Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 60

However, this is not hard to think of.

Asura’s Chakra was reincarnated on Naruto.

In other words, Asura’s Chakra belonged to Naruto himself, while Mizumon and Kuna’s Chakra was left on him by sealing, not Naruto himself.

Naturally, it is impossible to use Naruto's body tissue to forge related props.

If you want to forge the props related to Mizumon and Kuna, you have to forge them with their own body tissues.

After thinking about it, Kuroyoshi was relieved.

Although it is a bit regretful, he will have the opportunity to obtain it in the future, and now he has many powerful props, and there is no shortage of those two.

It’s just that Naruto’s three props

The unexpected NO1 and harem simulator are basically not available.

And the son of prophecy

Kuroyoshi dare not use it.

This kind of props that binds himself to his destiny, even if his destiny will be very powerful and will have a good ending, he does not want to do it.

No one likes to be manipulated in his life, even if it is fate.

What Kuroyoshi wants is to control his destiny, not to be controlled by it.

Although destiny is uncertain, one cannot admit defeat subjectively.

After thinking about it, these three things didn't seem to be of any use to my growth during school, so they were also thrown into the bottom of the system space.

Afterwards, Kuroyoshi counted all the items he had obtained before.

According to their efficacy combined with Itachi's training plan, make your own training plan in school.

After doing all this, it was late at night.

Kuroyoshi packed up his things and went to wash and sleep.

No words for a night.

At 5 o'clock in the morning the next day, Kuroyoshi got up early.

Put on the usual sports shirt and trousers, wash, and then cook and eat.

It took a total of 30 minutes.

After washing the dishes and tidying up the kitchen, Kuraki started the morning exercise.

Run 3 laps around Konoha.

After school, most of the time is spent on learning knowledge, and the training time is greatly reduced, so increase the amount of morning exercises to make up for it.

Running 3 laps around Konoha is not a fixed content and amount. The content and amount of morning exercises will be changed according to future physical growth.

After three laps, the time came to 7:30.

Kuroyoshi returned home to take a bath, put on clean clothes, and then went to school with a smile.

Today is his first day to become a ninja.

Chapter 43 Xiaoqiang (Part 1)

The sky in March has not fully awakened from the cold winter, and there is still a hint of ice in the early morning mist.

Kuroyoshi walked down the street, feeling a little chill.

He has just finished taking a shower, and his hair is a little messy.

But black messy short hair, jet-black eyes, delicate face, and neat clothes.

Although his face was indifferent, he looked soft and handsome.

Pedestrians passing by, couldn't help but take another look.

The Kurayoshi family and the Ninja School are on the same street, about three kilometers apart, and they arrived at the school in more than 20 minutes.

According to the information recorded in the admission book, I came to the annual class.

The classroom was empty, with only two or three kids arriving early.

They gathered together, chatting loudly, laughing happily from time to time, and did not notice that a new classmate entered the classroom.

It's really leisurely!

Kuroyoshi paused at the door with a smile on his face.

He has encountered such a scene countless times.

In previous lives, went to elementary school.

Every day I come to the school classroom, I will see similar scenes.

At that time, he was still an innocent kid, seeing a group of classmates of the same age sitting together chatting, he couldn't help joining in.

At that time, he was innocent and ignorant like these three.

Therefore, it is also leisurely.

Just now

It's impossible to go back to the past to live again.


Kuroyoshi sighed, walked straight into the classroom, found a place in the last row, and sat down and pondered.

There are many things that ninjas need to learn.

From human geography to mathematics, physics and chemistry to psychology, etc.

Those who aspire to become a special ninja also need to learn the corresponding professional knowledge, which involves more than the previous university graduate students.

This knowledge is very important and is closely related to the life of the ninja.

Because the battle of ninjas has never been a pure battle for strength.

Sneak attack, tactics, intelligence, environment