Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 65


In the setting sun, the mother and son walked along the road to Uchiha's residence.

On the way, through the ninth training ground.

Mikoto saw the child who had left with Naruto before. He was practicing shuriken, almost hitting every success.

Mikoto covered her mouth, her beautiful eyes trembled slightly.

how come

Mikoto was not surprised by Kuroyoshi's precise head, but the technique of projecting shuriken.

That is a technique passed down by the Uchiha clan.

Of course, although it is rare for outsiders to use family skills, it is not surprising.

The family has been integrated into the village for decades, and some skills and ninjutsu, and even Zhuanyan have been privately given to other companions in the village.

But even with the same skills, different people have different experiences and habits.

The techniques and details used by Kurayoshi are exactly the same as those of his son Uchiha Itachi. That was the experience that Itachi found out when he practiced using it alone.

Why does this kid use Itachi's unique skills?

Sasuke noticed the abnormality of his mother, and stopped to look into the exercise field.

Seeing Kuroyoshi's almost perfect practice, I was surprised for a while.

"That's amazing, that person seems to be a classmate in my class."

"Is it your classmate?"

Mikoto looked at Sasuke next to him, and then at Kuroyoshi who was practicing in the training ground, thoughtfully.

"What's wrong, mother?" Sasuke asked curiously.

"No, nothing." Mikoto's face returned to her usual smile.

She took Sasuke's hand and continued to walk towards Uchiha's mansion, "Sasuke, you have to get along well with your classmates in class, especially the one just now, he is very good!"

"Yeah!" Sasuke nodded, then said unconvinced: "I'm also very good."

"of course."

Inside the training ground.

He glanced sideways at the back who was walking away, and Kurayoshi continued to practice.

He knew that the Uchiha clan had a special hidden weapon technique, but he didn't know the difference between the practice method given by Itachi and the public throwing technique.

After all, this is just a basic throwing technique, there is no blind spot shooting and other bells and whistles.

If outsiders can tell, it won't be Uchiha's family skills alone.

Chapter 46 Nerds

It was night, Kurayoshi packed up and went home.

The streets of Konoha are bustling with people, as always.

Kuroyoshi bought some ingredients and returned home to cook and eat.

After cleaning the dishes and chopsticks, he came to the dojo to sit quietly.

After the food was digested, he started practicing swordsmanship.

Shuriken can be practiced in crowded places, but swordsmanship and ninjutsu cannot.

It is easy to expose one's own fighting style.

Although it is a companion in the same village.

But knowing that the village was dark, he couldn't trust the village like others.

Moreover, factors such as spy information leakage must also be considered.

Under the light, swords and swords flew up and down, and the air was filled with sharp air.

After half an hour.

Kuroyoshi retracted the sword into its sheath, slowly exhaling a long turbid air.

On the ground, there was another three-meter-long sword mark.

However, it was a little shorter than last night's.

Ok!Swordsmanship is slightly improved.

the next day.

Kuroyoshi got up as usual and repeated yesterday's trajectory.

However, the school has started.

The first week is a history lesson about ninjas.

Especially the history of Konoha since the establishment of the village, some well-known ninjas who made outstanding contributions to the village are remembered in the textbook.

Although this kind of course does not help to become a ninja, it can increase the students' sense of glory and belonging to the village.

After these courses, Kuroyoshi often saw some over-blooded guys preaching to become xx ninjas and the like.

In short, full of energy.

In the second week, I started to talk about the basic theoretical knowledge of the ninja, during which there was an outdoor class for physical exercise every morning and afternoon.

In the third week, outdoor classes increased, and indoor classes decreased.

The school began to teach the use of shuriken.

Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

The school curriculum changes every week, but in an orderly manner, the progress of students is very obvious.

Especially those civilian students who don't use basic training, make visible progress every day.

The Ninja School was established in the second generation, more than 40 years ago, and a reasonable teaching model has been developed.