Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 38

Based on the rules derived from several experiments, combined with the situation between Uchiha and the village and the personality of Uchiha Itachi, Kuroyoshi can probably figure out what will happen after Itachi makes a wish.


And it is the war that put Konoha facing a huge crisis.

Only in the face of huge external pressure, Konoha dared not to civil strife, and only the war that put Konoha facing a crisis, can the Danzo disappear at this time.

Only when facing a foreign enemy, the two sides of the village will let go of their immediate interests and share the same hatred.

And Itachi himself is a person who yearns for peace.

In his eyes, peace is even more important than the village, and it is the only existence of Sasuke.

The arrival of the war itself was the greatest price paid for his wishes.

But Kuroyoshi thinks this is the most cost-effective choice.

Using the crystal ball to make a wish, itachi will be condemned by conscience, but nothing else will be lost.

Although it is very unkind to bring war, it will make many people die.

But people are not for themselves, and the earth will die.

The life and death of people you don’t know is a bargain for the peace of those around you.

Kuroyoshi told Itachi what he knew, hoping that he could choose to use the wishing crystal ball.

But after Uchiha was silent for a while, he chose the fairy crystal of Shisui.

"Why?" Kuroyoshi was puzzled.

Obviously, as long as you want to make a wish, the crystal ball can end this civil strife without losing anything. It is only condemnation of conscience.

But why choose the fairy crystal of Zhishui?

"War is not such a casual thing." Uchiha Itachi gently shook his head and said: "And, according to your statement, if I really make a wish, then maybe many people in the family and the village will die in this war, if it is so. Isn’t everything meaningless?”

Kuroyoshi was taken aback, and then after thinking about it for a while, he realized that it was really possible.

No, it is very likely.

After all, for Itachi, although he yearns for peace, there is still a more important Sasuke.

If he does make a wish, Sasuke is very likely to die.

"It's not just this problem." Itachi continued: "Even if we temporarily reconcile due to external pressure, but the root of the contradiction is not resolved, after the external pressure is gone, more conflicts will only erupt."

"It's true that I was not thoughtful." Kurayoshi nodded slightly: "However, even if you have a kaleidoscope of water stop, it is difficult for you to solve this problem perfectly."

Other gods seem to be very buggy invincible skills, but it is difficult to actually operate them.

Because Danzo had already acquired one of Shishui's eyes, Konoha also knew about the existence of other gods, and knew that Shisui's eye was falling outside.

They must have done a good job of preventing other gods from falling into the hands of people with ulterior motives.

Especially during the sensitive period between Uchiha and the village, when high-level meetings, people from the Hyuga family must follow to prevent someone from brainwashing them with other gods.

Moreover, when the visual illusion encounters a high-level visual illusion, the effect will be weakened, or even completely invalid.

Danzo also got a Shishui eye, and it is difficult to say whether it will be effective for him to use other gods.

And if you can't use other gods to Konoha's high-level collectives, then you can only use them collectively to family members.

In this way, Uchiha will inevitably make a huge profit concession to get a real reconciliation.


Even if Uchiha made a concession, the village leaders were willing to settle.

But what about Danzo?

This very suspicious guy will eradicate a possible bane.

Would he believe that Uchiha really wanted to reconcile it?

Will he do all kinds of detrimental behaviors to Uchiha after Uchiha backs down?

These Kuroyoshi can think of, and Uchiha Itachi can naturally think of it.

But he didn't care.

"Someone has to make concessions." Itachi gently shook his head and said, "Over the years, the village's suspicion of the family has made everyone gradually lose patience with the village, but why did it become like this?"

"It should be a historical cause. After all, Uchiha and Senju were enemies. I don't know how many battles they have gone through. They have deep hatred and hatred for each other. It is normal to distrust!"

"Maybe there are reasons for this, but it is more of Uchiha's own problems."

Itachi stood up, came slowly to the door, and opened the door.

The wind and snow blew in suddenly, making people feel uncomfortable.

"The security team is a very important and highly powerful organization in the village. The village is given the responsibility of the security team by the village, which is the village's attempt to trust the family."

"Because all the forces of the garrison are on the spot, every move is well monitored, but it also gives the family a lot of power."

"If the development continues as normal, the gap between the family and the village will become smaller and smaller, and then truly trust each other."

"However, although the family did their best to perform their duties, they did not gain the trust of the village. Instead, they were increasingly jealous of the village."

"The reason for this is that most of the ninjas and villagers in the village are hostile or repelling Uchiha."

"Many people in the family believe that the duty of the security team is too easy to offend people, but the security team that maintains law and order and protects the safety of villagers is also the most respected and loved profession."

"Why did the family only get hostility and rejection, but not the corresponding respect and love?"

"Because they are too arrogant."

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Kuroyoshi chewed the word carefully, and his thoughts drifted away.

As the Konoha Security Team, the Uchiha clan is dedicated to their responsibilities, and Kurayoshi often sees Uchiha patrolling the streets.

As a big family, Uchiha's upbringing is very good, and he is polite.

But somehow, talking with people of this tribe, even if they receive help from the other party, it is difficult to have a good impression of them.