Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 43

Kurayoshi picked up the scroll and looked at it, then opened it. It contained the training plan that Itachi made for him.

"It's done so soon?"

Kuroyoshi had some doubts that Itachi was doing things perfunctory.

However, considering the person of the other party, it is unlikely to do so.

After looking at it roughly, the initial training content remains the same, but I still practice ninja mastery.

Itachi asked him to practice more basics now. After attending the ninja school to participate in the duel training course, he can quickly summarize a set of fighting skills that suits him.

At that time, his combat power will reach the level of Zhongren.

If he learns as much as possible other knowledge of the ninja on this basis and increases his ability to deal with more situations, he can be called an elite in Zhongnin.

After reaching this point, you can start to concentrate on practicing ninjutsu and move up to the level of ninjutsu.

Of course, this only refers to combat power.

To truly become Zhongren and Shangren, you need to perform tasks to increase your personal experience.

Chapter Thirty-One

Time passed, and time came to December 31.

The weather is getting colder, but people's faces are full of joy.

This is the last day of the year, and the residents on the street have begun to put on lights and festoons to prepare for tomorrow's New Year's Eve.

In the past ten days, Kuroyoshi has not neglected at all, and has been immersed in practice.

Because of his concentration on cultivating the ninja and the heavy snowfall in the recent past, he did not go to the practice ground outside to practice, but stayed in the dojo in his yard.

As Itachi's suggestion said, concentrating on the same thing to practice, the speed of progress is much faster than in the past with distracted practice.

Coupled with the amount of training far surpassed by ordinary people, Kuroyoshi has now mastered the basic moves of sword and kunai. As long as the follow-up exercises with others and the summary of combat experience, he can plunge into the real fight.

As for the shuriken

I don't know if it is due to the recent heavy snowfall or lack of talent. There has been no progress.

At a distance of five meters, the probability of hitting the target is about 50%, which is pure luck.

If you want to hit the center of the target, you don't necessarily have one hit after a hundred exercises.

This kind of training progress made Kuroyoshi want to give up several times.

But he changed his mind, if even the Shuriken couldn't guarantee the hit rate, wouldn't the future ninjutsu be even more uncertain?

Do you only learn aoe range ninjutsu in the future?

But as we all know, there is another title for large-scale ninjutsu, called "Miscellaneous Soldiers Clearance".

It means that there is no use for eggs except for cleaning up miscellaneous soldiers.

Of course, Kuroyoshi also knows that this is only the result of the limitations of anime.

And this is a real world.

There shouldn't be situations such as undead fireball or squeeze bullets.

But because of inaccurate aim, I gave up many single ninjutsu for this reason

But it's so funny!

Therefore, despite the slow progress, Kurayoshi never gave up the practice of shuriken.

During this period, apart from purchasing food and daily necessities, he basically did not go out and turned a deaf ear to things outside.

Only Naruto would come to him occasionally and tell him some gossip about the village.

However, nothing major happened.

Today, it is Yaoyang, and all the snow melts.

Kuroyoshi did not train, but went out to purchase new year goods.

He invited Naruto to eat together tomorrow, and then join the fireworks show in the evening.

It was night, and the full moon was high.

Kuroyoshi sat on a stone bench in the courtyard with a plate of snacks and drinks to enjoy the moon.

He is not just an iron man who only knows how to practice. He will stop practicing after six o'clock in the afternoon and find something leisurely to relax.

Sometimes, sometimes reading comics, sometimes going for a walk

However, maybe it was because Itachi unknowingly pulled him into the monthly reading, let him realize the reason of his deficiency!

I have been practicing more frequently recently, and I haven't relaxed much.

If this year's close is approaching, he will also take the opportunity to take a good rest.

He knocked the seeds while admiring the moon.

Looking at the moon which is obviously a circle larger than the previous life, I can’t help but have a whim.

This moon was made by the earth-burst stars of the Six Dao Immortals. If this moon is used as the material, will something related to the Six Dao Immortals be forged?

But on second thoughts, Liu Dao Xianren had nothing to do with his previous life, and the immortal eyes and human bodies on his body could also be obtained from both Sasuke and Naruto.

There is no need to make a special trip to the moon.

However, in the future, forging the reincarnated eye, I must go to the moon, and then I will dig a shovel and come back.

Thinking of this, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but smile.

When did I not even care about things at the sixth level?

Whether it is the reincarnation eye or the fairy body, this is something that all careerists in the world dream of.

Suddenly, a dark shadow flashed in the moonlight.

The speed is extremely fast, fleeting, like an illusion.

The sharp light in Kurajoshi's eyes flashed away, and the scarlet writing wheel eyes slowly rotated, and then returned to black.

He picked up the teapot, filled the other empty cup, placed it on the opposite side of the stone table, and asked faintly: "I just came at this time. Is there any accident?"