Blacksmith starting from Naruto

The Blacksmith Starting from Naruto Chapter 67

"Because I don't have bookmarks, I don't want to fold the pages of the book. To ensure smooth reading, so"

Kuroyoshi held up the book in his hand and inserted his index finger between the pages, "Hurry up, I just saw something interesting."

"Are you being beaten in such a hurry?" Sasuke's eyes fell cold.

"Sasuke is so handsome!"

"Sasuke teaches that nerd a lesson!"


Sasuke's flower protector screamed like a nympho, only Naruto Ino sang dissatisfiedly.

Kurayoshi shook his head lightly, but did not reply.

Only under the glasses, his eyes became sharper.

Although he only wants to study quietly, he has no tendency to be abused.

Chapter 47: Seal of Opposition, Seal of Reconciliation

The atmosphere gradually became subtle.

The classmates who watched the battle all felt the atmosphere change and closed their mouths one by one.

Iluka was even more scornful.

He never expected that Kuroyoshi, who had been addicted to the world of books, had such a compelling momentum.

Could it be that I missed you?

No matter what other people think, Kurayoshi and Sasuke have already forged a seal of opposition.

The purpose of the pair training is to discover each other's deficiencies through actual combat and improve combat skills.

Because it is a companion in the same village, the seal of opposition is required before the battle, in order to tell the opponent to attack next.

At the end of the battle, the seal of reconciliation must be concluded, which means that no matter what bad things happen during the battle, each other is a companion at the end of the battle.

These have been taught in theoretical classes, and the two of them are also the ones who concentrate on learning in class, and there is no need for Iruka to explain aside.

The two stretched out their left hands, their index fingers and middle fingers close together on their chests.

Next second.


Sasuke's right leg exerted force and slammed deep footprints on the sand, while himself, like a leopard, rushed towards Kuroyoshi.

Most of the schools focus on basic teaching.

That is, shuriken, kunai, physique, physical training.

Although Sasuke has done basic training in the family in advance, he is only ahead of others on these foundations, and has not exceeded the curriculum.

Therefore, attacking plain and unpretentious is just a preemptive strike.

However, this is enough.

Sasuke is confident of his strength.

He has been exercising with the ferret since he was two years old, and since the age of three he often went out hunting wild pigs and tigers with bows and arrows.

Although they are basically using soy sauce, the physical strength and courage that are exercised in this process are unmatched by other people in the class.

Even though he saw Kuroyoshi's training in the ninth training ground and recognized his strength, he did not think he would lose.

The speed was very fast, and the distance of two or three meters arrived in an instant. In the eyes of the onlookers, Sasuke swished and disappeared, and then immediately appeared in front of Kuroyoshi.

The right hand was already clenched, and he slapped towards Kuroyoshi's face.

As for Kuroyoshi, it seems that he hasn't reacted yet, holding the thick paper book in his right hand and pushing his glasses with his left hand, his expression calm and calm, without any change.

Reading and reading are silly!

This is what most people think, and Naruto Ino shouted out to remind.

But Sasuke snorted badly inside.

He had seen Kuroyoshi's training and didn't think he was so fast that the opponent could not react.

The other party's expression was not that he didn't react, but that he was confident.

However, the arrow shot cannot be turned back.

Although I don't know what countermeasures Kuroyoshi has, Sasuke can only increase his fist strength.

"Stop putting on airs there!"

Sasuke yelled for his courage, and his fist became stronger.

As long as my punches are fast and powerful enough, the enemy's countermeasures cannot keep up with me.

At this moment, Sasuke is full of confidence, no matter how strong his opponent is, he will not be his opponent.

A hint of sigh flashed in Kuraki's eyes.

This guy is so self-confident, is there any future?

But the situation is no longer to think about, Kuroyoshi can only be vigilant in his heart when responding.

He tilted his head slightly, avoiding his fists calmly.

Then he stretched out his left hand and yanked towards Sasuke's collar.

But Sasuke missed a punch, and on one side of his body, he was actually preparing to adjust his posture and continue to attack.

this one?

A weirdness flashed in Kuroyoshi's eyes.

Generally speaking, a charged attack either defeats the enemy with one blow, or pushes the enemy back, or the attacker must retreat or defend.

Because after a charged attack, it's the old tricks, and when the new power is not there, it takes time to launch the second attack.

Although you can rely on physical fitness to shorten this time.

But when facing opponents of the same level, this is a flaw.