth of a billionth of Kurayoshi's ability.

For a moment, Itachi had a killing intent on Kuroyoshi.

But this killing intent was fleeting.

If it exists within the scope of understanding, even things standing at the top have flaws.

But there is no trace of existence beyond common sense.

The idea of ​​wanting to master it, or even destroy it, is ridiculous.

He should be fortunate that people with this ability were born in Konoha, and that people with this ability have not been distorted by dark ideas.

If you want to insure this ability, you can only be sincere.

Itachi sighed deeply, then adjusted his kneeling posture and bowed down to Kuroyoshi.

"Please help me, as long as the interests of the village are not touched, I am willing to give everything, including life and freedom."

"I take back what I said at the beginning, talking to smart people is easy." Kuroyoshi laughed.

From the very beginning, he directly threw out the immortal crystal of Zhishui and the wishing crystal ball, and even revealed the existence of the Nine Lama Ring, just to show his strength.

He believed that with Itachi's wisdom, he would be able to see through the surface the impact behind things.

Then, with a strong self-sacrifice, it is not difficult to guess what decision he will make.

"I can probably guess your real intention for doing this, but it doesn't matter. Anyway, I am not interested in power wars or anything. I believe we will get along very happily in the future."

Itachi did not respond, but just sat up and looked at Kuroyoshi calmly.

Kuroyoshi smiled, did not say anything, just pushed the wishing crystal ball in front of Itachi, "I recommend you to use this. Although using this thing has great side effects, if you use it, I can probably guess. What will happen."

"side effect?"

Itachi looked at the wishing crystal ball, and then at Kurayoshi, "What are the side effects of using this?"

Chapter 27—The Root of Disaster is Arrogance

"Whatever you want, you have to give something. There is never a good thing for nothing in this world." Looking at Itachi, Kuroyoshi said indifferently: "This crystal ball can help others achieve what they want, but as a price, The wisher will lose what is more important to him. The greater the wish he makes, the more impractical and the more important he loses."

"That's it." Itachi fell into deep thought. After a moment, he asked, "What if the wisher doesn't have anything equivalent to the wish?"

"The wish will not come true."

Yes, there are limits to the wishing crystal ball.

In the past two months, Kuroyoshi conducted several death experiments, and finally found out the characteristics of the wishing crystal ball.

First of all, the way of wishing the ball is based on the possibility of success. If this is not possible, it will not be possible.

For example, you make a wish to get a gold brick.

Then the Wishing Ball will use various methods to get you a piece of gold, instead of turning a piece of gold out of thin air.

For another example, if you wish to get the power to blast the universe with a punch, that cannot be achieved anyway.

Because this world does not have such a powerful force.

Secondly, there is a price to make a wish.

The cost is not limited to items, but may also be conceptual things such as lifespan, soul, and luck.

The greater the wish you make, the more you give, and they are the most important to the wisher.

Kuroyoshi once made a wish for three minutes of good luck, but in the end three minutes later, due to blessings, he suffered blood mold for eight lifetimes.

At that time, he was fortunate that he was wishing good luck for three minutes, not good luck for a lifetime. If he wished good luck for a lifetime, he probably wouldn't be there anymore.