Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 61

When the power gap is not crushed, only those who can use everything can win.

For example, in the mission of the Namibia, Kakashi, through understanding the habits of the snow rabbit, judged in advance that there is a ninja in ambush, and thus became vigilant.

What if Kakashi doesn't know about the habits of the snow rabbit and fails to spot the ambush in advance?

Even if he can get away with it, how about Naruto Sasuke Sakura?

What about Dazna, the protection target of their mission?

Because it didn't happen, I don't know what the result will be, but the case of Uchiha Madara and Kurozutsu is a bloody lesson.

However, even though he knew the importance of knowledge, Kurayoshi was a scumbag.

Although it is not a special scum, it is just the kind that is not good enough, but he still has no confidence to learn this knowledge well.

After all, he didn't even finish college in his previous life.

"One step counts as one step!" Kuroyoshi felt helpless.

He has no good way to learn, he can only hope that he can forge learning-related props in the future.

However, he didn't particularly care.

This knowledge can be understood through personal experience in future tasks.

However, Xia Ren itself is not strong.

Coupled with the lack of experience and knowledge, if the leading teacher is not professional enough, or the sense of responsibility is not strong, it is easy to lose his life in the process.

The reason why the Ninja School extended the graduation time to six years during the peace period is to give students more time to learn and exercise, so as to ensure the survival rate after becoming a ninja.

After thinking about it, the number of people in the classroom gradually increased.

Kuroyoshi's attention began to shift to his classmates who will get along for six years in the future.

Basically don't know each other, or even have no impression at all.

However, one is quite familiar.

On graduation day, Cheng Quan Naruto and Sasuke first kissed the guy.

Recalling the scene of the two kissing, Kuroyoshi couldn't help but laugh.

Suddenly, a big face came in close to the desk, and the big blue eyes blinked, very curious.

The smile instantly solidified.

Kuraki pressed Naruto's face and pushed him out silently.

Naruto didn't care, he leaned over again with a look of curiosity, "I thought of something good that made me laugh so happy?"

Kuroyoshi glanced at him faintly, but did not answer.

I can't tell him, I think of you kissing with engine oil!

This is not asking for trouble?

"Hey, don't be so stingy, tell me!" Naruto asked nonchalantly.

Kuroyoshi turned his head and looked at the scenery outside the window.

Naruto's eyes rolled, a sly smile appeared on his face.

Just about to move.

Suddenly, there was a scream of girls in the classroom.

The attention of the two was immediately attracted.

A child with black hair and black eyes, wearing white short sleeves and shorts, with a family emblem printed on his back, walked in from the door of the classroom.

He put his hands in his trouser pockets, expressionless, looking cool.

A group of girls around him screamed.

Is Sasuke so handsome?

Kuroyoshi couldn't help feeling his nose.

He is also handsome himself, but he is a completely different type from Sasuke, more similar to the image of a scorpion.

But why are no girls screaming around me?

Do little girls prefer this kind of cold type?

Suddenly, the screams turned into curses.

Kuroyoshi returned to his senses and looked around.

Naruto, who was just beside him, came to Sasuke at some point, stretched his neck forward, and looked up and down at Sasuke with questioning eyes.

Sasuke was taken aback at first.

But his good family education didn't let him behave strangely. He stood quietly and looked at the somewhat silly guy in front of him with the same curiosity.

Somehow, he always felt that this guy was attracted to him in an inexplicable way.

"It's no different!"

After looking around, Naruto held his chest with one hand and squeezed his chin with the other, his expression even more confused.

At this time, even Sasuke and the people around were also confused.

"What's the difference?" Sasuke asked curiously.

"The same pair of eyes, one nose, one mouth and two ears. They are not as handsome as I am. Why are you so popular?" Naruto looked at Sasuke suspiciously, "Could it be that you used the charm-type ninjutsu?"

This guy!

The corners of Sasuke's mouth twitched, and the urge to punch someone was born.

The girls around even pointed at Naruto and scolded.

"Hey, why scold me, did I say something wrong?"

Naruto yelled at the girls around him, then drew more verbal abuse, and was finally surrounded by a group of girls.

The corners of Sasuke's mouth twitched more clearly.