Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 44

"Hmm! I was sent to the village to perform a mission."

An indifferent voice sounded behind him, and Uchiha Itachi, who was wrapped in a cloak, walked out from behind Kurayoshi.

Kuroyoshi didn't speak, but just reached out and pointed at the empty seat in front.

Uchiha Itachi gently shook his head, "The longer you stay, the greater the chance of being discovered. When you fall, you will be in big trouble. I will leave after I explain the matter."

Kuroyoshi nodded and said, "Let's talk!"

"This is part of the body tissue of everyone in the Uchiha clan, with blood and hair." Itachi took out a scroll from his wide sleeves and put it on the table.

Kurayoshi picked up the scroll and looked left and right, then put it in his pocket, and then looked at Itachi again, "Is there anything else?"

"I am going to implement the plan tomorrow."

As he said, Itachi continued to take out four scrolls from his sleeves, "Considering the possibility of failure, I recorded some of the ninjutsu I am good at in these scrolls."


Cangji pursed his mouth, put his left hand on the stone table and tapped it. After a while, he asked: "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Itachi shook his head slightly, "If I fail, please take care of my brother in secret."

"Will you be implicated in the family if you fail?" Kuroyoshi was a little bit disgusted.

"Regardless of failure or success, the conflict between the family and the village will be resolved. The difference is that they will face a different situation in the village later."

"What kind of plan have you prepared?"

"You'll know it then."

After saying this, Itachi's body turned into a crow and flew away with the help of the darkness covered by the rock wall.

A thick cloud floated in the sky, covering the full moon.

The earth plunged into darkness all at once.

Cangji looked at the direction of the crow's disappearance and remained silent. For a long time, he sighed deeply, "The sky is going to change."

The sky has indeed changed.

It was a day when it was either windy or snowy, and it was rare to usher in sunny days continuously.

The sun rises early, and the sun shines on the earth, bringing a touch of warmth to this cold winter.

Kuroyoshi gets up early, puts on a new blue kimono, and then goes to the bathroom to wash and tidy up.

After a while, a boy with black hair, dark eyes, fair skin and delicate features came out.

Kuroyoshi opened the courtyard door and smiled at the morning sun.

In the distance, Naruto, also wearing a blue kimono and dragging a long scarf, ran from the trail yelling.

"New year and new weather, I hope I can have good luck asylum this year!"

Uchiha Mansion.

Uchiha Itachi took Sasuke's hand and took to the streets happily.

Autumn Road, Yamanaka, Nara, Inuzuka, Yume, Hyuga, and even ordinary ninjas or villagers

Every household, accompanied by relatives, rushed to the streets.

On the street, people came and went, and all smiles were happy.

Naruto Building.

Sarutobi Rizen stood on the roof overlooking the sky, his wrinkles stretched out over the years, and he was filled with a bright smile.

Dark underground.

The blindfolded and ridden old man sat alone in the dark office.

Hearing the faint excitement on the street, he opened his exposed one eye.

The gloomy and sharp light flickered, I don't know what I was planning.

Chapter 32 Naruto's Heart

Konoha January 1, 54.

This day is the New Year's Eve of Naruto World, which is equivalent to the Spring Festival of the Chinese New Year's Eve in the previous life of Kurayoshi.

There was a torrent of people in the alleys of Konoha Street, and various shops and vendors put on lights and colorful flags. I saw colorful flags fluttering, and various slogans and banners were blowing in the wind.

The blue sky, the breeze passed, and the colorful balloons danced in the wind.

People are wearing new clothes and playing in the streets with festive smiles.

Naruto happily shuttled through the crowd, looking east and west from time to time, playing around with the goods in the nearby stalls, then put them down and headed to the next one.

Kuroyoshi followed behind him unhurriedly, with a smile on his face.

In this festive atmosphere, unless someone has ulterior motives, it is difficult not to be affected.

"Kurayoshi, look at it, this mask is really good!" Naruto stopped in a mask shop, looking up and down with a fox mask in his hand.

Kuroyoshi walked slowly, took a look, and nodded approvingly, "This mask is indeed well drawn, very vivid."

"Yeah, not bad, I want this one." Naruto looked complacent and asked the boss for the price with a mask.

The boss was looking up at the counter when he heard Naruto ask for the price and looked up.

The smiling face stiffened the moment he saw Naruto, and then turned into anger.

He put down the pen, rushed over, snatched the mask from Naruto, and yelled at him: "Who let you touch my mask."

Naruto was slightly startled.

He looked at the boss, the eyes of the boss, the unabashed disgust and hatred made him clenched his fists.

The boss's roar attracted the onlookers of passers-by.

Everyone looked at him with the same eyes, even swearing.

"Why did this demon fox kid run out?"

"The three generations of Hokage-sama are also true, even if they are usually, let him run around except at night."