Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 59

The practice time is greatly shortened. If you do not plan your practice well, it will have a great impact on your future growth.

After all, Itachi's spiritual planning is very professional.

But he also didn't expect Kuroyoshi's talent in weapons to become so sharp.

If he really needs to practice according to Itachi's plan, he has to graduate from the ninja school before he can start the basic practice of ninjutsu escape.

Kuroyoshi first counted the items acquired these days, and then rectified it according to Itachi's practice plan.

There are 896 crystals containing the blood of immortals, 70 broken immortal crystals, 28 broken immortal crystals, and 98 Wanhua mirrors.

This is the hair or blood sent by Itachi, belonging to everyone in the Uchiha clan.

It took Kurayoshi a month to forge them all.

At first, Kuroyoshi thought that there was no limit to the forging of the system, but after forging dozens of crystals, he fell on the ground with exhaustion.

At this time, he knew that forging props would consume the master's physical strength.

But before, they were all forging one or two things, and he was a fairy body again, so I didn't feel it.

But after the forging, the body tissues of Uchiha Tomitake, Uchiha Mikoto, and Uchiha Sasuke were not found.

Chapter 42—The Son of Prophecy

Kuroyoshi didn't know whether Itachi was testing himself or was worried that after he had mastered the body of another person, he would be able to master everything about that person.

In short, Itachi did not give him the body tissues of his family.

Kuroyoshi didn't think too much.

Human nature, itachi has such a reaction to be true.

"The crystal containing the blood of the immortal can be upgraded: it has a scarce blood of the immortal, and after absorption, it will transform the body so that the host has the blood of Uchiha."

"Broken fairy crystals can be upgraded: they have fewer fairy bloodlines, and after absorption, they will transform the body, giving the host the Uchiha bloodline and the potential to open eyes."

"Broken fairy crystals can be upgraded: they have fewer fairy bloodlines, and after absorption, they will transform the body, allowing the host to have the Uchiha bloodline and at the same time awaken the Sharonyan."

The crystals containing the blood of the immortals are forged from the body tissues of ordinary Uchiha people. The broken immortal crystals are forged from the body tissues of the Uchiha people who have no eye-opening. The broken fairy crystals are forged from the body tissues of the Uchiha people who opened the writing wheel. of.

Five crystals containing the blood of the fairy can be used to synthesize a broken fairy crystal, and can also be used to improve the purity of the broken fairy crystal.

However, the purity of the promotion is very small, about a hundred can raise a broken fairy crystal of one-gou jade to three-gou jade.

Five broken fairy crystals can be used to synthesize a broken fairy crystal, and can also be used to increase the purity of broken fairy crystals. Ten of them can raise one broken fairy crystal from one-gou jade to three-gou jade.

The broken fairy crystals of one gou jade and two gou jade should also be able to upgrade a three gou jade into a kaleidoscope of broken crystals.

But these twenty-eight are not enough.

Of course, it is also possible that many of the 28 broken fairy crystals are related to two gou jade and one gou jade.

If all 28 of them are Sangou jade, maybe it will be fine.

As for the 28 Wanhua Mirrors, of course these people’s writing wheels, but there are only 8 three-hook jade, and the others are one-gou jade and two-gou jade.

Kuroyoshi hadn't thought of how to use these things for the time being, so he took a glance and took it back into the system space.

After that, he cast his gaze on another light group.

"Son of Prophecy: The person who is destined, after absorbing, you will also become the person who is destined."

This is forged from hair taken from Naruto.

Last time I took too little blood, so I only forged a perfect fairy crystal.

But Kurayoshi didn't think that Naruto could only forge one thing.

So after the relationship became familiar, he pulled a few hairs from him and forged a few things.

In addition to the light group of the son of prophecy, there is also "unexpected NO1" and "harem simulation game".

Accidental NO1 is a handle with a button on it.

A game helmet in the harem simulator.

"Unexpected no1: Press the button against a target that wants to be tricky, and the target will encounter unexpected pranks in the next day. The number of uses per day is 3"

"Harem Simulator: Put on the helmet, and you can play the virtual harem formation game. The degree of freedom and realism of the game is 99!"

Unexpected NO1 is completely a prank prop, which can play a miraculous effect in some special situations. As for the harem simulator


Ninjas are careful like chimestones, even if they capture beautiful female ninjas, they must torture information and be cruel.

Such a plaything that consumes the will and hinders practice must be sealed.


Can't you say you don't need to throw it away?

How does that work?

What if it is picked up by a child?

Isn't that the flower that killed Konoha's future?

If it was picked up by a ninja, wouldn't it be the overall strength of the persecution village?

So, it's better to throw this stuff into the innermost space of the system.

So no one can take it away.

That's right, Kuroyoshi did this for his own future and for Konoha's future.

It's definitely not because of being too young and being ignited by evil fire in his heart, but the body has not responded, making the body and mind extremely uncomfortable.

Kuroyoshi originally wanted to forge special props related to Watergate and Kushina.

But after these three props were forged, the remaining hair became ordinary hair, no longer a special material, and did not have the potential for forging props.

Kuroyoshi didn't understand at first.

Through the blood of Naruto, the power of Ashura can be forged.

However, the water gate and Kushina’s Chakra, who are also hidden in Naruto’s body, cannot forge related props through Naruto’s body tissue.