Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 63

Sitting in an inconspicuous position in front, Hinata lowered his head, two fingers fighting against the bee on his chest, and his lovely face was flushed.

Is this guy an idiot?

Shikamaru rolled his eyes on the table.

Ding Ci calmly ate potato chips.

Ino stared at Kuroyoshi in admiration.

No loss is Kurayoshi-kun, what he said casually is so unpredictable.

Feeling Ino's eager eyes, Kuroyoshi's expression became unnatural.

Who will tell me how to deal with the enthusiasm of the little girl!

"Cut, speaking so profoundly, if you are really capable, just use it to let us fools who are blinded by falsehoods have a look!"

An unpleasant voice came from a position near the window.

When everyone heard the sound, they saw a classmate wearing a hooded sweater with messy hair and colorful stripes on his face, staring provocatively at Kuraki.

"What did you say?" Naruto stepped forward, glaring at the man.

"Am I wrong?"

The corner of the man's mouth was the most open, showing sharp tiger teeth, and his body exuded the breath of beasts.

Naruto was scared by the breath and took two steps back.

In the next second, he came back to his senses, angry at his act of backing away from fear.

He was about to step forward to find the place, but was pulled by Kuroyoshi from behind.

"Kurayoshi?" Naruto looked back, looking at him puzzled.

Kuroyoshi shook his head slightly, "He was right. Although it was a misunderstanding, it was me."

That person was Inuzuka-ma, a guy with a casual and irritable personality.

Judging from what he said before, he substituted himself into the role of Kurayoshi's prevarication of Naruto's words.

Although it was only used to prevaricate Naruto's words, it was indeed a map cannon.

"I'm very sorry, if my behavior causes you trouble, please forgive me." Kuroyoshi stood up and bowed to his teeth.

Tooth opened his mouth, trying to say something, but finally held back.

After leaving the sentence "Nothing", I sat back.

This guy is also a arrogant!

Kuroyoshi sighed in his heart.

After that, several people chatted casually.

After a while, the bell rang and several people quickly found an empty seat to sit down.

The next second, Iluka walked in with a clip.

He stood on the podium, looked at the students below, and nodded in satisfaction.

"My name is Iluka and I am your head teacher." Iluka wrote his name on the blackboard.

After that, he turned to face the students and said, "If you have anything you don't understand, you can ask me. Now, let's introduce yourself first, starting from the first row on the left."

"My name is Yoshida Daiyou, 5 years old, I like it"

"My name is"

Everyone introduced themselves in order, ordinary and orderly.

When it was Naruto's turn, he said his dream of becoming Hokage as in the anime, and was ridiculed by a bunch of people.

It seems that everything is no different from the original.

Chapter 45 Uchiha Mikoto (Happy New Year's Eve)

Enroll on the first day.

After introducing herself, Iluka allowed everyone to move freely.

Probably, it is for the students to have a faster rapport!

After all, ninjas mostly exist in teams, and relationships should be cultivated as soon as possible.

There are about 30 people in the class, most of whom didn't know each other before.

Now, through the relationship of classmates, everyone introduces themselves to each other and then becomes friends.

In the class, people with similar temperaments form a small circle.

Kuroyoshi didn't like to join in the fun, and sat alone.

But Naruto and Ino approached.

He even brought Sakura, Shikamaru, and Dingji around, and Hinata also sat in his seat and peeked over here from time to time.

Although he didn't speak much, these people started chatting for themselves.

Kuroyoshi was speechless.

He originally wanted to be a transparent person in the class and study and practice in a low-key manner. As a result, these guys seem to have formed a small circle with themselves as the core.

After that, Toa will smell like Naruto, and Shino will inadvertently approach because of Sao Bao’s character

Except for Sasuke, the ninjas who graduated this year are all close to themselves.

Could it be that I will become the social flower of this ninja?

Happy hours always pass quickly.

Approaching the evening, the school bell rang.

Iluka returned to the classroom.

He stood on the podium, watching the class, with a faint smile on his face, "Today's class will end here, remember to gather at the playground at nine o'clock tomorrow morning!"

"Ms. Iruka, will there be a ninjutsu class tomorrow?"