Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 45

"Go away, you killed the four-generation monster fox!"


Naruto lowered his head and dared not look at the people around him. His body trembled slightly, his knuckles turned white with clenched fists.

However, even though I didn't look at it, the eyes of disgust and hatred continued to appear in my mind, and the language of disgust and hatred continued to echo in my ears.

Why do you treat me this way?

What am I doing wrong?

Naruto felt that a volcano was awakening in his heart, and when the volcano was about to erupt, he put a palm on his shoulder.

Grievance, unwillingness, and anger disappeared suddenly.

Naruto woke up suddenly.

He followed the hand on his shoulder and looked back, Kurayoshi gently shook his head at him with a calm expression.

"Kurayoshi?" Naruto looked at him puzzled.

"Since you have chosen this path to prove yourself to everyone, don't complain about the hardships on the road. You should have anticipated this path long ago."

Hearing this, Naruto was startled, then his brows stretched, and his smile returned, "Ah, of course."

After finishing speaking, he looked back at the villagers and shouted confidently: "You all listen, I don’t know why you treat me this way, but it’s okay. My name is Naruto Uzumaki. All agree with me."

"What are you kidding? I will never agree with you."

"That's right, you still want to be Naruto, you can't even do an ordinary ninja!"

"Master Naruto will never let you, the demon fox, be a ninja."

"Don't be foolish!"

The villagers scolded loudly, but Naruto didn't take it seriously.

He made a grimace at the people around him, then slapped his butt and ran away when people's dissatisfaction broke out, and laughed as he ran.

Kuroyoshi touched his nose, he glanced at the boss, and found that his attention was on the escaping Naruto, suddenly he grabbed the fox mask in his hand, then turned and ran.

After that, he threw out a bill and shouted: "This is mask money."

The boss was shaking with anger when he caught the bill.

He crumpled the bill into a ball, then threw it at the escaping Kuroyoshi, "You are also an accomplice of the demon fox, I won't do your business, I don't need this mask."

Kuroyoshi didn't stop, but turned his head to catch the money when the money flew, and smiled kindly at the boss, "Thank you for the mask, the boss is magnificent!"

"I don't want you to thank you, it's just thrown away garbage." The boss roared.

"Haha" Kuroyoshi smiled freely.

This laughter sounded particularly harsh to the boss, his chest rising and falling intensified, and he became even more angry.

After a good Spring Festival, all of a sudden I was upset.

Mountain flower shop.

Ino, wearing a purple kimono, saw Kurayoshi running past the store with a loud laugh, his beautiful eyes lit up.

"Mom, I have something to do, so I won't help you see the store."

After speaking, before my mother responded, he ran out of the counter and chased him out.

Kurayoshi found Naruto in a nearby training ground.

Because of the Spring Festival, this training ground near the downtown area was empty, except for the lonely figure of Naruto sitting on the wooden post for boxing.

Kuroyoshi knew very well that although his own words made Naruto behave indifferently to the attitude of the villagers, this happened to be the way to behave like this because he cared very much.

Naruto felt very uncomfortable.

"Oh!" Kuroyoshi sighed and came to Naruto. "So I asked you to live only for yourself, don't care about other people's opinions!"

"Kurayoshi" Naruto looked at the scorching sun in the sky with erratic eyes, "Perhaps it would be easier to live as you suggested, but I am particularly unwilling."

"Obviously I am not a demon fox, obviously I have not done anything, but I have to endure all kinds of slander and abuse, and I have to accept everyone's rejection and disgust, even hatred."

"If I just stay silent, don't care about their opinions like you said, ignore other people's attitudes towards me, and live only for myself, then don't I have to live on the charge of a demon fox all my life?"

"So I tell you not to care about other people's thoughts!"

"It's impossible. As long as I want to prove myself, I won't care about what others think."

Speaking of this, Naruto smiled.

He jumped off the stake and said to Kuroyoshi, "Kurayoshi, thank you. Without your company, I don't know if I can stick to my ideas."

"No, even if you don't have me, you will definitely stick to your own ideas." Kuroyoshi squatted his mouth and passed the fox mask over, "Take it, for the night fireworks display. Now go buy some fireworks."

Naruto took the mask and asked, "What about you?"

"I have it too."

Kuroyoshi took out the false mask and shook it in front of Naruto.

"Okay, let's go buy fireworks. If we put on a mask, it shouldn't happen just now."


The two left from another direction and headed to another commercial street.

Soon after the two left, Ino, wearing a purple kimono, came panting.

She patted her hurried chest, calmed her breath and looked left and right, her beautiful eyes widened.

It's just that the empty training ground is silent.

The delicate little face showed a disappointed look.

Chapter Thirty-Three: Abnormal Changes under the Noise

The New Year in Naruto World is similar to the neon of the previous life. The activities are basically prepared a few days ago, but on the New Year’s day, they are free.

Everyone rushed to the streets to have fun, old people, adults, children

The streets were full of joy and laughter.