Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 42

Mikoto came over with the brewed teapot and cup and filled it for him.

"Drink and warm yourself up."


Itachi nodded and took a sip from the teacup.

Not very fragrant, not as good as the father who is good at tea ceremony, but very warm, filling his heart.

Gently putting the tea cup down, Itachi looked at his mother who had never diminished her smile, and asked softly, "Where is my father?"

"He is patrolling and will be back in a while."

"That's it!"

Itachi breathed a deep sigh of relief, then stood up, "Mother, I'm a little tired, so let's go back to the room and rest for a while. My father called me when he came back."

"You hurry up and rest. Mom will make you some delicious food."


Saying goodbye to his mother, Itachi went back to his room.

Lock the door, and then observe the situation inside the house with a writing wheel. After no suspicious things were found, the immortal crystal of Shishui was taken out and taken down.

The entrance of the crystal was melted, and the energy stream turned into scarlet flowed up and down the whole body along the blood, washing every cell in his body.

Itachi felt a lot of pain, all over his body, especially his head, which was especially serious. The writing wheel eyes became a kaleidoscope shape uncontrollably.

Uchiha was born with a chakra that far surpasses others. Although he can't compare with Thousand Hands and Whirlpool, he is much better than other families.

The immortal crystal of Zhishui is strengthening the blood of the ferret, and his chakra and kaleidoscope pupil power are constantly increasing.

Gradually, the ferret's kaleidoscope began to spin faster and faster.


Itachi couldn't help groaning in pain, two lines of blood and tears streaming from his eyes.

I don't know how long it took, and the pain faded away, and the kaleidoscope stopped spinning.

It's just that the original three-edged dart-shaped kaleidoscope like a windmill has become a hexagonal diamond-like pattern.

Eternal kaleidoscope.

Itachi felt the pupil power in his eyes.

Very powerful, as if omnipotent.

Most importantly, his body seems to have grown stronger.

The whole body is full of power, and it is no longer like before, as if it has been pressed by an invisible heavy object. Using the pupil technique once will cause a great burden on the body.

Now, although it has not been tested.

But Itachi can feel that using the kaleidoscope pupil technique in the future will cause stress to the body, but it will definitely not damage the body as before.

"It works. With these eyes, you will have greater confidence in solving this matter."

Itachi clenched his fists and felt the power brought by the changes in his body.

It makes people obsessed.

He originally thought that Crystal would replace his eyes with a kaleidoscope of water-stopping, but he did not expect to combine the pupil power of the two to make his eyes go further on the basis of a kaleidoscope.

"Itachi, your father is back, come out for dinner!"


Responding to the sound, Uchiha Itachi loosened his fist and his expression returned to its usual plainness.

It is getting late, but the snow is getting bigger and bigger.

Even if the door was closed, Kurayoshi could hear the roar of Fengxue.

He stopped swinging the knife, took a few breaths, and put it back in the sheath.

Then he came to the door and opened the paper door.

The wind and snow blew in all of a sudden, hitting the sweaty sturdy body, making Kuroyoshi feel a little cool.

He closed his eyes and comfortably enjoyed the coolness after sweating.

Until the body shivered, he closed the door again.

"This horrible weather is really unhappy."

After two complaints, Kuroyoshi used a towel to dry his body, and then went to the kitchen to make dinner.

He used to buy a lot of beef to store in the refrigerator, and now he is going to make a tomahawk steak.

To live alone, one must live a delicate and interesting life.

It was night, Kuroyoshi finished the meal alone, and then went to sleep.

The next day, early morning.

Kuroyoshi woke up on time.

He glanced at the alarm clock, which was exactly six o'clock.

He got dressed, went to the desk and opened the window.

A plum blossom sticks out its head, bringing a fresh fragrance.

The wind and snow had stopped, and the outside world was covered in silver, very quiet and beautiful.

This world is so beautiful!

Kuroyoshi sighed in his heart, then stretched out and went to wash.

Yesterday there was so much snow that he had to clean the snow in the yard. Otherwise, the life of the yard would be greatly shortened if the snow melted and turned into ice.

Soon after washing up, Kuroyoshi took a big broom to sweep the snow in the yard.

About two hours, when the sky cleared, the snow on the yard and roof was just swept away.

He was about to go to the kitchen to make breakfast, but found a scroll at the entrance of the dojo.