Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 49

Ban was calm and calm, and the scarlet writing wheel eyes gently turned to create a space vortex, and the two were immediately sucked into it and disappeared in place.

"what did you say!?"

In the Naruto office.

Sarutobi patted the table again and stood up. He supported the table with both hands and leaned forward, looking at Itachi in disbelief.

"Do you know what you are doing? Itachi!"

Sarutobi shouted angrily.

At this moment, he was really angry.

Companions in a village kill each other, which is the last thing he wants to see. Even when Uchiha decided to coup, his first idea was not to suppress forcefully, but to talk with Futake, hoping to reconcile.


Shisui was killed by Danzo. Have you ever been so angry?

Itachi looked at the furious third-generation eyes and closed the complicated eyes.

He recalled three months ago when he told him that Shisui was killed by Danzo.

Sandaime was indeed angry, very angry, and smashed the things in the office. Itachi had never seen him so gaffe.

Precautions were also taken, and Danzo’s travels were restricted, and Danzo Kazue was not allowed to continue to interfere in Uchiha’s affairs.

Then it's over.

No punishment was given to Danzo.

Itachi even saw a trace of fortune in the eyes of this respected old man, fortunately that Zhishui died.

The existence of other gods scared everyone.

Perhaps even the three generations of this feeling did not notice it, but Itachi did.

From that moment, Itachi knew that the old man whom he respected so much had changed.

He remembers his father told him.

The former three generations had great love and kindness to everything in the world.

He loves every companion, even the villagers, even if he sacrifices himself, he will not hurt the objects he guards.

But after sitting in this position, there are too many unavoidable, too many things that need to be cruel to solve.

Gradually, as he aged and compromised time and time again, the old man was defeated by reality and began to sacrifice the minority to protect the majority, and also began to use dark means to maintain the prosperity of the village.

Itachi could understand all of these, and he did not change his respect for the old man in the slightest, but his opinion and attitude towards him had changed.

No longer the unreserved trust in him like in the past, I began to think about the pros and cons of each decision for myself, and then decided whether to implement it, and what kind of result it should end.

That's why Itachi will compete with him here.

"It's a betrayal to attack the village's companions." Itachi lowered his head and said solemnly: "After this incident, I am Konoha's betrayal."


Sarutobi's muddy eyes widened slightly.

He slowly raised his right arm, which was trembling slightly, halfway up and then put it down.

He took a deep breath, his body no longer trembling, and his eyes became unusually firm.

"Itachi, raise your head and look at me."

Itachi hesitated, raised his head, his eyes firm as a chime.

This look in Sarutobi is very familiar, once, he also had such a look.

It was precisely because of having had it that he knew better that Itachi could not change this decision.

Because, Itachi is protecting Konoha and peace in his own way.

And he is different from Danzo and now.

Itachi is sacrificing himself to protect, not sacrificing others.

Such an awareness is even more difficult to change.

But nothing is absolute.

The same is true for the self before, and has it changed under the cruel reality?

Sarutobi sat back on the office chair, and sighed deeply, his tone slowed down, "Itachi, don't do this, there must be other ways, no one will sacrifice."

"There is no better way." Itachi shook his head slightly, "Danzo once taught Shisui that ninjas must have the spirit of sacrificing themselves when necessary. Only in this way can they protect everything they want."

"Danzo-sama can teach Shisui this way, I must be willing to sacrifice for Konoha's peace, but I just became a traitor, which is far from the Danzo-sama's sacrifice, and it is not worth mentioning."


Sarutobi was silent.

What kind of virtue is Danzo? As a brother who has grown up since childhood, he still doesn't understand?

What sacrifice

Maybe he will do that when he has to sacrifice, but as long as things turn around, I want him to sacrifice himself to perfect others

Dream it!

But even so, Sarutobi couldn't just watch Danzo die.

"I won't let you kill Danzo. If you want to kill Danzo, just step on my corpse!" Sarutobi's eyes were firm and firm.

Itachi shook his head lightly, and said calmly, "I said before that killing Danzo is a second-hand preparation. Since it was a pre-prepared plan, I naturally expected that Naruto-sama would stop me, so the person who killed Danzo would not be me. ."

Chapter 36 Everything

"It's not you!?" Sarufei was startled, and then reacted, "You are here to hold me down and not let me go to the rescue?"

Sarutobi was strange at first.

Since Itachi had already started acting on his own terms, there was no need to talk to him so much.

But now he understood that the reason Itachi came to talk to him so much was to hold him back.