Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 51

"Scaly?" Yuanfei was startled and asked subconsciously: "Which Scaly?"

"Uchiha Madara."


"He was the one who controlled Kyuubi's attack on Konoha six years ago. When I was investigating the time of Kyuubi's attack on the village, I found his trace."

Itachi looked at Sarutobi faintly, and said: "That guy is very strong, even if he is seriously injured, he is much stronger than me, and he has a keen eye on Konoha. I want to destroy Danzo, which is exactly what he wants, so"

"Wait, isn't Madara dead?" Sarutobi interrupted Itachi, staring at him tightly.

Uchiha Madara.

What this name means, he, an old man who has survived from Konohajian Village, has the most say.

Itachi was startled, and then asked: "Do you want to listen to me explain it slowly? I don't care, but Danzo"

"I can't take care of so much now, if it were him, then"

"Okay, I understand." Itachi closed his eyes slowly, and then opened them, "I will slowly tell you everything about Uchiha Madara. Then, you will understand why I should be a traitor. left."

Konoha's dark tide surged, and the villagers did not know it.

They are wearing new kimonos and happily playing on the street with their family and friends.

Kuroyoshi also followed Naruto into it.

"Kurayoshi, take a look. There is a balloon playing activity ahead. As long as you break more than 10 balloons with a shuriken, you can get rewards. Let's go!"

Just coming out of the stall with goldfish, Naruto took Kuraki and couldn't wait to walk to another stall surrounded by many people in the distance.

Chapter 37 Everyday

It is different from the previous life with many balloons tied to a wooden board for guests to shoot with guns.

The balloon playing activity in this booth is to let the balloon fly into the sky with a gift box of points. Guests need to break the balloon to get the gift box of points.

10 gift boxes can be exchanged for good gifts from the boss, and up to 1520 there is the ultimate prize of up to 50 gift boxes.

The worst 10 points gift box can also be exchanged for dolls worth more than 1,000 taels.

Secondly, official ninjas cannot participate, only students from ninja school or ordinary villagers can participate.

After understanding the rules, Naruto asked the price again.

One hundred taels of 10 shurikens, the price shocked Kuroyoshi.

You know, the price of Yile Ramen is only 70 taels, and only 1015 taels with a side dish.

And this little game actually costs 100 twice at a time.

Well, considering the exquisite gifts to be exchanged, 100 taels are actually not much.

But things are not so calculated.

First, the distance between the guest and the balloon is almost 5 meters, and secondly, the guest has to wait for the balloon to take off 5 meters before throwing the shuriken.

5 meters

According to the Shuriken Practice Code given to him by Itachi, the official ninja is still a dead target at this distance when practicing throwing shuriken.

The difficulty of ordinary villagers and ninja students who want to shoot balloons that are constantly floating at this distance can only be described by chance.

But Kuroyoshi said nothing.

After all, doing business is to make money. If you just let you exchange valuable gifts, what kind of business?

And Naruto is not the one who lacks money.

Although the village also relies on subsidies for living, Naruto’s living allowance is much higher than other orphans in the same village.

Even if Kurayoshi now shows talent that has attracted the attention of the third generation, and the subsidy has been greatly increased, it is less than half of Naruto's.

However, the people in the village have a bad attitude towards Naruto and are unwilling to sell him. Naruto has money and cannot buy anything.

And 100 taels is not a big deal, and there is nothing to play in the New Year.

Naruto didn't think so much. After understanding the rules, he immediately paid for 10 shurikens.

"Kurayoshi, let you see the skills of future Naruto-sama." Naruto rubbed his hands in excitement, looking full of confidence.

Kurayoshi rolled his eyes and did not answer.

If the memory was not wrong, he remembered that Naruto couldn't even hit a target of two or three meters in the Ninja School, let alone a moving target so far.

However, Naruto threw the first shuriken in an extremely irregular posture, and it made an unmistakable hit, and it killed two arrows with one stone.

"How is it?" Naruto proudly flaunted, "My uncle's shuriken skills are amazing, right?"

What the hell is this!?

Kuroyoshi's eyes widened.

You are definitely not Naruto, just say, who are you, have you been taken away by the traverser?

However, the performance behind Naruto made Kuroyoshi put away his cranky thinking.

With eight shurikens, none of them made a hit.

No, there were actually hits, but it was the shop sign on the second floor next door, which was too far from the balloon.

Kuroyoshi couldn't help the strange yin and yang, "Is this the skill of the future Hokage? It's really funny enough!"

"Yes, damn, it didn't feel good just now, I will definitely hit it next time, sure, boss, 10 more shurikens."

Naruto was not convinced and continued to challenge.

However, a total of 60 rounds were cast and none was missed.

He was still not convinced.

Unfortunately, after throwing 70 rounds, his arm was sore and weak and he could no longer challenge.

"Damn it, I'm in a bad condition today, and I'll come back tomorrow, surely." Naruto gave himself an excuse.

"I will come to Konoha only during the Spring Festival celebrations, so if the guests want to continue, they have to take advantage of it now, otherwise they have to wait until next year." The boss said.