Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 41

"In that case, let's practice shuriken and swordsmanship first!"

Kuroyoshi agreed with Itachi's suggestion.

During this period of exercise, the training volume and day have increased, but the improvement in quality has become smaller and smaller, almost to the point of imperceptibility.

Even without Itachi's suggestion, he is ready to practice various ninjas to the level of proficiency.

Close the scroll, Kurayoshi got up and came to the wall, took the samurai sword from the knife stand, and started to swing and practice with one knife.

Ninja's swordsmanship does not have so many complicated and mysterious moves, only the most basic postures of holding and ejecting the sword.

Ninjas need to be proficient in the basics of kendo, and then sum up experience and skills in the process of fighting the enemy, and carry out the most simple and unpretentious fight.

Therefore, basic skills are the most important.

"1, 2, 1, 2"

Kuroyoshi chanted slogans while practicing swinging his sword, his clothes gradually wetted with sweat.

the other side.

After Uchiha Itachi left Kurayoshi's residence, he found a hidden forest to hide his cloak and mask, and then returned to the bustling street and walked towards Uchiha's residence.

On the way, he was thinking.

How to use other gods to perfectly resolve the conflict between the family and the village.

When Zhishui entrusted his kaleidoscope to him and told him the other gods' pupil technique, Itachi thought of using other gods to resolve this dispute more than once.

Because of one eye, he can only perform on a single target, so he has never thought of a feasible plan.

But now, this crystal can give him a kaleidoscope of stopping water.

When Kurayoshi told him the news, he immediately thought of the corresponding plan.

But it's just a rough plan, and some details need to be gradually improved.

"Brother, you are back!"

A crisp voice awakened Itachi.

He stopped, looked up, and saw that his younger brother, who was wearing a black stand-up collar long-sleeved shirt and black shorts, had exquisite features, black hair and black eyes, was jumping over with joy.

It turned out that he had already returned to Uchiha's mansion without knowing it.

Seeing Sasuke, Itachi stretched out his eyebrows, subconsciously reached out his hand to catch Sasuke, and said, "It's so cold, why do you wear so little?"

"I've been training, so it's not cold at all." Sasuke clenched his fist and looked at Itachi with expectation, "Brother, guide me in my practice, I will definitely become a ninja as powerful as you!"

Itachi smiled lightly, stretched out his hand and rubbed his head, and said, "Brother still has things to do, so let's accompany you to practice when you are done!"

"No, that's what you said last time." Sasuke glared at Itachi with a puffed face.

Looking at his cute brother, Itachi really didn't know how to refuse.

However, he thought of the conflict between the family and the village, the death of Shishui, and the fairy crystallization given to him by Kuraki.

Chongni's eyes suddenly became firm.

"Sorry, Sasuke, next time."

Reaching out, he flicked Sasuke's forehead lightly.

Sasuke let out a painful "Ouch", clutched his forehead, and looked at his brother aggrievedly with tears in his eyes.

The warm and kind smile melted his heart.


Sasuke nodded and jumped off Itachi obediently, "Then I will go to practice first, I will definitely not insult Uchiha's reputation."

After speaking, he turned and ran to the training ground in the backyard.

Seeing his younger brother's carefree back, Uchiha Itachi's smile gradually solidified, his loose hand clenched tightly.

"I must protect everything."

Chapter 30 Uchiha Itachi's Eternal Kaleidoscope

On the way, Itachi also encountered other people.

But no one gave him a good face, and what was better was just nodding at him as a greeting.

Since Uchiha Shisui's death, he has been subject to suspicion by his tribe.

Many people think that he killed Shishui.

In order to obtain the taboo pupil technique, he personally killed his best friend.

Uchiha Itachi saw everyone's attitude in his eyes, but he had no thoughts in his heart.

I just think they are pitiful.

Because the family's situation in the village is similar to his family's situation, all for the collective dedication, but the result is everywhere suspicion and suppression.

Everyone is the same poor creature, no one is noble, no one is in a better position than anyone, there is nothing to be angry about.

arrive home.

Itachi heard the sound of being busy in the kitchen, and he could see his mother through the paper door.

"Is Sasuke back?"

Mother Uchiha Mikoto's gentle voice came from the kitchen.

"No, I'm back." Itachi said lightly.

"It's Itachi!"

The kitchen door was suddenly opened, and Uchiha Mikoto held the spatula, and a cheerful figure came into view.

"Anbu's task is very hard, right? Come in and have a rest, I will make quilt tea for you.

Seeing her mother who was so happy to go home because she went home, Itachi moved in her heart.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say no, but in the end he said nothing.

He took off his shoes and knelt down at the low table in the center of the living room.