Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 50

Actively exposing the kaleidoscope writing round eyes, exposing the illusion of moon reading

Its essence is to show power.

Itachi didn't want to fight him, but he had to drag him, so he explained the ins and outs of the whole plan and revealed part of his hole cards.

Itachi hopes that he can give up Danzo for the sake of the overall situation, and also hopes that part of the power he has shown can make him retreat.

Sure enough, Itachi confirmed his conjecture in the next second.

"Hokage-sama, you are the person I respect the most, neither the past nor the present has changed, so I don't want to fight with you."

With that, the surrounding space twisted and then shattered.

Itachi canceled the monthly reading, but the kaleidoscope of snow patterns was full of fighting spirit, "Hokage-sama, I don't know if I can beat you, but if it only delays time, I think I can still do it."


Sarutobi was silent again.

He leaned on the back of the chair, embracing his hands, with a pipe in his mouth, eyes drooping, and staring at the table closely.

He was thinking.

He has never played against Kaleidoscope, but Konoha has a lot of information about Kaleidoscope, and he also knows the strength of Itachi.

Even if he didn't have Shao Lun Yan, his strength could squeeze into the ranks of Shang Nin. With the help of Sha Lun Yan, he was one of the best in Shang Nin.

Sarutobi didn't know how much a kaleidoscope would bring to Itachi, but even without a kaleidoscope, it could delay a period of time.

And today is the Spring Festival, most ninjas are on holiday.

Not many ninjas rushed to hear the sound of fighting.

Only when those ninjas who are on holiday arrive, can they get rid of Itachi.

But can Danzo hold on during this time?

Sarutobi's brain is running fast.

The roots are different from other ninjas. They are all people who have no destination. They only have a rest period after performing their tasks.

Therefore, the roots are now as tightly guarded as usual.

If you want to assassinate Danzo at the root, even if itachi provides information, it is almost impossible.

But since Itachi had made such a plan, it proved that he was sure to kill Danzo.

Sarutobi knew Itachi very well, especially his calm personality and brain, and his plans would almost never fail.

In other words, the key is whether Danzo can support him.

Thinking of this, Sarutobi condensed his eyes and stood up abruptly.

Itachi supported on the ground with one hand, and the whole person flew back, and the black shadow chased after a step, continuously zooming in his sight.

It's Hokage's robe.

As Konoha Hokage, Sarutobi didn't know how to fight Shalulanyan. The moment he got up, he tore off his robe and threw it at Itachi.

The robe blocked his vision, and Sarutobi followed.

Jumped onto the desk and stepped on with knees bent.


The old man in tight armor exploded with great power like a great ape, and the whole person rushed towards the ferret like a cannonball.


Itachi drew the long knife behind him, and cut off the robe with a slash.

But Sarutobi came to the front, his body turned, and a flying kick hit Itachi's chest accurately.


With long legs kicking through his chest, Itachi turned into several crows flying around, spinning on top of Sarutobi's head.

At the same time, the surrounding environment changed once again, turning into a dilapidated and withered wasteland, and the dim sunset was replaced by a huge, slowly rotating writing wheel.

"Illusory, when?"

Sarutobi looked around vigilantly. Itachi's figure was condensed not far away, but it was not solid, like a remnant flag blowing in the wind, which would go away with the wind at any time.

"In the beginning." Itachi said faintly: "I know that Naruto-sama will not give up Danzo, so I used another illusion technique when I lifted the moon reading."

"Then why don't you just use the monthly reading to knock me down?" Sarufei stared at Itachi's eyes tightly, wanting to see something in it.

It's just that he was disappointed.

From the beginning of the battle, Itachi's eyes were flat as water from beginning to end, and he couldn't see anything from it.

"I don't want to hurt Master Naruto." Itachi said faintly, "I said before and made two-handed preparations. This is an action that Konoha is absolutely impossible to prevent."


Sarutobi moved in his heart and noticed that Itachi's words were somewhat different.

Not just referring to him Sarutobi, but the whole Konoha

Is Itachi too arrogant, or is there something I don't know?

"Yes, it's Konoha."

As if to see through what Sarutobi was thinking, Itachi continued: "The person who cooperated with me to kill Danzo, currently no one in Konoha can stop him. Even if Naruto-sama, you go by, you will just add another life."


Sarutobi was so shocked that he couldn't speak.

At first, he thought Itachi was bluffing.

But on second thought, a person who can sneak into the roots to assassinate Danzo alone must have a strong ability to do it.

Then, the possibility that that person is stronger than he imagined is not without.

"Who is that person?" Sarufei was furious.

"He calls himself Madara."