Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 58

From the barbecue Q, the moon has been hanging high in the sky.

The silver light sprinkled on the ground, bringing a soft veil to the village.

At the door of the store, Kuroyoshi said goodbye to Naruto.

"Tomorrow the first day of school, don't be late again."

"Don't worry, I am Naruto Vortex, and I will never lose my chain." Naruto patted his chest and promised.

Just because you are Naruto Uzumaki, you don't worry!

Kuroyoshi rolled his eyes, did not say much, just waved his hand when he turned and left.

He did not go straight home, but walked in the street.

Because I didn't have a meal at noon, I ate a lot of barbecue, and now I still have a stomachache.

He wanted to walk in the street and digest it.

The commercial street is full of people coming and going.

Remote alleys are silent.

Kuroyoshi strolled along Konoha Street and alleys, watching people's natural laughter and joy, feeling the unprecedented tranquility.

The destruction of Danzo and Gen did not bring any changes to the village.

At least on the surface.

No, there are still changes.

The Uchihas of the garrison get along better than ever.

Their words and deeds are natural, and they no longer inadvertently reveal pride as before.

The villagers had a lot of good comments on the security team.

However, time is still short, and it takes time to gain the trust of the villagers.

After walking down the street for a while, Kurayoshi felt that the food in his stomach was almost digested, and then went home.

Push the courtyard door open and close it.

When passing the target in the courtyard, he threw three shurikens casually.

In the dark night, I saw the sound of "dongdongdong", and three shurikens were nailed accurately on the center of the target.

Kuroyoshi smiled, and went straight into the dojo without retrieving the shuriken.

He took out the long sword and practiced with the most basic sword swing.

Gradually, the moves changed, from simple to complex, and after that, they walked with the sword and danced with swords.

Under the light, swords and swords, the wind screamed.

The empty and quiet dojo is filled with murderous intent everywhere.

ten minutes later.

The long knife rotates, like a fan cutting.

Kuroyoshi flipped his hand and held the knife.

The wind was calm and the waves were calm, Kuroyoshi slowly retracted the knife into its sheath, very handsome.

Next second.


The tatami mat one meter away was torn, and a long slit opened.

The calm expression suddenly pulled across.

"There is still a long way to go for the three-meter-long sword mark distance to be completely retractable and free!" Kuroyoshi felt a little helpless.

After fusing the souls of weapons, Kurayoshi made great progress in cultivating ninjas.

Shuriken can hit a hundred shots at a target about five meters in a month.

Kuwuwu fights close by holding it, as if the body has this instinct.

Only with this swordsmanship, although he has made rapid progress, he has never stopped learning, and he will never reach the level of satisfaction.

Kuroyoshi has given up the practice of kunai, and even shortened the practice time of the shuriken drastically, focusing on the sword with all his heart.

But still unable to meet his expectations.

The reason why he attaches so much importance to swordsmanship is because the ninjutsu practice given by Itachi has an advanced technique called "Chakra Endowment".

It is necessary to control the changes in the form and nature of chakras, and attach the chakras to their weapons to achieve various power enhancements.

Many people in anime know this technique.

Shisui, Sasuke, Kirabi, Danzo, Asma

But these people cannot always use this technique because of Chakra, or they can only use small arms to attach.

And the Chakrado of Kuroyoshi is amazing.

Since becoming a perfect fairy body, his chakra has grown substantially every day, and with the passage of time, the growth rate is getting bigger and bigger.

Now, one percent of the chakras with the ring of nine lamas.

Kuroyoshi felt that the worst amount of Chakra in the future was also at the same level as the original Naruto, and he could always attach Chakra to the weapon to fight.

Will bring a great increase in combat power.

But this premise is that one's own swordsmanship must be superb.

Otherwise, even if you have a powerful weapon in your hand, it would be futile to not be able to hit people.

Taking into account the enemies he will face in the future, his swordsmanship can't be lower than Micune, otherwise facing those big guys is a fancy acrobatics.

After a little thought, Kurayoshi sat cross-legged on the tatami.

He took out the scroll and pen, and then took out some props from the system space and put them aside.

After school starts, he spends most of his time studying ninja knowledge in school.