Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 54

In fact, Itachi can solve the conflict between Uchiha and the village without killing Danzo.

However, Kuroyoshi is too immature.

Although compared to other people of the same age, he is prematurely intelligent and has props to inquire about intelligence, but it is still too immature in many places.

If Danzo and Gen continue to exist, Kuroyoshi's abilities will definitely be discovered.

Kuroyoshi's abilities are too defying, Danzo will definitely find ways to take it back.

Even if you can't take it away, you must keep it in your hands.

But Itachi is very clear that this is impossible to succeed.

Konoha would have to use the power of the entire village to contend with the existence of Kyuubi alone, not to mention that he still has a kaleidoscope of writing wheels and other things that do not know much and ability.

Danzo's actions are unlikely to be successful, and will only push Kurayoshi to Konoha's hostile side.

If someone makes trouble in it and deliberately guides him, Kuroyoshi will even go on a crooked road, causing an ending he doesn't want to see.

Therefore, Danzo must die and the root must be disbanded.

Sure enough, Itachi did not break the contract as Kuryoshi thought.

He stretched out his hand, and a crow landed on his arm, "This crow is for you. You can use it to contact me. No matter what it is, as long as it does not violate the original agreement, I will definitely do it for you." ."

Chapter 39 End

"Forget it!" Cangji looked at the crow in Itachi's hand and said in silence for a while: "You just became a traitor and left, I raised a crow. Isn't this telling others that I have contact with you? "


Itachi opened his eyes slightly, puzzled, "Why do you raise a crow is equivalent to telling others that I am in contact with you?"

"Are you still asking?" Kurayoshi rolled his eyes, "Konoha is so big, you're the only one raising crows!"


Itachi was silent.

After a long time, he looked up at Kuroyoshi.

"I think you have delusions of persecution."


Itachi sighed slightly, "How can Konoha be so big that I am the one who raises crows? Moreover, I am an Anbe, and my whereabouts are kept secret. Those who know that I raise crows are only a few of my family members.

All of these aside, the identity difference between you and me, no matter what, no one will associate me with a crow!"


Kuroyoshi was embarrassed.

He made the mistake of using God’s perspective to speculate on other people’s codes of conduct.

It's like a lot of Naruto heroes seen in previous lives.

Because they know what virtue Danzo is, the protagonists with gold fingers think Danzo is watching him 24 hours a day, fighting with the air all day long to prevent Danzo from engaging in him.

But in fact, Konoha has hundreds of thousands of residents and tens of thousands of ninjas

You can understand it if you are prominent or famous.

But some guys just came through, one has no identity, two has no reputation

Danzo is really full and has nothing to do, watching you who has nothing 24 hours a day.


Cangji coughed slightly and his expression was solemn, "In this case, I will raise this crow temporarily, so what should I pay attention to when raising a crow?"

"Nothing is needed, just let him go out every day, it will find food on its own."

"Then the relationship is good, I am also worried that it will take up my time for practice!"

Itachi nodded faintly, "I have already said what I have to say, I will leave first."

After speaking, he made a seal with one hand on his chest and disappeared into the room as a black feather.

This night is a sleepless night.

Danzo is dead, and the roots are destroyed.

Only the ninja who went on a mission escaped.

Many ninjas who were on holiday received an urgent assembly notice.

They were shocked when they heard the news.

Not only was Danzo and Root in Konoha being destroyed, but also because the people who destroyed it were Konoha's companions.

Uchiha Itachi.

A large number of ninjas were dispatched, they shuttled through the streets and alleys, searching every corner of Konoha, and many teams were dispatched to search in the land of fire.

Capture the murderer at all costs.

Of course, all this happened in the dark.

Most residents of Konoha don't know.

Because it is buried in the dark, many old people who have lived in Konoha for a lifetime are not aware of the existence of this department, let alone young people.

And Kuroyoshi took a bath early and went to bed.

Everything outside has nothing to do with him.

Early the next morning, Kuroyoshi woke up early.

He opened the window, and there was light rain outside, and the rain dripped down the eaves and plum branches, making a "da da" sound.

"Xiao Yu!" Kuraki sighed.

He hates rain, especially light rain.

Because it was rainy, it was difficult to go out, and Xiao Yu was more like a person in tears, making him feel upset.

Forget it, just practice sword in the dojo!