Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 56

Ok!Refers to Naruto.

Kuroyoshi came early, but he didn't see Naruto.

Although he is not worried that this guy will not be able to go to school, but he clearly explained to him yesterday, this guy is still not at ease.

This made Kuroyoshi a little angry.

"This guy lacks love and care, so I'll have to love it later."

Kuroyoshi stood waiting for Naruto not far from the registration gate.

Suddenly, a clear and sweet voice came from behind.

"It's a coincidence, it's you!"

After hearing the sound, Kuraki looked back, and a small and delicate face came into view.

Blond, orange sports shirt, trousers, ninja shoes.

Yamanaka Ino looked at him with a smile.

Looking at the little girl, Kuroyoshi also smiled, "It's a coincidence, did you sign up?"

"Yeah!" Ino nodded happily, "Are you here to sign up too?"

"Hmm! I have already signed up."

"That's a coincidence." Ino put his hands on his chest and said with bright eyes: "Maybe we will be in the same class again. Is this fate?"

"Or, maybe."

The Kurayoshi family and Ino’s flower shop are on the same street, so the two often meet each other, and they can be considered familiar.

However, Ino has always been very enthusiastic about his attitude.

As if a girl is pursuing love, she makes no secret of her feelings.

This made Kuroyoshi a little overwhelmed.

Although he knows that girls in this world are precocious and that Ino is a face-controlled girl, he still can't stand the unabashed love of a five-year-old girl.

In his eyes, Ino is just like a neighbor's child.

It's nothing to hug and tease.

Really want to talk about the feelings between men and women

Ah!The body is not developed, how can I be interested.

Although Kurayoshi knew that Ino was a super beauty when he grew up, he did not develop a hobby.

To put it bluntly, he is not Lolicon.

"Ino, it's time to go back."

At this time, a mature man's voice came from a distance.

Accompanied by the sound, several people came over.

Three people, two children.

One had the same blond hair as Ino and tied a pony tail.

The face is square, somewhat majestic, wearing Konoha ninja vest, and a short-sleeved trench coat.

There are two others beside him.

One person has two scars on his face, a pineapple head, and a messy fur coat on the green vest, which looks very imposing.

The other was broad and fat, dressed in armor, with long messy hair draped behind him, and he seemed to have a wild smell.

These three people know Kuroyoshi. They are Ino's father Yamanaka Keiichi, Nara Lukisa, and Akimichi Dingza. They are now the famous pig, deer and butterfly combination.

The identities of the other two children are naturally self-evident.

They are Akomi Mitsuji and Nara Shikamaru.

"Dad." Ino turned around to greet his father.

Hai Yi petted Ino's head and looked at Kuroyoshi, "Ino, is this?"

"This is Kurayoshi, living on the street of our flower shop." Ino said.

"Hello, uncle." Kuroyoshi nodded to Haiichi and Lu Jiudingza behind him.

The child is very polite.

A smile appeared on Hai Yi's face, "You are here to sign up, too."

"Yes, uncle."

"Then you and Ino will be classmates from now on, please take care of my disobedient daughter in the future."

"Dad." Ino muttered dissatisfied.

Hai Yi laughed heartily.

He stroked Ino's head and smiled, "It's all right, my daughter is the most obedient."

Ino shyly buried his head in Hiichi's arms.

Haiyi smiled happily.

He looked at Kuroyoshi and said, "Then we won't bother much. See you next time if you have a chance!"

"See you."

Kurayoshi waved goodbye to several people.

Hai nodded a little, and greeted the friends behind him to leave.

Before leaving, Lu Jiu and Ding Zuo nodded to him to say goodbye, while Ding Ci smiled and waved to him.

As for Shikamaru

This guy, who had trouble writing on his face from the beginning to the end, said goodbye to Kuroyoshi before leaving.

"I would like to take care of you at school in the future."