Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 66

However, these are completely useless to Kuroyoshi.

He has already mastered all the ninjutsu and fighting skills necessary for the ninja, and his physical fitness has reached the limit of this age group.

What he lacks is the knowledge and accomplishments that ninjas possess.

Kurayoshi didn't want to waste time on useless outdoor classes, and focused on making up for his shortcomings.

During class and after class, both indoor and outdoor classes are holding a book while reading.

There are teaching materials issued by the school and extracurricular reading borrowed from the library.

In order to increase efficiency, he obtained a piece of Sakura's hair through Naruto's pranks and forged the props he wanted.

"Xueba glasses: when the wearer is studying, improve concentration, memory, and comprehension. Wearing it, you will be a xueba."

This is a gold wire glasses.

Putting it on, Kuroyoshi, who was already soft, became more bookish.

With Xueba glasses, knowledge that was previously difficult to understand and memorize can be understood quickly.

Kuroyoshi is more obsessed with learning, and only practices shuriken and swordsmanship at home or training ground after Fang has studied.

He became a famous nerd in the school.

Time is like water, always passing by inadvertently.

Time came to June.

The scorching sun in the sky makes people feel that summer is approaching.

People are gradually wearing less.

Kurayoshi is no exception.

White vest, army green knee-length shorts, ninja shoes.

Compared to the slightly longer hair before, gold glasses.

Really elegant and easy-going.

Today, another outdoor class.

Kuroyoshi was not interested, holding a thick book, hiding behind the crowd, watching quietly under a big tree.


Iluka's roar came into his ears.

Kuroyoshi was startled, wanting to see the crowd.

I saw everyone in the class staring at him, and Naruto Ino and others winked at him in the crowd.

However, this grimace-like expression, who can understand it!

Kuroyoshi was unable to complain.

He blinked, looked at the classmates and asked, "What's the matter?"

Iluka squeezed out from behind the crowd, and saw Kuroyoshi sitting under the tree with a book in his arms.

Everyone else in the class took part in the indoor class. Only Kuroyoshi took part in the outdoor class.

He had talked to Cangji several times, and Cangji immediately admitted his mistake, but after that he still went his own way, what should he do.

Iruka thinks that Kuroyoshi's attitude cannot become a ninja, and also mentioned this to the third generation of Naruto, hoping to drop Kuroyoshi from school.

But Sandaime always kept smiling and told him that Kurayoshi would definitely become a ninja alone.

Iluka didn't know why Sandaime was so sure, but he couldn't agree.

Although Kuroyoshi usually shows good results, he always runs lazy in outdoor classes.

As a ninja, Iluka knows how dangerous this career is and how important his strength is to the ninja's career.

He allows his students to be lazy in indoor classes, but never allows anyone to be lazy in outdoor classes.

Because this is not responsible for their lives.

As a teacher, Iruka does not allow this to happen.

However, the third generation did not allow Kuroyoshi to drop out of school, and Iruka had no choice but to rack his brains to make Kuroyoshi realize the importance of strength in order to change the behavior of deserting in outdoor classes.

Today, the school's curriculum has entered the stage of dual training.

Iluka is about to let Kurayoshi play against Sasuke, who is the top performer on weekdays, and wants him to recognize the gap with the top students in the class so that he can work hard.

As a result, this guy went to read a book again.

Do you really want to be a ninja?

Iluka's forehead bounced with blue veins, "Kurayoshi!"


Kuroyoshi quickly closed the book and stood up.

Iluka stared at him closely, "Do you know what class this is?"

"Right practice." Kuroyoshi said truthfully.

Very good, I still know what class I'm taking.

Iruka sighed and said, "In that case, you and Sasuke are in a group, let's show the whole class first!"

As he said, Iluka turned to look at Sasuke in the crowd, "Sasuke, get out."


Sasuke nodded, went to the center of the playground, and then set his eyes on Kuroyoshi.

"Go!" Iruka said.


Kuroyoshi sighed deeply, holding the thick paper book step by step to the opposite side of Sasuke.

Sasuke looked at the book Kurayoshi was holding, and raised his eyebrows. "You want to fight with me with this thing?"