Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 48

After a while, Sarutobi opened his eyes, sat up straight, stared at Itachi with piercing eyes, and asked, "Tell me, why are you doing this? You shouldn't be such a stupid person."

Those who put peace over the family and the village will threaten him with war, which is something that Sarutobi can't understand anyway.

If nothing happened behind this, he wouldn't believe it even if he was killed.

Itachi looked at Yuanfei indifferently, and at the old man he had always respected, there was a trace of fatigue in his muddy pupils.


He said silently in his heart, Itachi said lightly: "Because, you will never let Konoha fall into the flames of war."

Thanks to Kuroyoshi, Itachi changed his mind.

Kuroyoshi gave him the fairy crystal of Shishui, giving him the same opportunity as Shishui to resolve the conflict between his family and the village.

But stop water failed.

While thinking about the plan, Itachi was also thinking about the reasons for the failure of stopping the water to prevent repeating the mistakes.

Why did stop water fail?

Is it because you trust someone you don't trust?

It's not.

The real reason is that Zhishui is just a piece of chess being manipulated, not a chess player who decides to walk.

Itachi and Shisui, who regard the village and peace as more important than anything else, in order to protect the village and peace, will prevent any cause of war.

Sandaime and Danzo knew this about them, so they trusted them so much and asked them two Uchiha to spies for the village and Uchiha.

It is not that they believe that their personal feelings value the village more, but that he believes in his desire and belief in peace.

But belief is not exclusive to anyone.

Whether it is Sandaime or Danzo, they also have their own beliefs.

Since the other party can use my beliefs to control myself, why can't I use the other party's beliefs to achieve my goals?

Itachi changed his thinking mode.

The purpose of the three generations is to protect Konoha, and he will use all means to protect Konoha.

In Sanninli Village, four generations of eyes were killed in battle, and a large number of elite ninjas died in the Kyuubi Rebellion. Their strength is now weaker than ever.

If during the civil war between Uchiha and the village, the enemy ninja initiates a war aggression, then Konoha is likely to perish.

Use this to threaten

If it was the third generation of the primeval age, he might not compromise, but the current third generation is already old, even if his old body can last a few years, he dare not let the village take risks.

Especially the village is now in the middle of nowhere, and needs to recuperate.

If there is a war, no matter whether you win or lose, it will bring huge losses to the village.


"How do you guarantee that I won't settle accounts after Autumn?" Sarutobi asked sharply. "Using threats to force the village to compromise, even if I don't trouble Uchiha in the future, what about the others?

I don't know the others, but Danzo definitely can't stand this tone. When the village recuperates, and has no fear of the enemy's invasion during the civil strife, he will definitely find Uchiha the first time to settle accounts."

"So I also made a second-hand preparation." Itachi looked at Sarutobi directly, his eyes sharpened suddenly, "Tonight, Danzo will definitely die."

Chapter 35 "Spots"

Unlike the bustling market, the area northwest of Konoha is an industrial zone, where tall factories and pipelines are everywhere.

You can still hear noisy machine operation and steam eruption.

But because of the Chinese New Year and the workers' holidays, the place is completely silent.

A man wrapped in a big windbreaker, wearing a tiger-print mask, and stray shoulder-length hair walked in the alley swayingly.

"It's been a long time since Konoha, the way here hasn't changed at all!"

As he walked, he looked around. Under the only eyelet on the mask, a blood-red pupil with three black jade patterns glowed with curiosity and excitement, just like a child.

Suddenly, two dark shadows walked out of the high walls on both sides, holding long knives in their hands, and slashed at this person mercilessly.


The blade pierced through the air and hit the masked man accurately.

But there was no sense of hindrance from the usual slashing objects, the blade penetrated the person's body facing the opposite companion.


Efforts to take back the strength, finally let the blade deflect and chop on the opponent's blade.

But before they could breathe a sigh of relief, the space was distorted, forming a space vortex.

The source of the vortex is the eyes of the man in the tiger skin mask.

Although they fought hard, it was useless, and the two were sucked into the eyes of the space vortex.

No, it is through the eyes as a medium to inhale the alien space.

The masked man pinched his chin and meditated: "The secret whistle of the root, it seems that it is not far from the intelligence portal given by Itachi."

Suddenly, there was a rush of steps on the mudstone floor, and a pitcher plant grew.

Then, the pitcher plants separated, revealing a black and white person.

"Maara, the surrounding situation is ascertained, and the root base is here underground."

"What about the route?" the masked man called "Masaka" asked after hesitating a little.

"There are several routes. Itachi has the most traps and the most guarded one." After the black and white person finished speaking, he immediately said in another voice: "It seems that Itachi does not want to cooperate sincerely. He thought Take advantage of Danzo to kill us."

"Itachi is indeed forced to cooperate with me, but he wants to kill me with the help of Danzo. He is only testing my strength. The premise of cooperation is that I have much stronger strength than him."

"That's it."

"Do you want to keep going?"

"If you were discovered by a secret whistle in advance, with Danzo's little caution, you will never stay to fight you, but run away from other intersections. If you attract too many Konoha ninjas, it will be bad."

"It doesn't matter, Danzo can't run."