Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 55

Cangji changed into practice clothes, washed and cooked numbly, and then started a new day of training.

Uchiha Mansion.

Sasuke sat on the backyard corridor, leaning back on the pillar and looking up at the sky.

The rain dripping from the dark clouds formed puddles of water stains in the yard.

Sasuke bit his lower lip, his little hand clenched to death.

Last night, the ninja from the village came.

Tell them that Itachi killed Danzo, a high-level villager, and everyone at the root.

Itachi has been wanted and escaped Konoha as a traitor.

Sasuke couldn't believe that that gentle brother would become a betrayal who killed his companions and betrayed the village.

What made him even more unbelievable was that his father and family members accepted this fact frankly without any doubt.

Only the mother cried secretly when she was alone.

"Damn it, how could this happen!" Sasuke hammered the wooden board angrily, making a heavy noise.

Ming knowing Tian went to the streets to play together, and said that he would guide him in practice.

At night

Fists clenched tightly and made a crackling sound.

Sasuke's forehead burst into blue veins, and the expression on his face gradually distorted, "Itachi, you bastard, how can you do such a thing!"

"Not reconciled?"

A calm and majestic voice sounded from the side.

Sasuke woke up suddenly and looked to his side.

I saw a tall, majestic figure standing there.

"Father!" Sasuke looked at the visitor unexpectedly.

Uchiha Tomitake embraced his hands with a serious face, "Itachi has done something to shame the family, you must not follow him."


Sasuke bit his lower lip and asked unwillingly, "Brother, did he really do such a thing?"

"I went to the site to investigate. Many root ninjas have traces of being hypnotized by writing round eyes. At present, only Itachi can do this, and" Uchiha Tomitake came to the side of the corridor, looking up at the sky and sighed: "Three generations of Hokage confirmed it personally."

Sasuke's fist clenched his fingers white and his face was full of anger, "Itachi, I won't let you go scum.

"Write down the shame Itachi brings us, and then work hard to become stronger, and then wash away the shame."

"I will become stronger."

"When the rain stops, come to the training ground of another courtyard, and I will teach your family ninjutsu."

"Got it."

Looking at Sasuke, who was immersed in resentment, Fu Yue nodded, turned and left.

It's just that the eyes that had always been majestic in front of Sasuke dimmed.

Although I didn't know that the other gods were among the family members, Futake still noticed a lot from the change in Konoha's attitude towards Uchiha.

Behind the destruction of Danzo and the roots, it is not a simple betrayal.

Perhaps it was the family that dragged down Itachi.

Time goes by, and the white horse flies.

The weather is getting warmer, and the white snow on the roadside is replaced by spring grass and flowers.

Konoha March 1, 54.

The cherry blossoms are in full bloom and the fragrance of flowers overflows.

Konoha is surrounded by a sea of ​​pink flowers.

Countless children aged five or six went to the ninja school either alone or under the leadership of adults.

March is the start of school season.

Today is the day when the Ninja School starts the registration test.

Countless people gathered around the registration gate, and then collectively went to the entrance examination.

Kuroyoshi has an admission letter from Sandaime, so there is no need to participate in the assessment, and naturally there is no need to rush to sign up with these people.

He stood under the big tree in the distance and waited for the applicants to have almost left before he came to the window in a hurry and handed the admission notice given by the third generation to the teacher inside.

Chapter 40 The Pig Deer Butterfly

Knowing the teacher Kuroyoshi at the registration office.

It's Iruka.

Putting aside the understanding of watching anime in the previous life, I have seen it many times in this world.

This big brother with a long and thin scar on the bridge of his nose always has a kind smile on his face, which is very popular with children.

Kuroyoshi often saw him frolicking around a group of children.

Iluka took the admission notice from Kuroyoshi and looked at it, then took out a form and handed it over.

"Fill in all your name information!" Iluka said with a smile.


Kuroyoshi nodded, quickly filled out the information, and then handed it to Iruka.

Iluka glanced briefly and nodded, "Well, I will report to the school tomorrow."

"Thank you."

Kuroyoshi nodded and stepped aside.

Although fewer people have signed up now, there are still many people who have not signed up, especially those who have no adults and have overslept late.