Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 40

"This is no problem, it can be done in a week, what about the second thing?"

"Teach me ninjutsu."


Itachi's expression was obviously stunned. Although he quickly recovered his indifferent expression, he was still caught by Kuroyoshi.

"What's so weird?" Kuroyoshi said with a flat mouth: "I'm only five years old now, and I haven't gone to a ninja school, and I don't have a family heritage ninjutsu, let alone a master. Is there anything wrong with finding someone to learn ninjutsu?"

"No, nothing is wrong." Itachi said, "but I don't recommend you to learn ninjutsu now."


"I have been investigating you for the past two months, so I know your progress in practice. My suggestion is to master the ninjutsu first and practice ninjutsu."

"But no matter how proficient the ninjutsu is, there is no ninjutsu!"

"In terms of power alone, ninjutsu is indeed more powerful."

"That's not enough."

"But ninjas do not need to consume chakras and can handle most tasks. In most cases, ninjas are better than ninjutsu."

"I Chakrado, I am not afraid of waste."

Itachi: ""

Itachi fell silent.

Somehow, he had the urge to beat the opponent.

But considering the status of both parties, itachi suppressed this impulse very well.

"Even so, I don't recommend that you learn ninjutsu now. It is difficult to explain the specifics to you at once. I will make a long-term practice plan for you after I go back. You can follow this plan."

Chapter 29 Itachi's Practice Suggestions


The ninja’s missions are all sorts of strange, and the situations they face are also diverse, so there are a lot of things to learn, not simply increasing combat power.

Geography, reconnaissance, counter reconnaissance, traps, psychology

Even if you are not proficient, you have to be involved.

Otherwise, in many cases there will be situations where there is nowhere to use all the force, which will not only cause the mission to fail, but also be more likely to be killed by enemies weaker than oneself.

Because the battle of a ninja is never simply a battle.

Of course, if you have the strength to crush, you can naturally ignore these.

But even Uchiha Madara, with the final strength comparable to that of the Six Dao Immortals, was also overshadowed by Heijue.

Therefore, Kuroyoshi never dreamed of being crushed all the way by relying on the unparalleled combat power of the world.

"Hmm!" Itachi nodded, "Is there anything else? If not, I will leave."

"Aren't you taking fairy crystals here?" Kurayoshi asked.

Itachi smiled and did not answer.

However, his face split from the middle and continued to spread outward, like broken glass.


The world is broken.

Kurayoshi looked at the closed door, and then at the scroll under his feet thoughtfully.

"Monthly reading?"

Pulling people into the illusion space constructed by the spirit, no matter how long it has passed inside, there is only a moment outside.

This technique is used to discuss some secrets and will never be discovered by outsiders.


When was it used?

Kuroyoshi recalled carefully, the scene from Itachi's appearance to its disappearance constantly flipped, and finally freezes on the scene of Itachi opening the kaleidoscope and glancing at himself.

"That guy completely pre-read my thoughts." Kuroyoshi clenched his fists.

Kuroyoshi knows everything about Itachi, so he knows that he is asking for himself, and he will never shoot himself.

Itachi saw this, and took advantage of the blind area of ​​thinking to accidentally pull Cangji into the monthly reading space.

Although it did not hurt him, Uchiha Itachi didn't mind if the development of the future went beyond expectations.

If it were to fight, even if Kuroyoshi had a kaleidoscope, he would suffer a big loss if he lost his first hand.

At this time, Kurayoshi deeply realized his shortcomings.

Although the chakra blessing of the Nine Lama Rings makes the speed and power comparable to forbearance, Wanhua Jing can make up for the lack of nerve response.

But the combat experience, combat awareness, and crisis awareness are all too bad.

The battle of ninjas is never just a competition of combat power.

"There is still a long way to go!"

With a long sigh, Kuroyoshi picked up the scroll under his feet and opened it.

It was left by Uchiha Itachi.

The content inside is some suggestions for his practice.

Probably it is to let him choose the same practice every day, don't be greedy to do both at the same time.

Although his training volume in half a day is comparable to that of an average person in a day or even two days.

But having two different types of training every day can be distracting and cause half the effort.

Moreover, his current physical fitness has almost reached the limit of this age group. It is difficult to continue physical training, not to mention, it is easy to increase muscles and cause body rigidity.

Itachi's original words: If you are not going to specialize in physical skills in the future, physical exercise should be adequate, and you should master more ninja knowledge and skills.

It is recommended that you concentrate on practicing the mastery of ninjas, practice all kinds of ninjas until which makes perfect, and then conduct targeted learning according to your own needs.